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Groin Pain after Vasectomy

I went to a different urologist 2 weeks after the vasectomy. He felt down there and said there was a small sperm granuloma, but he wasn’t concerned. He said it may take 4-6 weeks for the nerves to get use to it (or something like that, can’t remember exactly) and for the sperm granuloma to reduce in size. He gave my amitriptaline 25mg to take once a day, before bed. He said it would help with nerve pain until that happened. He also gave me a low dose of hydrocodone/acetaminaphine for pain, if it flared up.

I too seem to have more flare-ups if I walk to much or on my feet a lot, but it is more of an uncomfortable feeling. Some days I feel like I am getting over the hump and then others I’m back a few days. I do think I am a lot better than the week after the surgery, but I just fear the future.

I’m not sure when the sperm granuloma occurred exactly, it could have been at surgery, it could have been when we first had sex, but that would seem weird, since I had the pain I am describing, before that occurred.

I will say that I don’t have pain when I actually ejaculate, and I don’t have pain in the testicles. I too though have a knot feeling at the vas spot and it seems around that area is where the pain is coming from, so I think it is irritating the veins and nerves causing them to become inflamed. Just trying to go day by day. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but not seeing it yet.

I also do have a bit of a burning sensation across the groin at times, but I don’t seem to have the other issues that you mentioned. Sometimes I feel some pressure in my abdominal when I have to go poo and then once I do, it seems to release some of the discomfort. Not sure if that is associate with it or not, but I guess it could.

I’ve also moved to briefs over the last day or two, from boxer briefs, but it seems like the underwear ride up into the crease and I can’t tell if that is rubbing the granuloma when I walk and causing more discomfort. Not sure, but hopefully good things are to come.

I think a positive attitude would go a long way in my recovery, I’m just hoping that I can get one sooner rather than later. I think fear is the biggest factor right now.

Right now cause it’s cold everything is all drawn up. Constant pressure from my penis and the weight of my pants on it make it feel like someone is constantly squeezing i just a little bit.

I don’t have that feeling really. I don’t seem to have pain in the testicles for the most part. Mine is mainly across the groin area and where the spermatic cord runs from the hip through the groin. I am hoping with time it will heal. I think mine is nerve related…

How have things been coming along for you backintime30?

My boys(testies) are still super sensitive to bumps. I walk side ways
towards my kids with one arm down lol. I have shooting pains on occasion.

The more active I am it gets worse down there. At least to me what ever is
going on my left side definitely becomes bigger and causes me more
discomfort and pain like on 4 to 6 at times. Mostly if I watch what I am
doing I can keep it managable. I too am looking for another urologist to go
see for a second opinion. I am starting to thing that what I have is a

I still want to know what this horn is or knot on the left is for sure. Is
it a sperm granuloma, or a hemaoma at the end of he vas def. Or just
inflamed scar tissue. Maybe my epi is inflame. But I don’t get the kind of
pain other folks have had with once you ejac.

I am only on number 5 ejac. It hasn’t gotten any worse. But still
uncomfortable enough that I have to give it some time before rubbing one
out. So pretty much the same.

How are you doing any better?

Bob are you doing any better? Any symptoms gone away yet?

Well. My testicles are not that sensitive to bumps really. I did switch to tighter underwear, which seemed to help. I have not had any shooting pains or a burning sensation since 1/3 or 1/4, but I don’t know if that is the amitryptalline kicking in. I had a really good day yesterday (walking without discomfort or pain for the most part), I still haven’t exercised much, except the walking. I don’t lift things much over 10 pounds (if that) because it still hurts my left testicle. It seems like it is a little bit higher than my other testicle. This is the side that the second urologist said has the granuloma. I’m not sure if the granuloma is causing my pain though, or if it’s something else. I have gotten off of the hydrocodone and the ibuprofen though, and there wasn’t any additional pain.

However, I started to get a tingling sensation in my fingertips and left arm yesterday and also the feeling of my leg being cold on the inside. Wasn’t cold to the touch, but just had a cold feeling. I decided to try to get off the amitryptaline, incase that is causing those feelings. I will re-evaluate my options in a couple weeks after I have weaned myself off of it to see if it is worse, better, or the same to determine if I get back onto it.

I believe I have some sort of nerve damage or some sort of nerve issue due to either the granuloma rubbing against nerves (which is what the urologist said) or from my actions a few days after the surgery. I guess only time will tell. I just continue to pray that things get better or at least not any worse.

I have not had any pain with ejac, and I have done that quite a few times. Sometimes there is a little discomfort over by the spermatic cord at the time, but not always. I think I need to get most of it out of my head and try to move on. It has been a tough time and I am still early in the process that I’m hoping things improve with a little more time.

