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HBOT for scar tissue/PVPS

I’ve spent some time researching this and have found quite a bit of positive info. One thing that stands out is how many PVPS guys get reversed and are told they had a significant amount of scar tissue from the vasectomy.

I found the following article and thought it could be helpful for someone dealing with PVPS from scar tissue. I don’t know of a pill, exercise, or procedure that can achieve this level of reduction in scar tissue.

I’m on my 6th straight day of daily 1.5 hour dives at 1.3ata and 95% O2. I don’t need nearly as much sleep to function, depression is better, and miraculously the wart on my hand and toe and nearly gone. I’m curious to see what the next several months bring.


Wow interesting read my friend. Searched it out and there’s a clinic in Toronto up here that provides this therapy for any Canadians looking into this. Unfortunately not one of the OHIP listed conditions in which it would be covered so payment would be out of pocket.

It’s not covered in the states either unless it’s skin burns or decompression sickness.