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Help, new here and have pain

Hey guys

I got a vasectomy last Friday… today is one week. My balls don’t hurt… but my left side hurts and my right side is fine. It’s like where he snipped the line is enlarged and the pain radiates in to my left groin and in to my left lower abdomen. I am in pain… my right side seems fine and my left isn’t. What the hell do I do. What could this be ? Any help would be appreciated I’m so upset right now thinking I’m one of the few who have something wrong happening

Could have caught something in the stitches that they shouldn’t have. I would have them get them out for starters. Thay may put you on an antibiotic.

I had an open ended non needle non stitch vasectomy. No stitches.

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If it’s bad I’d go in. If you call they may just order you an antibiotic to pick up but I’d want someone to look at it. I hope you get relief soon.

Thanks… the thing is my right nut and chord feels fine that’s why this has me feeling weird .

Got almost same situation.

I only experience pain when I’m hard & masturbating. A kind of pulling sensation from left spermatic cord. Don’t know what it is. Gonna contact urologist next week. Keep you posted.

Thanks buddy, my vasectomy dude went to Costa Rica for vacation for two weeks lol so when he gets back I’ll go see him and also let you know what he says

In my case it’s a small hematoma the doc said. Should resolve itself in a week.