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Have been feeling normal again

You can look through my other posts but I wanted to give hope to men like me. At the end of February I’ll come to my one year anniversary of my vasectomy. I struggled with pain at first and then discomfort that lasted to about October or so of last year.

I kept waiting to post just in case it would come back. However I’m back to wearing my old underwear and I feel normal again. Only during some more strenuous handling will I feel some discomfort but it may be in my head. Hard to tell…

I had read that for some nerve damage it could take a while. I’m not sure what I had but I’m happy at least for now to say I’m feeling good praise God.

So for the men that have similar issues as me, give it some time. Maybe it will get better. PM me if I can be of help.

All the best!


That’s really great to hear. Thanks for coming back and sharing that with the forum.

Thanks for sharing. It is indeed a slow road to recovery for many of us!