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Had the reversal today by Dr. Burroughs in AZ at ICVR

Hi guys. First off, I want to thank EVERYONE on here who has posted their experiences with this part of our lives. I read through almost everything dealing with this. It was because of this group, you all, who helped me to realize why everything wasn’t working right downstairs, my disconnect from my penis, the pain in my balls, and my depressive viewpoint on life. The recommendation for ICVR literally was/is a life saver. I’ve been in bed all day icing. The pain is more like a low level soreness than anything. I will post a time line of events type of post when I get a chance. All I will say is this, my decision to come here was based on one thing, if I was going to go through with this surgery, I wanted to go to a place where it’s been done over 6000 times (2000 by Dr Burroughs) on people from 80 different countries. They are a professional outfit with partnerships with hotels and driver services. The absolute nicest people, made me feel at ease and at home when I arrived there, explained everything, then did the procedure. I don’t remember anything. Literally, other than a few sentences prior to the iv. Woke up fully dressed in a chair looking at my girlfriend. Guys, do not give up hope. I had the titanium clips. They are the cause of your problems if you have them. They need to be removed. I’m about to go to sleep, but, I will give a detailed example of my experience to help you all like you all helped me. One love.



@Regretvasect, great to hear your positive experience so far! Last I recall, you were scheduled to have a reversal done in March in CT. Do you mind sharing why you delayed the procedure and changed surgeons? Thanks

When I visited the doctor in CT (who allegedly is the “top” reversal doctor in CT), his bedside manner was horrendous. When I left there, I was more confused and worried than when I went in. I decided to do it based on what he said and what the numerous sites on the internet said. Over a few weeks span, as my life events began making me rethink the time of the reversal, I was at work and went to call his office to see if I could reschedule. I didn’t have his number on me, so I looked his name up. Bam, all types of reviews and info popped up. The one that changed my mind was a review from a guy who had surgery done on him (not vas reversal) and said that no one should go to him for anything. His said his name should be changed to Dr Shaky Hands. He said his hands were so shaky that he had to have another surgeon in the room with him. All I could think about was there was no way that man was going to put his hands on my balls. So I decided that if I’m going to do this, I need to go to an expert. Already, 12 hours after walking in ICVR doors, I don’t regret the time or money spent to come here. Dr Burroughs came by my hotel room this morning at 730 am to check on me and inspect the surgery sites. Everything looked great, and he told me safe travels, any problems don’t hesitate to call him. 10 minutes after he left, his office called to check on me and make sure I was following the personalized booklet they made me. Just incredible experience.

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Sounds like you really dodged a bullet with the CT surgeon! Glad you found the right help. I am most likely going to be scheduling mine with Dr. Burrows as well.

Glad you had a good experience! I am currently five months post reversal, and it has been a long process of healing. Currently I have low level soreness most of the time, which gets worse when I sit for long periods, but I am hopeful that things might be starting to improve. Currently also seeing a physio for pelvic floor / chronic pain. I hope your recovery is quick! After my reversal the swelling was horrendous, dont get a fright, it does come down over two weeks or so. Best wishes.

Who did your reversal? I’m glad it sounds like the pain now is different and easier to handle than before the reversal

It was a Dr Zarrabi in Cape Town, South Africa. He seems very good, and has done a lot of them, mainly for fertility.

@Regretvasect, How’s your recovery going?

It’s going a lot better than I expected, but, right to the letter of what Dr Burroughs said. I plan on starting my timeline of events from actual vas to reversal tonight. I’m going to break it up into sections so it’s not extremely long and guys can read and follow. Hopefully it mirrors a lot of guys experience and will help them to make that decision

Hi @Regretvasect,
How’s its coming 2 months later. I am currently 5 months post vasectomy, and in a ton of discomfort and pain. I am currently taking 4 Aleve (nsaids) a day and see a pelvic pain specialist twice a week for 2 months, which has greatly helped. However, I still have constant pain and I am going for reversal. Specifically, we have narrowed the pain / pressure down to the epi’s and is not from nerves or inflammation.

I am considering Dr. Burrows, Dr. Turek or Dr Werthman in LA. In speaking with Dr marks / burrows office, Burrows does the pain related reversals. Based on online reviews and experience, I would prefer Dr Marks but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Dr Burrows has little reviews and not great, but the negative ones have little to do with him as a doctor.

How did you like Burrows and how are you doing?

