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Help to understand my condition

Have been on here and read much of the information. Great aid.

Here’s my story. Had my VAS four months ago. Aside from some pain when they started working on the right side and I needed more local the procedure was uneventful.

I started feeling pain in the left testicle about four days out. About three weeks out ultrasound found no abnormalities.

I never really swelled or have that as an issue. The pain has gone down to a discomfort most of the time but about once or twice a week it becomes painful again. Suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness for the first two months but thankfully that’s behind me.

However I still feel the left side alway bothering me. Some days more than others. I can’t wear anything tight or it causes me pain. My boys went surfing about a month ago and the waves caused me pain after I got out of the water.

However I don’t have pain during or after sex. The pain is dull and always there. I can feel and press where it hurts usually.

Maybe someone had had this before and can help me understand if this is perhaps a nerve issue? Doctor P told me to give it a year on a phone consult. But how do these things resolve themselves? I feel utterly useless if I can’t at least try something.

Do I have something that sounds like it would heal itself? Or get better? Or do we just get used to living in pain?


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With pain onset so early, I tend to believe the problem is neuropathic meaning the nerves themselves are in pain from injury, damage, etc. Nerves take a long time to heal. I was pain-free for 9-10 years after a reversal but suffered a relapse about 3 years ago after bicycling. It took 2-1/2 years of meds, injections, PT, etc. to get back to normal.

If you’re going to give it time, I’d suggest 2 supplements: Nerve Shield and Zyflamend. I’ve been on both for about 2 years steady and believe their natural properties have helped. Supplements don’t provide overnight success. More like you wake up after a year of taking them and say “wow, I’m feeling better, maybe the supplements are helping.”

See if Dr. P. would try a cord block in a few months. I’ve had 3 with him and believe they were instrumental in getting me back to normal.

When you say “cord block”, do you mean a diagnostic block with some tiny amount of local anesthetic or a longer-lasting block (btw: what is it exactly that would be injected in this case?). I can’t seem to find anything else than a diagnostic block or Botox - nothing in between.
I have a traumatized big toe after a fall 2 years ago (but before the vas) and for 3 times they injected cortisone trying to bring the inflammation down, which worked on the short term, but not long term. Is that similar to what you mean?

Dr. P’s mega block comes with a lot of steroid. I think he actually injected me in 3-5 spots. He will do botox as a follow up if steroids alone don’t work.

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Raising4girls, my issue has been that there are times where I’m 100% normal, sometimes for a week. Then I’ll have discomfort again. Nothing painful to the point that I need pain killers, or anything like that, it’s just that it’s always there… bothering me.

Does this sound neuropathic? I’m four months out now so perhaps this is something that will eventually heal? How long usually?

Also, does the cord blocks hurt?


Hi jvasqu01!

Just wanted to say I am with you. The pain you describes sounds a lot like mine.

Nerve pain … sometimes less, rarely it changes sides. But it always keeps reminding me it is there.

Got a checkup yesterday. Everything Looks fine! But Dr believes in me. Thats quit a thing.

Sounds great to me that you got through and anxiety and sleeplessness. Thats still the path I have to go. Did you have at least some improvements? Did any painkiller help?

One thing is different… I cannot feel or find the pain. I dont know how to trigger or calm :-/

Do well


Hi MarkiMark,

Once I was able to jog and at least work out I was able to get through the hump. But as you know it can be up and down! It’s frustrating because it’s a wait and see game. How long has it been since your vas?

To answer your questions, I have seen improvements over the first two months. During that time there was actually pain in the left side. In the last two months the pain has morphed into discomfort which comes and goes. I able to feel a particular part of the left testes where the discomfort originates, but there is no lump or anything like that. Not sure the cause of it.

I don’t like pills so I haven’t used much. I can tell you that I did at some point try 400mg of advil to see if it would do anything. I didn’t feel any difference so I haven’t taken anything since that experiment. If I ever do get pain again where it bothers me I plan on taking 600mg as I’ve read on here that that works for some. Even as high as 800mg.

I have a phone consult with Dr. P later this month and I intend to ask him some more questions about what I can do other than wait and pray that this heals on it’s own.

With you MM.

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On the last question, I’ve had nerve blocks without sedation, with short-lasting twilight sedation, and with general anesthesia. None hurt immediately (FOR ME) very badly. In fact, after 2 sets of II/IH and GF blocks, I rode home as a passenger on a 350 mile trip from Baltimore. Those were anesthetic only.

Once the anesthetic starts wearing off but before the steroid kicks in, that’s when I felt the pain. Think of how you mouth feels after a dental procedure as and after the novacaine wears off. Same principle.

If you’re 4 months out and have entire periods like a week with no pain, maybe a do-nothing strategy is good. There are risks from every procedure. But, at the same time, maybe all you need is a well-placed steroid injection to calm things down permanently. Really tough call for a non-physician who’s just typing on the web. :slight_smile:

All in all, I don’t think there are any rules when it comes to nerve pain, just severity levels. When bad, it can be a constant, mind-numbing pain. When lower, it can be like yours, intermittent and prone to turning on/off, sometimes for no reason. More of a spectrum than a binary this/that situation.

Unfortunately, there’s no good way to diagnose between nerve and congestive pain once you’re vasectomized. It’s really a roll of the dice. That’s why I lean toward injections before the more invasive surgical options. It’s also why I lean toward reversal which is restorative before cord denervation or epi or testicle removal which are destructive.


Hi jvasqu01!

I am only 50 Days after Vas … and quit fed up with it.

We are thinking about canceling vacation. I am so sorry for my kids.

I’m afraid I’m not patient enough to wait and pray. i gotta something before I become a mental wreck. Painkillers keep me down … I cannot be active at the Moment. But surely … no Lyrica or Gabapentine for me will be from bad to worse.

Did have first time sex 2day :slight_smile: No hurting after it, just felt a bit like normality



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I remember reading on here that things so can improve over the first year. I know personally it’s hard to be patient but you’re still early. I took a vacation around two months out too in a foreign country and I struggled. But at least the rest of the family got to enjoy it.

Hopefully things will improve for you soon. If you haven’t tried different underwear give that a try and see how you feel.

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Thanks for your reply. So are the blocks a solution or are they intended to help you stay pain free for X months? Since I’m not in pain but just uncomfortable all the time I don’t want to create a worse problem. I guess I’ve become more of a chicken with everything as a result of having a negative VAS outcome thus far.

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Both. The hope is that injections will turn off the nerve pain signals through a reset or, at least, provide temporary relief.

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Hi jvasqu01,

what do you mean by “struggled”?

Canceling the holiday would really get me done but when pain increases I fight with anxiety. I’m incredibly unstable at the moment …

Many greetings!