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Got a speedbump after 4 good weeks

So I thought I turned a huge corner. I’m now at 13 weeks. But then recently caught Covid. Not sure if it’s from that or my body just fighting g. But pain is back and they feel like they’ve shrunk. Like atrophy I believe it’s called. Not sure what’s going on. But had 4 good weeks until now. Anyone hit a snag when they thought they were good

Yep that went on for over 20 years. I DID HAVE PVPS

What did you do? Reversal? Or is it something you’re still dealing with?

Had a reversal 2 years ago original vas completely destroyed my right testicle so could only do the left side. I had an epididectomy on my right. The reasons it took so long for the reversal was I was quoted $12000.00 I could not afford that. Still deal with pain right side one thing for sure I wish that I never had a vasectomy. Anyway re reading yours it is still early days for you you might be one of the lucky ones and heel. I wish you well. Did your dr lie to you as well. Mine convinced my wife it was all in my head

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My pain and related symptoms would always get worse when I got sick. This happened several times. It would take a few weeks to get back to baseline misery. I would focus on recovering from covid first, and likely your pvps symptoms will get better following that. I didn’t experience testicular atrophy correlated with illness though.

not sure if that’s due to covid… what your doctor told you? my friend who also suffers from it and recently caught covid didn’t had anything, although he had most effective pct plans… better get it all tested and checked

Hey guys. Thanks for the responses. Not sure if it’s the Covid or what. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia. Probably shouldn’t have had this done with all the pain I’m already in. Wife really wanted me to do I caved after she told me how many people had it and it was a piece of cake. Hoping like you said me being sick is just exasperating the symptoms. I’m at 3 months now. And the last three weeks before covid was pretty good. Thought I was on the mend. But definitely having a major setback now.

Fibromyalgia is that another name for rheumatoid arthritis as I suffer from that and that’s an autoimmune problem as well. I have always blamed the dreaded vasectomy.

I think the worst part is beating myself up for doing this. 3 months in and the regret I have about it daily is awful. Makes me so furious that I agreed to it. Ya know? Just wish I could rewind time.

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I hear you same position as you my wife thought it was my duty to have the vasectomy and so did her friends. Some of my mates got it the same time as me and they thanked their then wife’s for the freedom and buggered off got their vasectomies reversed and remarried and had more kids. There was more regret over the vasectomy than having more kids. I am sorry mate as I have been in the same position as you. And have regretted my stupid behavior to agree . Suffered greatly with guilt and regret. I should have not agreed to the mutilation. After all these years I have to forgive her but I assure you have never forgotten and neither has she. My marriage was never the same and should have divorced her. I think what is done is done. I have had reverse vasectomy it never worked.

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