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Had inguinal nerve block done thursday

Had block done thursday…had maybe some minor relief so far but nothing great. Still can feel some minor discomfort in stomach groin were injection was inserted.

I am still thinking of a left sided orchimectomy in future if things dont improve. Does anyone know if this type of nerve block is any type of diagnostics as to orchimectomys chances of pain relief.

As far as I understand a cord block would be more for this type of diagnostics. My pain managment doctor said this block would at least help my urologist know which nerves we are dealing with. Just asking cause i dont want get in to an argunment in my follow up with uro if he tells me removal chances of pain relief are lower because this inguinal block didnt work.

Im assuming if this block would have worked they would have looked at a futher treatment on this nerve path.

Pain is still localised to bottom of left testicle and worsened by touch or sitting/laying.

Over 6 months now since my epididymectomy and i have noticed a slight improvement last 2 months but maybe only 10 percent. Im shit scared of removel incase things get worse cause i couldnt deal with it so im trying to hold of long as possible and praying my body with heal some.

Thanks for any input !

@1986raz I have had four illionguinal nerve blocks on right side all giving me significant relief of rt inner stomach pain and rt lower back pain. The last block I had was a little different where they tried to hit II, IH, and GF nerve which also provided similar relief. This may be a similiar block to what you had but not sure. Since your block was not successful I believe your assumption may be correct but you may want to try another block to be sure. Not sure if this helps but the blocks give me instant relief of 75% or more of my pain. With steroid I get some extended relief for a couple weeks.

From a quick google I read the illionguinal nerve is preserved during an orchimectomy so in my mind its good news this block didnt work.

Depends on where they cut and how much they remove. If they are focused solely on the testicle, then you are correct, orchiectomy will not remove the IL or GF nerve. However, since most guys have cord damage and not testicular damage, removing the testicle without the cord wouldn’t necessarily fix the probably. That is why some elect to remove the entire thing higher up around the inguinal ring.


I thought even with inguinal orchiectomy Il runs alongside the spermatic cord and it therefore is preserved ?

depends on the game plan pre-op. If it’s the nerve causing the trouble, removing everything else wouldn’t be helpful. Sometimes they take everything, sometimes they preserve and may even tuck the nerve in a muscle somewhere. It really depends on the surgeon.

I guess what I should say is there are many different orchi’s, different locations, different goals, different things removed, etc. It’s not “always” just the testicle that is removed.