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Hard, Sensitive and High testicle post NSV....... HELP!

Hi all,

Please forgive me as a newbie, I have tried to search the forums, found something close but no resolution or positive answer to my issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Had a ‘Non Scalpel’ technique vasectomy approximately 2 weeks ago. Nothing seemed unusual at first although some heavy bruising came out and some swelling. This started to subside but the left side remained bruised for 3 to 4 days longer. Pain generally remained around the left side and groin while the right seemed perfectly normal and felt almost healed within a week.

As the swelling subsided it has revealed a high left testicle to the extent that it is near on level with the base of my penis. Not only that, due to its positioning, it seems very vulnerable and I catch it here and there even just putting on pants. It is clearly not normal. I spoke with my surgeon after a week who just played it down as a taut cremaster muscle and that it would ease but it has not. Since then it has also presented itself as very hard and slightly enlarged compared to the other.

I’m currently away for work at sea, I’ve no reliable way of getting in touch with my doctor at the moment, I have searched but found nothing concrete. Anything to put my mind at ease, an explanation, possible cause at or at least some direction would be appreciated.

Of course the first thing I will absolutely do when I get home will be to get checked out as soon as possible. To me I feel like something has healed, grown and/or connected where it shouldn’t but of course it’s a guess at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum @Pooky. There are several threads and/or posts on here that are similar to yours, so don’t get the idea that what you experiencing is unheard of. I’d guess it’s fairly common, but IDK just how common it is statistically.

Your surgeon is probably right, but has no idea how long it will take to resolve itself. It’s a bit if guess work really, and I doubt he/she wants to scare you with all of the possibilities. If you’re issues are moreless related to the quote above, and/or nerve irritation, it should resolve itself in time. It could take weeks, it could take months, it’s anyone’s guess, including your surgeons.

That would be a wise thing to do.

I doubt that is the case, but anything is possible. IMO, based on what little I know about your case, your issue is likely related to the first quote. Again, IDK.

There are other possibilities, such as an integrated hematoma in the mix of things, but again, that is anyone’s guess.

Try to remain calm, and do your best until you get back to mainland and see your surgeon / doctor. That is not medical advice. Its’ the best I can think to tell you.

Feel free to respond, and please post some update/s in the future for the next guy.

Good luck.

I have a tight sack at times too. Generally corresponds to when pain is overall worse for me. Hot baths with epsom salt and CBD creams have worked to loosen it up and get things hanging again.

I’m having this same issue on my right side following reversal. I did not have this problem after the vas.
The testicle is very high (just below the penis base) and very enlarged and seems somehow sideways. Hurts like hell if I stand up but doesn’t bother me at all sitting or laying on my back. The area around it is hard. I’m afraid of scar tissue building up, but I’m also afraid to try and loosen it up and cause damage (I’m only 6 days post reversal). I’ll just have to give it time I guess.

Okay, so a quick update on where I am, thanks for the help so far.

The sensitivity and ache has died down, but I have had a few days with no real hard work so if anything further rest seems to help, normal activity, stairs, walking, I even had a gentle run on a treadmill and seem fine. It will ease with time and I do have some normal comfort levels returning so it will subside. Positioning wise though it is still very high.

However, what my physician had told me about this being a cremaster muscle over the phone may differ as the muscle seems relaxed and what my testicle feel like it’s hanging on is a sinew like thread.

The testicle itself is also now still feeling very hard including the entire spermatic cord. I have an appointment booked for next week all being well. Hopefully update you then.

Thank you for the update!

Yeah, thanks for the update brother.

I’m sticking with my original thoughts on your case. I have experienced pretty much the same symptoms as all three of you. I occasionally get an irritated - high riding - drawn up left testicle, but it is pretty rare nowadays. I could elaborate.

To give you a better idea of what your surgeon cut through, cut ajacent to, etc, see the diagram below.


Keep us posted and good luck.

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Two PTs I saw said it’s very normal for muscles (like cremaster) too get tight after surgery. The body reflexively tries to immobilize the area around the wound. So maybe your body is just reacting to the recent trauma and it will clear up. However nerve damage and neuropathic issues can have the same effect.

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Any update on the high testicle?

Hi all,

Firstly I apologise for lack of updates, a little selfish of me. Obviously with all of this Covid and lockdown nonsense I lost track and didn’t return to the forum for which I’m sorry. However, in the hope that this may help someone else see below.

So basically my appointment to see the surgeon never happened due to Covid and only high priority patients being seen at the time. This meant it was eventually left to just time and with which it did sort itself out I’m glad to say.

So the hardness in the testicle basically subsided as did the ‘lift’ so to speak. Although I never had the physician confirm, as another gentleman said, I’m fairly sure it was nerve damage and sent the cremaster muscle into a sort of state of constant contraction. This tension felt like it was constricting the testicle which in turn was why it was hard. As one relaxed the other also improved.

Took the best part of 6 months to get back to what I would consider ‘normal’ but for that duration all functions were normal after the initial pain of the situation had subsided.

I must admit the left side does feel as though it has never returned to where it was pre op, but not really noticeable.

Take care,