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Hard lump/rind pain after reversal

Hello All. First wanted to say thank you to all on this forum for the great advise. I’ve been recieving great help here for a while now. I will post my journey on another post another time. Just a quick question/concern for those who have had a reversal. I got a reversal 6 weeks ago for vasectomy pain. Since then I have had a dull ache localized around a very hard lump/rind along the vas where the work was done. Feels hard as bone. My pain is not nerve related more inflammation/pressure coming from those hard spots. The doctor who did the reversal said this was normal and will soften over time. Any advise? I don’t have testicle or epidydymal pain. It’s all coming from the cord which feels calcified/very hard. Have any of you who have had a reversal dealt with this? If so, does it get softer and dissolve over time?

I have not had a reversal myself, but my understanding is that it could be scar tissue at the reconnect site.

You’re pretty early on so try to keep positive.

Looking forward to hearing your story.

It could be a hematoma. Give it time. You are barely past the acute pain from reversal recovery. It takes about 6 months to know how you are doing with any certainty. You can keep getting better up to a year or more afterwards. My right side got better and better over time. Give it time.

Thank you. That’s comforting. General question though pertaining to scar tissue. Assuming it’s scar tissue does that soften and dissolve? The doctor said it does but reading a lot of the threads I noticed scar tissue can become a chronic issue that never goes away. Reason I’m so concerned is how hard it feels to the touch- almost like bone. The doctor cut out ALOT of scar tissue from vasectomy. More on left to where he had to shoot me quite a bit in the cord during surgery. Both sides are hard but the left is especially hard going up higher along the cord.

In my experience with other surgeries, my scar tissue was hard and raised for a few months, almost a year, now it’s shrunk down in size and is a bit softer than it was.

Ok thanks. Just to clarify I’m speaking about internal scar tissue not the incision site. Not sure if that’s what you have in mind. If that’s the case though I am very reassured. Thank you!

Hi, yes internal scar tissue gets smaller as mine has but my pain hasn’t gone away.

Why did you get the reversal? What were your symptoms? I can tell you that nerve pain in the cords, particularly high up can be a problem long term. If it’s just pressure pain from swelling I would not worry.

Did you get any relief from your vasectomy reversal. My reversal by Sheldon Marks eliminated a nightly burning that was so incredibly painful I was disabled.

Idk if what you got is “normal” as your reversal surgeon says. I’ve had two reversals, and don’t recall anything like you describe.

I will add to the list of what it might be - could be a granuloma/leakage at the repair site. Could be your body just freaking out as well.

Did you use plenty of ice for the first week+ out of your reversal? How about an NSAID? Did you stay on one everyday for the first week+ post op at minimum?

I think that in time, you will get a better idea of what’s going on, but I too would be concerned about rock hard, calcified feeling stuff at my repairs that was causing me a lot of grief, and pain.

I did everything doc advised regarding recovery. Hard tissue must have formed immediately after surgery cause a week later when I could start touching down there I noticed it. I can honestly say that I would be 100% right now if my body didn’t form this hard scar tissue. It’s hard to stand and walk. Kicked in the balls dull ache all radiating from these hard spots. Had the reversal by doctor marks in Arizona. He removed 6 cm of scar tissue on both sides that I’m guessing reformed right after surgery. I’m positive it’s not the surgeons error since as I understand the formation of scar tissue has to do with genetics and is out side of anyone’s control. I just hope it dissolves or softens over time as Dr Marks said it would.

I hear you.

Based on what you’ve said up to this point, I’d guess that you have a very strong, and possibly unique immune system. I would go out on a limb, and say that vasectomy was not a good idea for your body/system.

I agree with you that you are in good hands at the moment. Dr. Marks is an excellent surgon. ICVR, and Dr. Marks are dedicated to keeping up with you post op for several months. Of course this is limited, but I was satisfied with what they did for me considering what I gave them.

Hang in the brother, things may turn around.

Thanks ringo. That makes sense

Mike,what was that burning about.I ve had a reversal and it’s pretty much gone,but I would get an increasingly burning sensation radiating through my abdomen.It literally felt like burning.

It’s neuropathic pain. Stupid mother farger cut me way to high on the left, right at the base of my penis almost. Next time you have a hard on feel that part of you scrotum, it gets stretched pretty good right there where your spermatic cord crosses over the suspensory ligaments for your penis before it goes up and into your abdomen. that’s where the guy cut me. I remember thinking it was high. I just think that’s a bad place to have scar tissue. I think he may have furked up closing me up do. Once the scar tissue was removed to do the reversal the pain pretty much went away. I only really experience it when I’m sitting for a long time and it’s still not nearly as bad. It’s nerve pain/damage.

Thanks Mike.Still baffles me how it could be so painful.It was literally like putting a flame to skin.

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I have the same on my left reconnect site which has since closed up was scar tissue at the reconnect site confirmed by dr p and urologist at Cleveland clinic. Mine did it on both sides, not sure if it was just from inflammation or from the biowrap used I’ve since read an article and seen pictures from dr Dellon showing biowraps he has had to remove after previous surgeries for carpal tunnel etc. I’ve also seen on here that Dr p isn’t using biowrap now which lets me know he didn’t think it helped protect the vas or nerves post surgery.

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