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Groin pain and urination problems

So I’m 6 weeks post-vasectomy and having pretty severe groin pain any time I sit or walk too much (so basically every work day since my job is sitting in meetings or walking to/from meetings for 8 hours straight, all while wearing formal business attire.)

A little history: The first 2-3 weeks after the surgery were pretty bad. I didn’t have noticable swelling, but I had a lot pain, and a lot of blood in my semen 2 weeks after the surgery. I convinced the nurses to schedule a visit with the urologist. He put me on antibiotics. 10 days later, I was done the antibiotics and the blood was gone. Yay!

By about 4 weeks post-vas, nearly all the scrotal/testicular pain was gone. It only really hurt after prolonged sitting, walking, or exerting myself. I don’t get that “kicked in the nuts” feeling when I move too quickly or things get jostled. Yay!

But now at 6 weeks, I still occasionally (OK, daily) have this searing pain like someone is shoving two hot soldering irons into my groin, a couple inches above and to the side of my penis on both sides. This is every day, except when I have the opportunity to lay around the house in sweatpants and do nothing (read: never). It starts mid-morning and gets worse and worse as the day progresses. By dinner time I need a drink in my hand and an ice pack on my groin.

Sex used to be great but now is just OK. It starts out good and I can orgasm but there’s not much euphoria when I climax. It’s just like… ok thats done. Meh.

Also, I have to stand at the toilet for like 30 seconds after I pee because I have no bladder control at that point. I think I’m done, and a few seconds later pee just dumps out with no feeling or control at all.

Having said all that, I do feel like I’m healing and things are slowly getting better. I’m just frustrated at how slow this has been. I’m pretty sure I won’t get to run or ride a bike (things I love to do) this year. Swimming is pretty much my only exercise now, and the weather has been shitty for the last several weeks so I’ve only gotten to swim 3 times.

Just wanted to rant and share my pain, maybe see if anyone has advice for the specific things I’m dealing with. I’m also curious if anyone has any meditation tips. I feel like I’m unconsciously making the pain worse or something. Like it catches my attention and even though I’m not trying to think about it, somehow my body is creating extra tension in that area as a response to the discomfort, and that makes it even worse.

Or maybe I’m just going crazy.

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Yeah, same for me. It used to be that I would only get this pain during sex – when I’m penetrating deeply, my wife’s body pushes back against my scrotum and that pushes the testes and consequently pulls the cords – but now I have this pain every day. I haven’t had sex in a few weeks now, and sometimes I can’t even finish when I masturbate. It’d be great if this pain just went away on its own, but after 2+ years of watching it become more frequent and more intense, I’m not going to hold my breath.

As for meditation, you could try a simple breath practice: breathe in, breathe out, and focus on the feeling of the air as it enters your nose, goes down your windpipe, and enters the lungs. Likewise, focus on feeling the flow of air as it leaves your lungs, travels up the windpipe, and out the nostrils. It’s not an elaborate method of meditation, but it can be very calming.

At 10 weeks post-vas now, with no improvement in the past 6-8 weeks. I called the doctor’s office last week and told them I can’t keep waiting for things to get better. I had switched to aspirin for a while to hopefully give my stomach a break from all the ibuprofen. The nurse relayed my info to the doc who said to switch back to ibuprofen and see if it helps the pain, and if not call back.

This week I wrote him and said it has been another week and I think the ibuprofen isn’t doing enough to help. The nurse called me back, said I should come in for an exam, but there weren’t any openings in the next couple of weeks. I said that I considered this to be urgent, and if the doctor doesn’t agree, I need a new doctor. A few minutes later, the doctor called me himself and seemed concerned. He listened to all my symptoms and asked a lot of questions.

He acknowledged that I shouldn’t still be in pain at this point (over two months since surgery). He said he’d write me a script for stronger anti-inflammatories, and some pain meds, and that I should come in Monday for an exam. We’ll see what happens Monday… I am researching urologists in my area in case I need a second opinion.

Any other specialty doctors I should consider?

Depending where you are @Fuddrucker, it won’t hurt slowly researching reversal surgeons, so you are ready for any eventuality.

Yes, I am already considering it. One of the things this forum has really helped me with is planning for the future. I know with certainty that I don’t want to try an epididymectomy (sp?) because it it doesn’t work, I’m shit out of luck on the reversal. I will see how it goes with medication, therapy, diagnostic procedures, etc. but if I’m still in serious pain months from now, reversal is definitely on the table.

