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Has anyone gotten better after 6 months?

I have been reading this blog for over 3 months. First off, huge thanks to those who run and host it. (Can I donate to help pay for the cause? Just let me know)

Question- I keep hearing from doctors, who I don’t trust at this point, that guys can still recover after 6 months. I just hit my 5 month anniversary from vasectomy. In the last 48 hours, pain and “blue balls” feeling dropped from consistent pain of 6-8 to 2-3. I realize it’s a small time period and tbd if it continues at the 2-3 level. I have a reversal scheduled for next week but I am reconsidering it. I really want to play with my kids, work out and not be focused on my nuts all day.

Question- has anyone actually improved after 5-6 months? I have been doing papaya seed for about 2 weeks, been doing pelvic floor treatment for 3 months, and am resting a ton. Still discomfort. I was intimate with my wife last night as it was our wedding anniversary. Sensitivity afterwards.

I am just curious if there’s real people who have recovered in months 6-9 or so. If reversal is in the cards I want to get after ASAP and start healing, ideally to have a good summer 2020. Any success stories after 5 or 6 months?

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Yes definitely. I had significant reduction in pain and improvement in pelvic and lower back muscle function around month 10.

Thanks @Ethan_Scruples
Sorry to be a pain, no pun intended, what do you mean by improvement? Like you are rolling just fine? I dont have back pain and it’s only like blue balls, lack of energy and no enthusiasm to do anything with my kids do the never ending pain.

Fortunately, my wife knows what’s going on and is super supportive of whatever. We definitely are not rich (2 kids, California home prices, etc) bit she wants me healthy.

I have gotten better over time. I was pretty bad off for about 3 years. I had nerve type pain in my inner thigh, but also had a pain in my epididymis as well sometimes. I have come to believe that the majority of my pain was due to tightening of muscles in my pelvic area. It would start to get better and then stress and over-doing a workout would push it back into thigh pain. I do sometimes still get that feeling, but I have come to just calm myself down and do a couple stretches and the pain eases and goes away within 5 to 30 minutes or so. And when I say pain now, it means something different than it once did. At one point it was 24/7 and it was all I could think about. At about 3 years (so January of this year), I really made a conscious effort to relaxing and to start stretching at a slow rate. Most of what I feel as pain, is more of a pushing sensation in my left hip socket (I think it’s a muscle thing) and maybe a slight pinch in my groin for a couple seconds now and then, but not bad.

In the past I had tried, but would go 150% and actually set myself back, because I thought that more was better. But I have come to realize, that I really had to take my time with the progression and go ssssslllllloooooowwww. Now, with that being said, I could be totally different than you and you may need something else. But I am now running again (over 4 miles at a time), lifting heavy weights, and riding my bike, with very little to no impact to my situation. Am I 100%, no, I wouldn’t go that far, but I would put myself at least at 97%, with progress still being made. I only have that 3%, because sometimes I still think about it and I can have minimal discomfort a couple times a week for around 5 to 30 minutes.

So, yes, you can get better. I really didn’t think I would ever get back to where I am now, in my progress. I just pray that it continues to stay this way and maybe even gets a little better.

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I have difficulty remembering exactly how things got better at the 10 month mark. I just remember that they did. There was a lot of burning pain and soreness that just got less constant and noticeable at that time. You might be able to see the transition in my other thread where I checked in from time to time to document how I felt.

Nowadays there are lots of times that I would say there is almost no pain in my groin. I can detect a disagreeable feeling if I focus on it, but if I am distracted I usually don’t think about it. I get occasional “ouch” zaps in the inguinal canal. I feel achy and sore when I sit for a while or drive a car. I get a sore lower back which I never got before.I feel some nerve pain down the inside of my left leg ending at my left instep sometimes. I feel some achy feelings from my sternum down to my groin when I wake up in the morning but it passes quickly. I still sleep with a pillow between my thighs. It’s all stuff I can cope with and be happy in spite of.

The parts that still bug me most are when I’m sitting or driving and feel sore, they hypersensitivity in my scrotum to pressure or shock, and the changes during sex. Getting very lightly struck in the groin results in a brief but very intense pain. I can’t control how long I last very well in bed anymore. I used to be able to hold off pretty much as long as I wanted. The striking impact involved with sex plus the hypersensitivity to shock makes sex less fun. And ejaculation basically lacks any sensation of pleasure. There is a pleasurable orgasm sensation on the way to ejaculation that is comparable to before vasectomy, but no BANG pleasure during ejaculation. And then a moderate dull ache settles in after ejaculation and hangs around for about 24 hours.

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Thanks Ethan. I appreciate the answer. I really want to try and not have the sitting pain and difficulty driving. I am going to move forward with the reversal. I am currently at a point where nerves are in great spot and low to no inflammation outside my epis with the root cause being congestion. Hence, good time to try and before I have an inevitable blowout

I’m still improving 18 months out. At 5 months I had a major flare up and worsening of pain. It got better. Each time it cycles back it’s less severe. I feel about 95 percent normal most of the time now. I feel that my issues are due to persistent postoperative pain (common side effect of any surgery) and pelvic floor dysfunction. Physical therapy and relaxation help a lot. I personally am skeptical of the congestion theory and feel there would be more postoperative pain and worsening if I had a reversal. I know some men are helped by reversal but studies have shown that 75 percent of “sham” surgeries will cause improvement of symptoms due to a very strong placebo affect for surgery. So exactly why it works- maybe we are not so sure. Just my 2 cents.

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Great you’re still getting improvement. I’m a couple months in, encouraging to hear.

Interesting about the placebo, I’m well aware of it but didn’t know to that extent. Do you have a link to any of those studies you are referring to?

Yup, here is the article I was referring to. It’s really interesting. Buried in there is the mention of sham surgeries, but the whole article is definitely a worthwhile read.

3 months is where the pressure/blue balls feeling finally quite for me, but that’s because I believe I had a blowout… and that set off all the real pain and low sexual drive for me.