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Had a cord block on January 8th - Starting to regret it now

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well or not too terrible at least.

I haven’t been doing too bad for the past month or so. Pelvic PT, Cymbalta and maybe the reversal have been helping a bit.

I’ve had quite a few days where I’ve been down to a 1 or 2, even skipping my morning dose of tylenol. Managed to cut and split firewood a few times. I did have a flare up over the xmas holidays, but I had the flu and whole body aches, so I can only imagine that it would make PVPS worse.

A lot of my pain now is perineal/pelvic floor and in my right thigh and groin area.

Anyways, I’ll get to the point, on January 8th, I had a cord block with steroid done by Dr. Jarvi. It was done under imaging guidance. He didn’t think it would help me, since most of my pain is up the cord, in the groin, leg etc. but I figured it was worth a shot.

Immediately after it was done I had some tingling in the tip of my penis and my right testicle felt…odd. Kind of heavy and hard.

The trip home was a bit rough, but by that night I had started to feel pretty good. My thigh pain was way down, groin pain was hardly noticeable, penis pain was pretty well gone. Perineal pain was still there and my scrotum felt gross and numb, but whatever.

Next 3 days were pretty damn good. Very low pain levels. Didn’t have to take tylenol (although one day I did and I felt awesome for pretty much the whole day). Then my perineal pains actually started to subside a bit, which I can only surmise that since my pain was low, my pelvic floor wasn’t tightening in response automatically.

But then on Friday the 12th, my pain started ramping up…then on Saturday, worse, Sunday worse. So bad I was considering taking a percocet or Tylenol 3. I resisted though, since I don’t want to go down that road. Today’s not quite as bad, but I’m pretty freaked out that I might have made things worse.

I can’t find much info on the internet about getting worse from nerve blocks, but I can only hope this is temporary, or maybe the steroids are kicking in, I don’t know. I’d hate to be in more pain for the 6-8 weeks that the steroids take to wear off or longer.

I’d love to hear from someone else who’s had a cord block and how their pain levels were.

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Andrew - sorry to hear, but I’d say this isn’t uncommon. My non-medical understanding is that the anesthetic’s effect is very short lived, then the nerves come back with a vengeance. I had some bad days following my cord block and my GF block. Pain Mgt. told me this is very common, so I don’t think you should stress (easy for me to say).

I THINK it’s a good sign that you had pain relief for 3-4 days. With my GF block, I only had relief for 5-6 hours, and I’ve begun to believe the pain relief was from the sedation, not the anesthetic injected.


Hi guys, My cord block was done by Dr. “P” in Florida. It lasted for 3 1/2 days before the surgery. The pain came back with a vengeance a month later. The surgery was in 2010, I been in pain since 1996 and worsen in 2000 by sliding into a car door on the same side. I also get pain going up the penis every so often to the tip. Like I am being sliced in two. I did find something to divert some of the frequency of the feeling of being kicked, stabbed or castrated. I am not sure if I can say here what is helping. I am still experimenting with it. Its not a fix nor is it stopping the pain but its better than having spikes of pain every 2-3 minutes. My doctors do see some improvements but not much.

I had immediate pain from my block. The dr was like wow! that’s not supposed to happen. Almost jumped off the table while he was doing it. He basically said tho, that it’s not nerve related for my pain.

Everything i’ve heard since is it’s super common to have pain afterwards.

Has your pain settled down from the cord block?

I’ve been hesitant to type this, but knock on wood the past 3 days have been pretty good - less thigh pain, less groin pain. Still some chafing/pinching and discomfort sensations, but not too bad.

An added bonus, with this reduction in pain, my pelvic floor has been way more relaxed, a lot less perineal pain/stick up the ass feeling. Sitting down isn’t a constant battle to find a comfortable position.

I don’t know if this is from the steroids in the block, or if I’ve got some improvement from the reversal (almost 5 months ago), the cymbalta or the PT, but I’m not doing too bad right now, and that’s awesome.


Great to hear. Every break from the bad pain is a blessing.

I’m up and down. Had the pudendal RFA on 1/2. Was doing great 1/5 - 1/21 but had a rough week last week. I think it was the way I was sitting on 1/22 all day. Settled down earlier this week. Had a great day Monday 1/29 and yesterday 1/30, but sore balls tonight.

Really starting to believe I have multiple problems. Pain Mgt. treats one, it settles down, then the other flares up, Pain Mgt. treats it, it settles down, but then the treatment on the first flares up again. Thinking it’s both pudendal and spermatic cord.

Keep us posted on your progress.