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Granuloma Pain/relief

Hi all, I’ve been reading and learning for the last week and have learned so much from you guys. Unfortunately, I was very naïve when I had the Vas procedure.

Currently, I’m at 3 weeks post-op from vas. I had a traditional two-incision, close ended vas. The ends were cut, sutured, and cauterized (no clips used). The incisions were then closed with dissolvable sutures, which I just removed the left side yesterday because the skin was growing around it. During the actual procedure, I felt pain on the left side as he was pulling and cutting. Was sweating and felt nauseous during the procedure. I didn’t have any bruising or any noticeable swelling. Just tenderness. About day 5, the pain got worst and I felt a lump near the back of each incision. I did a followup with the Dr at the 2 week mark, and learned that I have 2 granulomas. However, the left one still hurts and is what I believe is causing my pain. Most of my pain is on the left side above the testicle and near the vas deferens. Occasionally, I get groin and lower abdomen pain, which I have today. I’ve noticed that my right testicle hangs much lower than it used too and is noticeably lower than the left. The dr gave me a 7 day doxycycline, which ends tonight. I’ve been taking Aleve and the antibiotic which doesnt seem to help much or get any better. I feel like I’m in status quo for the past 2 weeks.

Like many of you, I’m panicking which has lead me here looking for help and advice. My biggest fear is the affect this will have on my career and way of life. I have a very physical and strenuous job (K9 handler is law enforcement) and have already missed 3 weeks from work.

I know it’s still early for me in the recovery process, but does the granuloma pain ever subside? Would papaya seed powder help reduce the pain or shrink the granuloma? Again, I know this is premature, but would a reversal cure my granuloma pain if it continues in the coming months? At this point I dont even care about being sterile, I just want relief and normalcy. If I take papaya seeds, would that make a reversal difficult or does sperm grow back after taking papaya seeds? Has anyone had a reversal experience this? Would love to hear your advice and experience. I’m impatient, and unfortunately, if it doesn’t get better soon, this will affect my career. Would it be too early to ask for an ultrasound?

I apologize for so many questions! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!