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Hardflaccid Syndrome

Anyone experiencing this? I’ve talked to my doctor about this a couple of times, I’ve posted about it here before, finally found something that sounds very similar to what I’m experiencing.

The first time i looked at my genitals post vas, I found that my penis had srunk, and felt like a small nub of hard rubber while flaccid and had turned this kind of weird purple colour, looked like it had died, or was going to fall off. Almost four months later, still experiencing this, especially after a walk or anything physical. Penis almost feels as though it’s going inside of me it gets very tight and small at times, it’s actually quite disturbing.

The majority of my pain is in the bulbospongiosus and penis, severe pain when sitting, I believe this muscle is stuck in spasm, by the end of the day I’m pretty much crippled in pain, since it’s so close to the testicles I think I might be mistaking congestion pain and pressure for the pressure feeling that I’m getting from this muscle cramp. It’s that feeling like I have something stuck up my butt or sitting on something, the whole area becomes inflamed to the point that it feels as though there is not enough room in the pelvic floor to accommodate, almost like it’s all bulging out of me.
Laying down brings some relief, but it takes ages, I can feel the muscle lengthen very slowly, the process is excruciating at times, takes about 8 hours laying down and things start to calm down and come back a little.

Sitting on it almost feels as though the muscle is being stretched to the point of being torn. The most comfortable spot is on the toilet seat letting everything hang out and relax.

My doc is telling me it’s my prostate, ran blood work (PSA) and found nothing out of the ordinary. Did a physical exam and believes my prostate is swollen (although doesn’t seem sure) wants me on antibiotics.

Here’s a link that I found, kind of interesting if anyone would like to check it out:

I use to have a pain inside anus, remember waking up at 3 am with really bad pains, felt as if someone was grabbing and squeezing my prostate, had feeling of needing to have a poo at the same time. This has thankfully resolved after reversal

So tough to know what has the possibility of being resolved through a reversal. I had these issues almost immediately following the vasectomy.

Me two all that plus the only other thing that I experienced was my penis always felt cold and put it down to why I had hardly any feeling when I had an orgasm

Around 2-4 weeks I was having what I presume was a lot of pelvic floor pain. Started with soreness then a feeling that I had to go to the bath room (#2) and eventually a feeling that I was sitting on a base ball all day. A coucious effort to stop being tensed up and a lot of ibuprofen seems to have gotten rid of the worst of it.

I seem to always have a pain that feels like it might be in my pelvic floor now, but when I try to massage it to find where the pain is coming from it really seems like it’s all in my testicles/epididimes and is just radiating into my pelvic floor. It’s like when you get kicked there, you don’t think “oh my testicles hurt” the pain just encompasses everything, but if you were to prove for the source it is coming from the testicle arena.

I do notice a Bit of pain in my penis, but it’s hard to tell if it’s reslly there or just radiating from my testicles and epididimes.

Yeah, that makes sense, I do have serious swelling in my epididymis, left side is really large. And yeah, it’s very tough to tell where the pain is, and if it’s being referred there by something else. It’s like the testicles and the pelvic floor all feel as one at times, just like you say “kicked in the balls feeling”.

I think I’ll do the reversal anyway, there is something seriously wrong with me, I just don’t feel right, I’ve never felt like this before, plus my T has crashed, this alone may be reason enough for me.

Yeah, I feel like getting as close to normal is my best shot. While I say that with all the instinctive emotion of a wounded animal caught in a trap, I feel like it is the only reasonable thing short of just waiting it out and holding it slowly gets better, then doesn’t end up getting worse at some indefinite time in the future. Rolling the dice on getting as close to normal as possible seems like the only option.

My testosterone levels doubled 3 months aftrt reversal from 4 nmol to just under 9 nmol. I have strong erections and high sex drive now nearly 15 months post reversal, been meaning to get another hormones tests done, but haven’t got round it yet.


Yeah, that’s really good! I feel like I can’t get out of bed these days I’m so weak and tired. I’m going to have to do something soon, I can’t live like this much longer, it’s taking everything out of me. If I got worse though, I just can’t imagine, I don’t think I could do it, I get that high anxiety feeling all the time about another procedure, nightmares about my nuts every night, feel so trapped right now with no decent way out.

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Yes, can fully relate to the anxiety and feeling of being trapped. Personally, I took antidepressants for about a year to get me through the rough period, and help me think straight, and started doing my homework on next steps. Go with your gut feeling

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