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Has anyone else experienced increased sensitivity?

Hello all
I stumbled on this site when trying to find answers to my problem. I was expecting something different as I am just the opposite.

It has been just over a year since my vasectomy. I had to have 3 surgeries. The vasectomy one day, emergency surgery the next day due to excessive bleeding and then 3 weeks later to have my testicle removed.

As far as pain goes I feel I am doing fine but did have issues after removing the testicle for several months like a phantom pain like getting kicked in the nuts.

My problem now less with sexual issues. I have no sex drive which before I was always ready and willing no issues. When I do get erect it is very short lived before going limp. I started taking testosterone and that seems to help some but not much. I have also experienced increased sensitivity. When I used to be able to control it and could go 30 - 45 minutes if I wanted to now I can not last but a couple minutes and there doesn’t seem much for control or stopping it. Not sure what actions to take from here.

Has anyone else experienced increased sensitivity?

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In regards to your issue. I had my has 1 year ago. Had to get it reversed (3 1/2 weeks ago) due a dozen issues.

What kind of increased sensitivity are you referring to?
I had decreased sensitively.

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Gook luck.

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By increase sensitivity, I mean, like I am not sure what premature ejaculation is exactly because I have never had an issue with that but I am guessing that is what I am experiencing. Sex doesn’t last more than a couple minutes and when that feeling of orgasm starts I can’t stop it like I could before. Even if I completely stop moving when the feeling just starts it won’t stop. Never had this issue before the vasectomy.

What I would think you could try is. Having sex or ejac. a number of times a day (2-3-4). If that is possible due to the sensitivity. If so it should make you less sensitive (temporarily).
You could Try it for a week.
In times through my marriage having sex up to 4 times a day can desensitize things, making that forth or fifth ejac. More of a effort. It took a couple of days to get sensitive again.

After my has I got very unsensitive. Which led me to try a method to increase sensitivity, which worked. (I was desperate) sensitivity and orgasms were much more intense. In the begining so sensitive ejac. Could/would take 10 secs.

Thanks for the advise. I could definitely try that, just not sure if I do if I would be able to get it up as my sex drive just isn’t there any more. I think about it all the time and I want sex just no drive.

Completely opposite reaction from my vas…no erection at all. For a few months afterwards I did have one. And had sex a few times with the wife. But it’s been so long I would say I don’t even remember when, but I have it all written down so that wouldn’t be accurate.

When I was able to get it up, I didn’t have a sensitivity issue. It was just like before but tons of pain. Pain before during and after. The before was just a bit more than normal. The during, lots more pressure and pain. The after, wow. Curled up in a ball for an hour or more.

Hopefully you can get some relief and answers and of course never have the lack of wood problem. Good luck.

Hi, Bob. Could you share your method to increasing sensitivity that worked for you? As someone who lost sensitivity (but is more or less used to it now) I’m interested.