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Has anyone tried or recommend topical NSAID?

Has anyone tried using a topical NSAID like Diclofenac Gel. It could be applied directly to the scrotum and would work locally.

I’d definitely ask a doctor/pharmacist before applying any kind of creams to your balls, lots of sensitive little creatures in there that makes the vasectomy so barbaric to begin with but yeah I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been tempted in the past to smear lidocaine on my cord but, I recommend speaking to a professional first

At my last pain clinic appointment, where they agreed there was something else going on with me, They told me to get Voltaren and rub it on the location of my epis at least 4 times a day.

I think this helped a little bit. I even used it some a couple weeks after my reversal.

Yes, I did after my denervation. My pain doctor recommended it. Not sure if it helped but it definitely cannot hurt to try.