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Has anyone tried lymphatic drain therapy?

Hi all,
So i am living in post vasectomy and now post reversal hell like most of you (kudos to those who have recovered - I am on my way).

I am only 10 days post reversal so I know all of this is early on. With that said, I am doing everything I can to get right. I just had an acupuncture appointment which was my 3rd ever. I really didn’t get much from it previously. Today it felt very strange in a good way so I hope it helps.

She mentioned that all my lymph’s are full. I am considering doing lymphatic drainage session. It’s not through her and no money for her so she’s unbiased. I wondering if anyone got positive results from this? Thoughts?


I’ve tried it. Mostly lymphatic massage, dry brushing, and bounce therapy.

Did it help or really no noticeable difference? I have an appointment Tuesday with a lady that uses some sort of machine / light that is supposed to break down proteins and get the lymph’s moving.

Nothing terribly noticeable. Lymph movement is a bit of hocus pocus. In theory it makes sense but we’re talking about capillaries that are 10 microns in diameter. You can’t really test that stuff. I will say, there’s documented literature of guys filling their lymph nodes with sperm post vas. The average spermatozoa is 10x the size of the average bacteria so the potential is certainly there. Not sure if any lymph voodoo is going to solve that. Especially while you’re testicles continue to produce 1500 sperm every second.

Thanks. I am going to give it a whirl more for the general inflammation side of it. I seem to have inflammation and what not. Doubt it will really help as you stated

Do it all man. Don’t let me talk you out of anything. I traveled across town for 8 months to have a sweet little PT stick her finger in my rectum for hours on end just to see if it would help my pelvic floor. You gotta try everything and see whats right for you.

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Bj, you made me crack up. Thank you sir. I know what you mean. Literally.