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Healed, at last, yoga was the final phase of recovery

Hi all,
I am going to keep this brief. As I am loving my life.

First, I just want to give you all a shout out and best wishes. I am done with this nonsense and have healed. Here’s by story and my steps to 100% healing!

  • vasectomy in April 2019. Didn’t want it as I had a bad feeling. An epic terrible marriage counselor for a a relatively solid marriage pressured me into it.

  • never felt great after surgery and got worse after month 3. Saw a hands on pelvic PT who super helped my nerves, scar tissue and fascia. Unfortunately, she kept finding granulomas in the testies / cords. By month 5, I could not sit down.

  • month 6, I had it reversed. Man, that sucked. Like big time wanting to end it sucked. But I do the work. By the work, here’s what I did.

  • stopped taking pain killers and switched to tumeric and arnica.

  • saw a pelvic PT 1-2 a week for a the year and half after reversal. She was both amazing at calming my nerves, releasing fascia and guiding me through this process

  • got my head straight and able to heal. 2 great books helped me a ton: “mind over medicine” and “you are the placebo”. I was meditating almost daily those first 6 months after the reversal

  • started working out 2 months after the reversal, as my pelvic pt guided me. I started on the elliptical. Man it ghosts days after but I kept on it. Then I added swim.

  • 3 months later I started yoga. I could tell that helped despite having no clue how to do it. This was Jan / feb 2020. Then the pandemic hit and everything shut down. I still had pain constantly from testies to inguinal to the sitting area. But I kept on it and had small improvements while doing yoga and even after.

  • in august 2020, I started doing a one on one yoga which was much more about stretching and learning helped but was not doing it all

  • December 2020 to June 2021, I did Pilates twice a week with a women who has helped pelvic patients.

  • come June 2021, I was still not done and had discomfort but i had a lot of improvement. My wife, kids and I took off for the summer which meant I had to stop Pilates and pelvic pt.

  • In July 2021, my wife brought me to a hot yoga flow class where we were staying for the summer. That changed everything.

  • specifically, i was still having flare ups. But the hot 95 degree plus yoga started to significantly reduce flare ups and pain. 3 months later, I am now doing hot flow yoga 6 days a week and I am healed and feel 100% back to normal.

Yes, this road sucked. But I am now over it physically and mentally. My mind no longer focuses on this and I am feeling great. I sure wish this had not happened but I am rolling forward. I wish I had started to get serious about yoga and hot yoga sooner, as my pt had suggested. It’s what worked out the final kinks. Though i am glad I did Pilates as I don’t think I had the strength to do the hot flow yoga I am doing now.

That’s my story. Do yoga. Work on posture and lengthening through yoga, get your mind strand move forward. Others who have recovered have said the same thing on here. They just don’t post much as we are living our lives. Good luck and pulling for each and everyone one of you.

Again, work out (gently at first) stretch, do yoga, and get your mind positive.



I’m really happy for you! I heard nerves can regenerate and heal but the process is very slow, like months. So it lines up with what you said. Two questions:

  1. What was your diet during this time?
  2. Did you do intermittent fasting?