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Have you ever tried to warn other men not to get it done?


I had an experience recently at work and wondered if anything similar had happened to any of you guys?
A guy at work happened to mention that he was booked in to have the snip. He seemed very unsure about it and even said “I’m only doing it because she wants me too!” I took this comment as a sign that I should tell him about my PVPS story. He was shocked. He vowed that he wasn’t going to get it done!
Next thing I know, about a month later he’s posting on Facebook “just sorted the little swimmers out” I was in disbelief. Obviously something had made him flip back to his original plan.
That was about three weeks ago. I’ve seen him at work since. He told me he’s suffering with a lot of pain and bruising, and that his right testicle is drawn up inside his body constantly. He said there’s blood in his ejaculate and the amount of ejaculate has pretty much halved!! He said that sex is really painful (at which I told him not to do it for a bit then) and he’s avoiding masturbating completely.
I’ve been struggling not to shout “I bloody told you so!!!” at him. Just wish I’d been more convincing, then he might not have gone through with it.



I tell everyone I can. Explain it best you can, after that, it’s up to them. The bigger issue, all surgery holds this kind of danger. Surgery should only be done when absolutely necessary. Reverting to surgery for fertility is folly.




Good to see you again. Been a while. Hope that means you are in a good place.

I’ll warn anyone that crosses my path if it comes up. I have three daughters so I have no sons to warn. I dont want any of my kids or their spouses to get sterilized just for contraception. They need to talk about it before they get married with their partners. I will tell my son in laws about what happened to me for sure. The key is to make sure they are aware of the risk and that if they do it they are not doing because they feel pressure or guilt. Needs to be their idea.



@MikeO, hi again! I’m better than I was but still not “fixed.”
It’s been 3 years since I had the vas and it still affects me on a daily basis. I still get a lot of pain at least once a week before and during ejaculation. Sometimes I can go for 5 or 6 without pain, but then I have one where it kicks in :cry: Still having the problem with my left testicle being drawn up close to my body and on a horizontal angle rather than the usual vertical. That doesn’t cause any actual pain but just looks damn weird!! My ejaculations have never got back to pre-vas levels- the amount of semen is less and the force is significantly less. I can kind of make my peace with that (less cleaning up :joy:) but the pain is just a mood killer!

How are you doing? On the road to recovery?



I tell everyone I can about it. And after that the (better informed) choice is up to them. You can’t hold yourself accountable with what they decide.

Just recently here back on “national vasectomy day” I linked my story on this site to my FB news stream to let everyone know of the risks that they probably never heard about before.

After going through what I went through I have ZERO shame or embarrassment talking about it with anyone. When it comes to informing people of truthful information I am like that :slight_smile:

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I am too ashamed and embarrassed to tell people I did it but if it comes up I talk about myself in third person anonymously.



I still try to warn people, but it’s certainly not something I talk about all the time like I did years ago. Pretty much everyone that knows me knows my story by now.

These days I actually spend more time talking to guys that had a vasectomy that had a swift recovery, don’t seem to have any complaints, etc. I basically get their stories, recovery timelines, etc, and tell them they shouldn’t encourage anyone to follow in their footsteps without a proper warning because that’s a big part of how sh*t happened to me.

I had well over a handful of guy’s, and gal’s, family members, etc, manipulate me in one way or another to follow through and have the procedure done despite my reservations all the way up till moments beforehand. Pre vas, I’d never heard of pvp, pvps, side effects, etc. I learned about it the hard way.

Of course, the vast majority of the people I’ve talked to over the years have never heard of pvp, pvps, side effects, serious complications, etc, but I’ve meet at least one that did beforehand, and did it anyway. He wasn’t warned by his vasectomist (same guy that did mine), he was warned by a friend of his that is a nurse. As I recall, she told him there’s a lot of nerves down there, and your playing with fire.

That guy says he’s completely fine. He claims to have zero complaints, jacked off a day or two after the procedure because he feared his junk might not work anymore. He’s many years post vas, has a high libido, works his butt off, etc.

Anyway, yes, I still try to get the word out. Stopping people from having the procedure isn’t my goal. Giving them a proper warning beforehand is where it’s at for me.



I forgot to mention that I do know a guy that has meet me, knows my story, etc, and did it anyway. He lives out of state, and he’s more like a friend of close friends. To the best of my knowledge it was unevent, and he’s ok.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard he decided to have it done after hearing my story, but he made some sort of informed decision, and I don’t shame him for that. It was just rather unbelievable to hear he decided to go through with it.

To each their own.



I don’t got out of my way to talk about it but am not shy when the topic comes up. I just say it’s the worst decision of my life, that I wish someone would have told me not to get one and that it ended up costing $10,000. I get some follow up but other times people just don’t want to know - I guess their minds are set - or just think I was the (not so) rare exception.

I’m more surprised by the women that know my experience. A friend of my wife knows and has asked my wife to tell me not to share my experience with her husband. A woman I used to work with knew as well and told me she didn’t tell her husband because she thought it would scare him off of the procedure.



A very good friend has been considering getting a vasectomy for some time; he still is, even after hearing about my situation. I don’t get it. If someone, let alone a close friend, had warned me, I would have seriously considered not doing it. Talking to him, he is convinced the odds are like 1 in a 1000, and that I just was unlucky. I can just assume, many men are still blindly trusting their own doctor, or one of the many pro-vasectomy sites, and/or are pushed by their wives. My opinion.

Why do I post this?

This forum is a great source of information, but unfortunately mostly accessed by men who already are past the vas already experience pain, but it doesn’t show up when you search for vasectomy on the web, but it should. I would support any effort to make this happen.



This website shows up here in the states on several of the leading search engines, if not all of them.

Perhaps the leading search engines in the country you are in, or the country you are in is blocking/censoring referrals to this site, and many other sites.

What I’m saying is pretty common here in the states, among other countries.



Thank you all for sharing your stories and giving much needed moral support. I am learning that the pain and chronic issues are more common than urologists generally admit to.

I am 4 months post surgery, and have huge regret. With 5 kids, and talking to friends that seem to have had a successful V, my wife and I decided it was time. Did not even think about what could go wrong, and did not research enough as I should have. After feeling an autoimmune response to top off the painful congestion, I wonder why this procedure is even legal, and have lost faith in today’s doctors.

To get back on track of this thread, I went to a local casino, and after a few beers decided to share my story with the guys at a blackjack table. One younger man said that out of all his life conversations, that this one topped off the list as the most uncomfortable. He left a few minutes later, as my friend made fun of me for being so outspoken about my issues. Oh well, I don’t care, I wish somebody told me a horror story about a Vas. It would have stuck with me, and if not for my own benefit, it would have been shared with a friend that was planning this brutal procedure.

RingoStar and all others that contribute to the wisdom here, thank you for your dedication! I am an online marketer, and was thinking about donating some funds to advertise the site for PVPS keywords. In fact, I could set up the ads, keywords, targeting, etc. Would need to communicate and get permission with the owner of this website/gem first. More people need to know about this site.

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