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Has PVPS impacted your thoughts on Covid, vaccine

Since the whole Covid saga began a year ago, I’ve had this “well, you drew the short straw once before, you could do it again” feeling. Just due to isolating and being able to work from home, I’ve been able to avoid Covid. But, as the economy is opening up, I see going out to clients more common and, with that, more exposure to Covid.

I just found out that I can schedule to get the vaccine starting Thursday (over 50 in Ohio starts 3/11). At first, I was excited, but now I’m wondering if, as with vasectomy, I’ll end up as “that guy” who had complications with the vaccine. Maybe in 20 years, a group will be identified with CVPS (Covid Vaccine Pain Syndrome).

Wondering if anyone else has developed these fatalist thoughts with just about anything medical since getting dealt a bad vasectomy? Also wondering if this has impacted your thoughts on Covid or on getting the vaccine.

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I dont trust them I have prostate issues and go to the toilet through the night at lease 6 or 7 times. I also have back pain about my kidneys. I am reluctant to go to the dr because his words keep ringing in my head ,that it’s all in your head.i am feeling quite miserable I have not discussed it with my wife either as she has no sympathy with the PVPS over the years. I am just putting up with this.

Covid vaccine - still not decided what I think of it. Somewhat sceptical. Most cases of Covid only get mild symptoms. Most who get vaccinated also get mild symptoms. If I could avoid getting infected, I will get no symptoms.

One thing I’ve become more aware of, is surgery for pain in general. A lot of what I deal with is MRI of “painful stuff” - knees, shoulders, etc. I see soo many patients who get an injury of a kind, some disease or just age related degeneration, get surgery because they want the pain problem “gone”, and end up with additional problems on top of the old one. They come back again and again for new exams, hoping that we’ll identify the problem - while the problem often is that surgery adds new problems on top of the old one. I think that, if you have a pain problem - having someone mess around in the painful area with a scalpel is something you should think long and hard before letting them do so. If you don’t have much of a problem, don’t let anyone cut you at all. It’s not just the scrotum - same principle applies everywhere in the body.


After the vasectomy experience 2005-06, I was really hesitant to get my back repaired. In my particular case, spinal fusion in late 2012 gave me back my life. Took away 75% of the back pain and 100% of the leg and foot pain. So, surgery CAN work, but in general, I agree with you. Even my spine surgeon would agree…he told me once I went down the first surgery path with him, I was more likely to need a 2nd back surgery than the average person getting a 1st.

It has reinforced my opinion that our “medical experts” aren’t.

It has also reinforced my belief that any medical issue can be politicized to the point where you can’t tell what’s true and what’s bullshit.

People have strong opinions about it so I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks Mike. Yep, I cringe every time I hear someone say “trust the science” when I know that a lot of the science and math, at least with respect to vasectomy, is hidden from the public due to the agenda of those pro-vasectomy.

Yes I totally had some reservations about the vaccine and the dread / thought of defying the ‘odds’ again and things going wrong. Can you be this unlucky twice? I realise you can. I’m 39 and in the UK. I was only offered the vaccine this ‘early’ due to asthma which was a surprise as my asthma isn’t a big issue and rarely causes me problems - unlike the issues I’ve had since vasectomy.

Anyway, I decided that the benefits outweigh the risks and it wasn’t like I was 100% before this anyway. It isn’t Covid is going to be gone for a very long time. I think getting Covid for me could be really bad and then the potential risk of long Covid isn’t pleasant. The last thing I need right now is another long term hang up / health issue. Also I’m self employed so as things open up I think in the UK we will see vaccine passports and potential barred entry for events / foreign travel etc. I work in education so it might be I need to prove I’ve had the vaccine to do my job?!?

So I went ahead yesterday afternoon. I’m not scared / nervous of needles etc. But I did have some anxiety of going for it. I was in there literally 2 minutes but when I came out I was shaking a bit. That was definitely to do with bad memories of the original vasectomy (Aug18) and my subsequent reversal (Apr19).

It’s only been about 34 hours since I had it but so far so good. My arm is sore, slight headache and I felt a bit ropey this morning. I’m okay right now. Still have the same issues with PVPS. No worse no better. Ffs.

