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Got pvp after a month and 1/2 after vasectomy

I had my vasectomy done at the end of September 9/26/19 . I would say I had the normal recovery and it was nothing to bad. For pretty much the whole month of October and the Beginning of this month November, I didn’t have any pain. Just these past few weeks I fear I am on of those 1 to 2 percent of unlucky people on this world because my scrotum hurts sometimes all day. I am really regretting having a vasectomy now , and I am now looking at having a reversal done just because of the pain, but I know I am early in. Anyone have the same problem as me? Thanks

Of course there are. You certainly are not the first on many levels.

I will give you two suggestions.

Suggestion 1 - Don’t read here much here, or online period, and continue working with a urologist. You will probably be fine in the long run. If you stick around this place for long, you may end up really stressing yourself out, and possibly all for nothing.

Suggestion 2 - Use the search bar on this site and find posts that have a similarity to yours. If you do that, you will likely find replies, recommendations, outcomes, etc.

In your case, I’m sure it’s hard to know what to do. Only you would be able to choose suggestion 1 or 2. Countless men have been there done that.

You are quite early in your recovery. Like I said, odds are that you will be fine in the long run. Apparently you were never told anything regarding ~typical vasectomy recovery timelines, and perhaps not much else either.

BTW, there are many testimonials on this site from guys that took ~3-12 months to ~recover, and some took several years to ~recover. I’d say ~6-12 is more typical on this site.

If you choose to stick around, and have any specific questions regarding answers and/or options you cannot seem to find, please ask.

Assuming you choose to stick around a while, and you feel like you might be suffering from congestion, the thread below may be a good place to start reading.

Good luck brother, and for better or worse, keep us posted.

Thank you for you support. I will keep you posted. Thanks for that post similar to mine. I really don’t want a reversal done. I have 3 kids and I can’t afford another one, and I already went through the process of having a Vasectomy which was very hard to do. The advice you just gave me was the best advice anyone has given me. Thanks

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Im 32 and had my vasectomy 1.5 years ago. I had really bad pain for the first month and even developed epidimitis. It subsided but 6 months later I started waking up in the middle of the night with pain. Only way to cure it was to get up and walk around for 15 minutes or so. Eventually that went away but about 8 months later I started developing pain during sex. Not every time and not always super bad but sometimes it’s bad enough that I have to stop. I’m currently dealing with this. At the time of the procedure the left injection was painless. The right injection hurt so bad that I would say it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. It only lasted a few seconds but I honestly think he damaged a nerve. All of my pain has been on the right side. I think eventually I’ll be okay and I’m not sure I even regret the vasectomy. My wife and I are very active and already have 4 kids and never intended on using protection lol. I can’t really afford to feed 20 kids. If I can still be semi positive you can too. Definitely try massaging the area that hurts while in a hot shower…it helps soften the scar tissue. That’s what I’ve been trying. Good luck.