Had another follow-up exam today. The urologist looked for everything he could manually. He said there were no noticeable granulomas or anything else, and there didn’t seem to be any pain trigger points during the exam. He said the best course of action is to do a course of a different antibiotic and see if that alleviates any symptoms. He thinks it could be prostatitis that is causing pain to show up in the upper vas area. I’m not sure I buy it but we’ll see if the meds help.

Hi @Fuddrucker

You may try pelvic floor therapy. If you are getting groin pains and everything appears normal down below, it truly could be tight muscles. Please see posts from @PVPSux and @RichUK. Some of what you are mentioning are very similar as to my own issues. I can say that as I have done more stretches and muscular things, issues have been slowly improving for me. It has been a cyclical thing for me, because I have pushed myself too fast in the past, but things are getting better and better all the time for me and I have a much better outlook than I have in the past.

It really could be tight muscles, as weird as that may sound. Especially if you had a lot of pain and anxiety the first few weeks after the surgery. That could have tensed all the muscles down there and it is playing havoc on your nerves through tension and some inflammation. I would try to do whatever you can to reduce any anxiety/stress that you have and try to relax. Read RichinUK’s posts, as you are close to the same timeframe as he was when he did these things. This may not be the answer, but it sure can’t hurt to do what you can to R E L A X. It has helped me tremendously and I either don’t even notice or don’t have pain 90-95% of the time and the other times are very manageable and getting less and less as the weeks go by.


In my case, inflammation was a key problem @Fuddrucker. Once I started with strict anti inflammatory diet and herbal remedies, I’ve improved considerably in a short space of time. If your testicles are very tender to touch and you have swollen epis, I’d give it a go and stick with it for a few months. It will be a good diagnostic tool for you as what type of pains you have

Thank you for the response. I definitely had very high levels of anxiety during and immediately after the vasectomy. It was a painful procedure… I could feel every cut, poke, pull, etc. even with multiple shots of novocaine. I mean the drugs numbed it a bit but I was still wincing and sweating the entire time (the chair was SOAKED when I got up.) The pain peaked later that day, and I was forced to return to work the next week, where I am subjected to high levels of pressure and stress. I’m actually looking to leave this job at the next opportunity but that is a whole process in amd of itself.

I did ask the doctor today if there were any exercises or therapies that would help and he flat out said NO. But I did purchase a book about pelvic pain and I am reading it now. My next doctor will likely be someone who has expertise in pelvic pain, therapy for the pelvic floor muscles, etc.

Although I have pretty significant pain in my groin area, my testicles are actually fine! I actually had very little pain down there. But I will definitely clean up my eating habits. We cook breakfast and dinner from scratch every day and eat very well, EXCEPT for lunch. That’s been my “fuck it” meal for the past few months… I’m always stressed out at work and sometimes have less than 20 minutes to eat. So I tend to eat crap. That needs to change.

You sound very very similar to myself. I had a lot of pain on the left side during the procedure, where I seemed to feel everything. This is the side that gives me trouble. What I can tell you has been working for me are some stretches, many of which you can find in the book, Healing Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein. I’ve also noticed in my left leg, some muscle imbalance in my adductors, compared to my right leg, which is why I have been working to try and balance those out again. I think this was caused by a posture shift after the surgery and months/years of guarding the area, even after it healed from surgical pains.

What I did find was if I overstretched, I would generate extra pain for a few days and would want to give up, because I was causing more pain. I was so quick to push my body, thinking that if I pushed it harder I would get better faster…nope, doesn’t work like that, so I’ve found.

I never really had any pain in the testicles either, it was always right at the surgery site, or it has moved to the inguinal canal and into the inner thigh. If I were in your shoes again…slow and easy for these next few months and I would set your expectations on very incremental gains vs. setting them on being better in a day or week or even a month. It takes time to gradually reduce the pain.

Again, I don’t know if this is the cure all for you or anyone else with these specific pains. But I know for the first year and a half after the vasectomy I was going crazy with anxiety and frustration because it just wasn’t getting any better, or I would feel pain free for a day and then jump into things really quickly thinking all of a sudden I would be fine, only to set myself back even further. Stupid, I know, but I was so desperate to be pain free for good and get back to my normal routine, that I think I actually did more harm than good. Slow and steady is how I have been over the past 3 months, after a couple years of trying to jump back in too quickly, and I continue to feel better and better each week.

Do you get nervy pain in the inner thighs at all? Or any other pain like that?

Yes, the pain starts out as discomfort in the groin (all north of the equator, so to speak) and most mornings, it’s only a 1/10 or 2/10 in intensity. It is uncomfortable but I can forget about it if I distract myself. Then as the day goes on, particularly if there is a lot of driving, flying, sitting, or walking, it ramps up to at least a 5/10. It’s not like its bringing me to my knees but it can’t be ignored. And people say they can tell I’m in pain just by looking at me, even though I’m not trying to let on.