Basically same feeling as @raising4girls. I’m pro-vaccine, and think it’s a miracle we have been able to eradicate so many diseases that used to kill millions of people via vaccines, but because of my awful experience with the vas, I worry about the vax. I could be that guy. Also a relative of mine had a very negative reaction to it which also makes me hesitant. Ultimately I am very likely to get it, at the end of the day.

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I think we’re all appropriately gun shy and skeptical about anything coming out of the medical industry. We all learned vasectomy was too good to be true.

There is just too much politics being played with this virus. Also, truth tends to go out the window when people try to manipulate other people for the “greater good”. Example, “You don’t need a mask.” -Anthony Fauci last spring. He later claimed he didn’t want people rushing out and glomming up all the PPE as providers and health care workers needed it… I can’t even say if either of his statements is true but once you see someone play that game you can’t really ever trust anything they say anymore. Historically I think a lot of evil has been done based on someones concept of “the greater good”.

That being said, I’m not anti-vaccine. I just hate the lying and I hate the politics.


Fauci has been all over the map. I want to like him as the nation’s elderly, grandfatherly doctor, but as I’ve watched him, I’m moving toward believing he’s part of a group covering up the truth about the origins of this virus. This messaging on this whole pandemic and coverage seems to have Chinese fingerprints all over it.

11 days since the vaccine and I haven’t had any issues. Bizarrely if anything I’ve actually felt a bit better with my pvp. I did have a few days after the vaccine where I felt pretty groggy but my pvp wasn’t really bothering me and hasn’t yet returned to the usual issues I have.

I think the official story with vasectomies and the truth is very similar to the story with vaccines. There are a whole lot of assumptions with both and very little long term studies. I already had a healthy distrust (based on life experience, a whole lot of research and a spouse that is a doctor) of vaccines and had some uncertainties about getting a vasectomy. I buried my concerns and got the vasectomy wanting to believe the official narrative (and not having seen this site yet!) and have regretted it ever since.

Regarding the covid vaccine; it’s not a vaccine (phizer, moderna, and J&J; not sure about other ones). Look it up (you’ll have to go to non-mainstream sources or actually read the legal and medical documents). It’s a gene therapy treatment that is still in it’s experimental phase. So far it has not been shown to stop infection or transmission. Past attempts at a coronavirus did extremely poorly in the animal study phase. They skipped the animal studies this time! If you’re under 70 and moderately healthy you’re at very low risk for a bad outcome (truly well under 1% unlike what they say about vasectomies). There are proven effective treatments (ivermectin, HCQ, budecinide…look them up and find a doctor that will prescribe them to you if you’re an at risk individual). If you are an at risk individual, why would you take a product that specifically excluded at risk individuals from the trials?

Whatever you do please do not trust your doctor or the media to provide you with honest factual information about this whole subject. Sadly it’s extremely political and the truth and scientific debate are victims of that. Also, please do not support politicians or policies that may force it on me or my family.

There are lots of good videos to watch, but this is a good one to start with:

I should add some things for those that don’t bother to watch the video in the link above. Fact check me on this one, but I’ve seen multiple articles, doctors and a study or two that highlight the importance of adequate vitamin D regarding covid (and many other illnesses). Even fauci takes it! I also recall reading an article by Bill Sardi that highlited the importance of vitamin B1 regarding covid (coffee and alcohol deplete B1).

I should add that that Phizer, Moderna and J&J have been absolved of all (accidental, criminal, etc.) liability regarding the “vaccine” as are all vaccine manufacturers in the US of any vaccine that is placed on the CDC childhood schedule. If they are so safe, why the need to absolve all liability to the manufacturer?

Doctors who’ve had success with ivermectin:

A crazy amount of links to lead you down the rabbit hole through this site:

I’ve yet to see any political baloney on this site so I hope my posting this stuff doesn’t lead to some political discussion. I’m willing to follow the evidence/science, but so far I can only conclude that covid is real, the death rate has been inflated, effective treatments have been suppressed and the “vaccine” is entirely experimental. Please set me straight if I’m off base as I know some of you have grown very competent (more than me) in reading medical studies as you’ve gone through your vasectomy journey.