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Has a epididymectomy worked for anyone?

In reading responses it seems like everyone that has had one it has not relieved the pain.

It didn’t work for me, and ruined my chances of a reversal

On my right side only I was able to have the left side reversal

My pain actually started 3 years after my reversal.

Have you had a SA recently to see if you are still open? Not sure how helpful it would be since the only conclusive thing it could tell is if you were closed off on both sides.

Excuse my ignorance but whats an SA ?

Didn’t work for me, and I had to have my left testicle removed as pain was excruciating

It worked for me on the right side, but the recovery was over 6 months. I did have some residual pain that was only really felt when handling my testicle. I had a spermatic cord denervation done on the left side and it worked so well I did it on the right side to get rid of the residual minor pain. Now the right side is completely pain free and the left only has occasional residual pain.

Ok, so now I’m hopeful.

This study shows that one probably shouldn’t have too much faith in epididymectomy.
Quote: “Of 10 patients who underwent epididymectomy 9 underwent subsequent orchiectomy as definitive treatment.”

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I have read alot of responses that said they had to go ahead and have an orchiectomy after.

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Made me worse. The pain from that surgery kicked off my CRPS and spread to the left side. Ended up having a bilateral denervation.

And how did that turn out ?