I know what you mean. I definitely feel that your head gets in your way of healing sometimes. I did try tighter underwear which helps but I think I said this before it then pushes my left testie up against the mass (varocele vien, hematoma whatever) and the horn I have ( the vas def I think). But for doctors to say it’s all in your head is such a copp out.

Tingling in your fingers?! Yikes!

@urologicmd wonder if there is any kind of way for us the sufferers to change how they urologist “sell” doing a vas to men. SO they are truly informed about what they are about to do to themelves.

Or would they half billion dollar industry of the vas put a stop to that before it got started

Reading your posts, you have the same as me, but I have not been diagnosed with sperm gran.

Had my vas 5 weeks ago, 2 weeks in had pain in stomach, which surgeon said was referred pain from scar tissue (u am assuming sperm leakage) pushing on nerve.

Currently on day 3 of 15 day antibiotics but no change at moment.

I am not in major pain, tops has been 3, no pain when I ejaculate, but flares up a little when walking.

Starting to play on my mind now and will discuss nerve drugs at my follow up in 10 days.

I think mine is not a sperm granuloma but scar tissue at the vas site as well. My pain lasted until about week 8 and then it is almost gone now. I still have some twinges here and there, but I would say right now it is 98% gone. I was on a low dose of amitryptiline for a few weeks, but I weened myself off of it and haven’t taken it for about a week and a half now. Might be why I feel a few twinges.

I had started having some tightness in my hip and groin as well, but I went to a chiropractor and it turned out I was extremely tensed in the upper groin and thigh. After a few sessions that helped loosen that up and the hip tightness and groin pain has went away. I am now back to running again and heavy weight training again. At least heavy for me. But I’m putting up more than 200 on bench without any pain. So time seemed to heal me. The nerve medicine let me sleep better and took my mind off things a bit so I was able

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Good to hear you’re feeling better. Did you have pain at night or if sitting? For me it tends to be when I am standing and definitely feels like it is on the vas site for me as well.

I did have pain at night sometimes and also when sitting. I think it is the nerves along the spermatic chord. I have some pain here and there on the left side. I was doing really good for a week and a half or so and then the last few days I had a bit of a setback and the pain has returned some. I have noticed that my vas site was swollen again and there was a bit of a burning sensation. When the vas site swells I seem to get additional pain. My pain is not horrible, not even close, but it can get the mind rolling if I think about it.

Both of the urologists that I have seen said it is a granuloma and it should continue to decrease in size. Mine seems to increase and decrease in size, depending on the day. But for a while it had decreased quite a bit. I have also been having a lot of stress at work and home, so that has not been helping. Plus a lack of some sleep. All of this contributes, I believe. I am much better now than about a month ago, so that is encouraging, but I still long for the days that I don’t think about it anymore.

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@Bob Hi, are you still around Bob have you come good nowdays after reversal?

it’s just six days since my vasectomy, the pain just seems to get worse with additional pain in the groin and lower back. should i be regretting my decision to have a vasectomy?

Wow. Lots of newbies here this week. Crazy how common this is.

Too soon to say for sure. Definitely rest, ice, take some NSAID’s, get checked out if you think you might have an infection.

A lot of guys have big time pain for a while after their vas. Some get better and leave here and then others don’t. It’s way too early to tell.

I don’t want to scare you, but I came here 7 days after mine with severe pain. It’s been over a year now, with a reversal and I am still in pain. Not as severe as it was that’s for sure though.

Curious, what were you told as far as chronic pain? Were you told of the AUA’s guidelines 1-2% severe chronic pain post-vas?

Who did the vas? Not trying to punish the doc, but it needs to be noted if they lied and had a bad outcome.

Good luck and try not to panic.

Had mine done in Kampala, Uganda at a family planning clinic. Nobody at the clinic told me of possibility of extensive pain days after the procedure (kind of feeling cheated). Been taking Diclofenac but pain persists. Trying to wear some supportive undergarments to relieve the pressure. Not many guys are getting vasectomies done here in Uganda.

I’ll give it a few days try not to panic, thanks

I noticed in 1 of your posts that you had your vasectomy done at Urology Group in Cincinnati. I just had mine done on Thursday in the Anderson office. Dealing with weird, uncomfortable feeling in lower abdomen/groin area right now and not sure if it’s normal. Started freaking out last night and found this page and did some reading.

Any info would be appreciated.

If you look at the percentages odds are in your favor you’ll probably be okay.

I think if my doctor there had acted faster I might have been okay. Alas he didn’t.
So I would press for a round of Predisone hopefully it’s just inflammation.

I can join this club now. Finishing a round of antibiotic nukes (Cipro) after post-vasectomy epididymitis. Day 16–infection is gone but now identical groin pain to what you describe and my epididymis looks massive. Fun. Going to try the papaya powder. Otherwise I feel sick, with shooting pains from one side of my groin at a time.

Howdy jay-r

Just wondering if you could provide an update on your situation. Hopefully your pain has fully resolved by now.