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Hard lumps right where he snipped me

So right where the vas chord is on each side… I’m assuming where the doctor cut the chord… there is a small hard bump. There is a bump on each side ! I’m assuming this is a granuloma ? I got snipped last Friday. Originally it was rally painful but the pain is getting better. But these hard pee size lumps are throwing me off. Does this happen to everyone ? Is it like the tell tale sign of a vasectomy lol a lump where he cut you on each side ? They don’t hurt too touch but should I be worried ?

Be paitent. 4 days is nothing.

That’s good news.

I’m going to guess that’s because the proper authorities didn’t tell you about this beforehand.

I’m not sure if it’s every single man, but it’s plenty, very common, etc.

I suppose at this point it is, lol. Think of them as inflamed scarring that should soften over time.

No, and I would recommend staying away from this place if at all possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck