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He is just not the same. :,,,,,,(

Hello Men!

First off let me say I feel for you. I hate what you all are going through. Women who want their man snipped should be willing to tie their tubes. It’s simply not fair for a man! Nor is it ethically sound.

My husband got a vasectomy in 2019, against my wishes and he has not been the same! He just seems weak down there. I noticed the first time we were together after the cut. I spoke out about it but we just thought he might still be recovering from surgery. Nope! What he was never came back. He was a fire hose and now he is a garden hose. He just seems soft and I used to feel his ejaculations inside of me, now I feel nothing. He also used to shoot his load out with force and now it’s just, just, like flows out. I’ve been told it is in my head and I’m not right that the vasectomy changed him. I’m so frustrated because I told him not to get it in the first place! Now I’m the one suffering for a year and a half. We’ve been married for 13 years with five kids, I can tell you he is not the same! Three weeks ago he got a reversal hoping to fix all these issues, praying they will. He finally admitted he was in-fact different after the snip, he had been denying it. Has anyone else experienced this? He has no pain but just soft and weak.

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I’ve had similar issues, much along the lines of your husband, not as much in the pain department. I’m interested to hear how things go for you guys post-recovery. Good luck and please post updates here!

I will keep you updated. Glad to know he is not the only one. Several of his friends got snipped and seem fine. He not so much!

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Exactly the same with me, I even used the same words to describe my case, I was like a fireman’s hose, after vasectomy, few miserable drips, no release, no pleasure, as if you are about to sneeze, and can’t. All thee build-up, and nothing. Things improved somewhat after reversal, I’d say 75% as before.

I’m sorry! I feel for you, being on the receiving end of the issue, it sucks! Any idea on what causes this problem after a vasectomy?

Welcome to the site. There is a lot of good info on this site and experiences to draw from.

From everything I’ve read and my own personal experience, the vas plays a role in ejaculation. During the typical snip, not only is the vas cut but a short section is also removed. Cutting the vas also means cutting nerves and muscle control “downstream” from the cut. A reversal can restore flow, but the vas muscle control will never be reconnected for the “downstream” section of vas. I believe this is why men report that reversals greatly help but they are never 100% like before.

Additionally, ED is a problem for some snipped guys, myself included. As is low testosterone. After my reversal the ED got better but never completely went away.

Hopefully, your husband will respond well to the reversal. Just bear in mind that damage has been done.

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That’s too bad. Usually the dynamic is reversed with the woman wanting the man to get the operation and him reluctantly agreeing. Most women don’t really notice how strong a mans ejaculation is or even care as long as they are getting satisfied. I would say be grateful he’s not in pain and can still work and function and isn’t bitter and blaming you. I would also say if you don’t like what happened to him be sure if you are ever in a position to advise other women or men about this relate your story to them so they can make an informed decision.

Sorry your’re here and good luck.

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Ok makes sense! Yeah, it’s just sad he is now like this, hopefully the VR brings some of what he had back. Thank you!

Right!? He tried to get a vasectomy behind my back, I found out and was mad. He didn’t get it and we had another child. Then after our fifth was born, he still wanted to get snipped. I told him it wasn’t a good idea and that there are too many side effects men are not told about. I flat out said no to him getting it done but he did anyways. Since we have gone through all this I’ve been telling all who will listen to NOT get snipped and to NOT want your man to get snipped. It’s just NOT the best option for man or women. Why cut yourself, permanently, for something that’s not permanent, a women’s fertility, it’s just not logical.

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There are a lot on here that had similar issues… I got snipped back in 2012 when my daughter was 1 year old. My wife has PCOS and the Dr. recommended we take precautions against her getting pregnant again.

I was fine for 3 months after I got snipped and something internally popped.
After that I felt all kinds of changes… it was a lot more difficult to get and errection, my appetite changed, my sex drive collapses and I even had issues with weight gain(I was always 5’10” and 160 lb no matter what I ate… now I couldn’t maintain that weight no matter how little I ate.)
At about 6 months in I also stated to get pain at times. At first it’s wasn’t too bad, but over the years it got unbearable to the point I couldn’t walk some days.
I had my testosterone levels checked about 6 months in and found it was around 270…. I was very disturbed it was this low as just a few years earlier it was over 1200(I don’t know how high my level was, the test didn’t go higher, so it was labeled as “greater than” 1200).
The only reason I knew my t level was this high was because me and the wife went though a lot of fertility testing as we had been married for 15 years and no kids.
Anyway, after reading up on this form I found a lot of folks who had success with reversals… I got mine in January of 2019…. The reversal was pretty rough, there was a lot of unexplained scar tissue the dr. Had to remove and the left testicle was encapsulated in the scar tissue(which I ended up loosing entirely).

About 9 months after the reversal my t-level had gone up only a bit to about 350 and I hadn’t seen any major changes….
It took a bit over a year to fully heal and at my last test my levels are over 700. Things aren’t quite as good as they were before I got snipped. But are far better than when I was snipped. I’m now focusing on loosing the weight I put on.

I wish him the best of luck, remember it will take time to heal after you put the plumbing back to factory original.


Was child 5 planned? Do you have issues taking birth control?

I feel like there is a missing piece of information here.

No missing piece of information.

Vasectomies totally suck! He still doesn’t seem normal, I was really hoping the VR fixed the issues.

God’s speed with your recovery!

Yes there are alot of men including myself who notice our sexual functioning is not the same as before the most cruelest cut, that we can no longer bring it to the extent as before, erections are weaker, we are functioning less for some even more less like me, cannot achieve a second go when before we were able, we feel more sexually worn out, erections don’t last as long, etc. These are all indications that the most cruelest cut a doctor can legally(?) do has weakened and reduced a man’s sexual capabilty due to the exact damage that occurred from the cutting.

Just like bad police officers who need to be held accountable for their wrongful actions, there are bad doctors that should also be held accountable, not bad as in “a bad” doctor, bad as in FAILING TO INCLOSE to each and every patient what so many men like your husband and I have reported to them. Its hospital policy and even the law that doctors MUST inform men of all the risks especially to sexual functioning. They cannot and should not say there is no sexual difference after a vasectomy when so many men reported otherwise as if they think a man’s sexual pleasure and orgasm is not important when its as important as everyone elses. Something has to be done about this, this MUST be exposed especially to the medical system world wide about how doctors are getting away with this when they’re not suppose to.

AND I would like to say to men who are thinking of getting a vasectomy, DON’T, its not worth the risk of what can happen because you may regret it for the rest of your life, just find more creative or different ways to enjoy sexual pleasures with your partner or self thats totally free of pregnancy instead of getting the most cruelest and wrongful cut.

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