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Has reversal made things worse for anyone?

This post is a bit difficult to write since I realize I compartmentalize this whole mess away to keep moving.

I’ll cover a bit of my situation but what I’m really looking for is if anyone has heard of reversal making things worse. I’m also worried that even if it works it will just fail in a few years. There doesn’t seem to be much statistics on this but it does seem that failure due to scar tissue happens with some level of frequency.

I’m coming up on 3 years in October. The first 3 months had me close to suicide since I was suffering shooting pain attacks so often. That was a bad year with burning, hip pain, occasional shooting pains and aggravated back pain. After about 13-14 months things dipped but didn’t go away. The burning was basically gone, I still get discomfort sitting on and off. Right side pressure or pain during ejaculation is rare (this was a come and go thing for me). Severe pain from touching doesn’t really happen anymore. But its not gone and it bothers me every day and makes things like car trips, lots of sitting (like my office job…) difficult.

I can sleep fine almost all of the time, that generally hasn’t been a problem.

Doctors haven’t really recommended a reversal, probably because insurance doesn’t cover it. They keep pushing denervation which looks brutal. Also since I have pain on both sides they seem to be trying to manipulate me into getting the surgery whereupon I’ll need to get it again on the other side. My left side was awful with a granuloma for a year so they wanted to push that…but after things settled the left side is easily the less problematic side now.

One thing that I recently tried was roll on lidocaine which I only tried because my mother was using it for her cancer pain. It doesn’t get rid of it but it helps with many of the types of pain and discomfort quite a bit, certainly more than the pathetic difference tylenol and ibuprofen made. I only mention because I haven’t heard of people using this and it really didn’t seem like it would work.

I’m likely having a unilateral reversal next week. My pain/discomfort is only on one side, zero issues on the other. I didn’t realize this was a very uncommon thing.