I’m actually doing very well. Literally been pain free since I woke up from the surgery. Just swollen balls and slight discomfort for about a month and half roughly. I’m back to heavy lifting in the gym, running, sit-ups, squats, etc and have no issues at all. My erection are solid but sensitivity wise I’m still lacking. It’s not like it was prior to the surgery. It’s a whole lot better, but it’s definitely not like it was prior to the vas. I had my first sperm analysis about 6 weeks ago. Came out pretty decent. Had my second one one Monday, waiting for the results. My pain was caused by the clips being inside of me. Now that they are removed, I feel fucking great. I’m not going to lie. I haven’t drank coffee in two months. Don’t need it, and physically I feel fantastic. My girlfriend says my girth is definitely thicker than before the reversal and I’m back to feeling like I have a full erection wanting to handle my business with my girlfriend. Dr Burroughs is a very professional Dr in my opinion. Down to earth, clear with what he is doing, but made it very clear that his job was to reconnect and he didn’t guarantee that any other pain would be gone, but he guaranteed the pain from the clips tearing my sac up internally would be gone and he was right. If you have him do it, remember ice is your friend. The full recovery could take 6 months. The worst decision I ever made was getting the vasectomy. The best decision I made was having it reversed and by someone that I did research on prior to having it done. Whoever you choose, just make sure they have done a few thousand, and that they fully explain what will be going on and how they will be doing what they will be doing. Follow their instructions to the letter and be patient with yourself. I took two weeks off work, was on light duty for two more weeks. Started walking at 4.5 weeks and running lightly at 5.5 weeks. Gradually started lifting again at the 6 week mark (50% allll weights). Got to 8 weeks and am still slightly increasing in weight and types of exercises. Started squats in week 7 (135). Up to 195 in week 8 (my max is 355). Still being patient and regimented with everything, icing after workouts, etc… Good luck and keep me posted please.

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Hi @Regretvasect,
I am curious how does Dr.Burrows remove the clips ? I know, just cutting off the segment held by the clips is the easiest route, but this could result in wastage of the remaining useable vas (especially for the unfortunate victims of a low cut vasectomy) ? Just wondering if they could remove them without cutting ?
Glad that you are trending well. Hope that you get back to your old self.


He takes pictures of different aspects of the surgery and provides them with your personal plan. The masses he took out of my balls were 1inch in length a piece. It didn’t look like there was extra. I believe he cuts back to the healthiest looking part of the vas defrens and checks for sperm at the site. If there are some, then he does the reconnecting right there. If he doesn’t find any, I believe that’s when he would go right to the nut itself.

Anyone know how to get a hold of Dr Burroughs ? I tried email at twice now, nothing back. Does he only pick up phone calls? Or is there a different email?

I initially contacted them through the help messenger on their website. It contacted me with Dawn who I ended up calling after to find out more info and to set up a Skype consultation with Dr. Burroughs

Thanks very much, appreciate that.

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Hi regret,
Your response gave me a huge hope. I am excited to move forward. Question- I have been trying to get a consult with burrows but the office hasn’t been responsive despite speaking them twice.

Candidly, I don’t even care about bedside manners - I just want the best doc.

What struck me as odd was that they did not want any previous medical records and just wanted $500 for the consult. They said no free consults for pain.

I don’t necessarily care about the money as I want my life back but it seemed a little sketchy that they didn’t even want the medical records or anything, just the cash. Maybe I am overthinking this all. I just want the best doc.

Dr Werthman and Dr Turek are relatively closely (2 hours). I don’t know where to turn. Should I go with burrows or someone else? Thoughts by the group?

@Regretvasect your experience with ICVR sounds like mine.

ICVR are simply the best in the country. I don’t know if Marks still does pain guys but he did mine and I got the post mortem with the pics of the nasty scar tissue and clumps of sutures and cauterized scarred up vas like you. I’m in the “hang higher” club now too lol. Nothing I did until reversal had any effect. My pain dropped dramatically once the surgical pain subsided and I cried I was so relieved. I was in a hell beyond most peoples imagining. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Make sure you thank them so they understand that the good they do outweighs what a needy patient population we are.


I figured out that they did the 500 as an insurance that you are serious about having the surgery done. From what Dr. Burrows told me, I gathered that they get a lot of phone calls from people looking to pick his brain and not actually have the surgery done which is a huge waste of time for a doctor. If I remember right, I did thr Skype consultation after I paid the 500. Then once I decided on a surgery date, I had to pay all by three weeks prior to the surgery date. If they used clips on you, the pain will be gone when you wake up. Point blank.

Hi @Regretvasect,
Were you given general anesthesia at ICVR for your reversal ? Or do they do sedation ?