When the pain gets bad, it ranges from a sort of tingling/burning sensation to what can be described as someone poking me with two hot irons on both sides of the groin. When it gets that bad, the pain radiates out to my thighs. I swear the other day, when I had a particularly bad day (two hours in traffic) I could feel the tingling pain reach all the way down to the back of my knee on one side.

Almost everything you wrote makes sense in my case. I started reading “Heal Pelvic Pain” last week but stuff got busy and I didn’t get past the first few pages. I’m going to set aside 30 mins a day for that. I’m really optimistic that loosening up the tension, and “rebuilding” my musculature in a balanced way will help alleviate a lot of the problems. But I’m also following through with these antibiotics just in case there’s an infection that is contributing to the issues.

Thanks again for the helpful insight. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys!

Last day of antiobiotics. No change. Sitting and wearing business attire make the pain worse every day. I was doubtful that infection was the issue but I gave it another shot. Now I’m convinced this is a nerve issue that must be dealt with some other way.

I’ve been doing the 11 step exercise in “Heal Pelvic Pain” and hopefully I’ll see improvements from that over time, but I know it takes a while to get results. It’s a big time investment… it takes me at least half an hour to do each set, and they recommend doing that 3-4 times a day! Most of the stretches have been difficult and painful, so I’m going slow, doing one set a day for now and taking my time while I do it.

I intend to follow up with my current urologist and see what he thinks about the lack of response from the antiobiotics. I also have a call in with another urologist who is a world expert in robotic surgery amongst other things. I know it will take a while to get on his schedule but I’m not waiting any longer to start the process.

I also have my annual physical with my GP in a few weeks and I will seek input from him as well.

I bought a cushion to sit on, that has a big hole in the middle. This has greatly reduced my discomfort from sitting, as I too have meetings, commuting, etc.

Here it is on Amazon if you’re interested: Kieba Treatment Donut Tailbone Cushion

Thanks for the recommendation! I will try one of these and see if it helps.

Update: My regular urologist ordered a CT scan since I’m still having regular pain and the antibiotics seem to have done nothing. We’ll see what the scan shows.

I also made an appointment with a different urologist who deals with post-vasectomy care. That’s still a month away, but it’s something to look forward too. And I have my regular physical with my GP in between. Hopefully these doctors can get to the bottom of the issue and find a way to reduce the pain.


The CT scan showed nothing abnormal. At this point I’ve given up on the urologist who performed the surgery.

I had my regular physical with my GP and he told me my urologist never forwarded any of the records like he was supposed to. My GP knows the uro well (he actually referred me to him in the first place) so he called him and gave him the “what the hell, dude?” speech. Anyway, GP confirmed that my pain is not normal and advised me to get a second opinion, which I did.

The new uro did an exam and said that most of the common complications have been ruled out, but he still wanted to do a strict routine of ibuprofen (600 mg x 3 times a day) for two weeks to see if that would help. I did, and it didn’t.

I’m now trying acupuncture to see if that can help release some tension. I’ve seen a small improvement over the past month but I’m not sure if it’s due to any of the treatments so much as me altering my lifestyle (taking off lots of time from work, wearing sweatpants and avoiding sitting and driving.)

Going to follow up with the new uro and see what he says now that the ibuprofen thing has been tried and not done much.

Thanks for the update. I’d rather see people disappear forever because their pain went away, but it’s good to get a complete story. Fingers crossed.

I’ve done a few acupuncture sessions. I’m seeing an improvement… less pain troughout the day (except during major flare-ups) and less tension and tenderness at the trigger points. It may be placebo or simply the rest & relaxation aspect of the treatments, or just the passage of time allowing for more healing, or maybe there is some real positive benefit from the acupuncture itself. In any case I am going to stick with it because I’m feeling better and only have to take aspirin or ibuprofen on rare occasions now.

I am still going to continue with my new urologist to see if they have any other options to explore as well. I still regret having this unnecessary surgery but I am starting to believe maybe, just maybe, someday I may fully recover.

Hi @Fuddrucker, did acupuncture bring you any relief?

I do believe it is helping. I am also doing a lot of mindfulness meditation. I have not taken any pain medications in several weeks and overall my symptoms are improving. I still have days where being in meetings alot or long car rides cause flareups, but I am finding better ways to deal with the discomfort.

There are a lot of naysayers for acupuncture but I refuse to be dismissive of anything that is helpful just because I don’t fully understand how or why it works. I say try it with an open mind and see what happens!