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Going on a while and really don't know what to do

I don’t know how you all do it, I am struggling and it is only getting worse each day it seems. So I had my vasectomy back in 2009 I believe it was. My wife had gone through various issues but mainly as we had two kids the plan wasn’t to ever have anymore. Once they had arrived my wife demanded i had the vasectomy so off i trot to the doctors, get everything arranged and turned up on the day. The “Surgeon” didn’t put in anything to numb the right hand side then dived in to cut away.

The entire time after the initial cuts all I felt was lots of tugging and then it was over, huge amount of cotton wool type dressing/padding. put on your underwear and off you go. Wife waiting in the car, didn’t feel like driving so I end up driving on the way home get called from work (had taken a few days off) and told i needed to come in urgently. Spent the next 3 hours running around work and finally left, get home and find i have bled through all the dressing so have to re-dress this myself.

So over the past 12 years things have gradually got worse, for the first few days I had a couple of minor stabbing pains that went from side to side but thought well I have just been snipped so it is expected. Over the next couple of years the stabbing pains got worse and seemed to be mainly on the right hand side, I also started to find what felt like lumps in my testicles so went to my doctors who just passed it over and said there is nothing they can do and to “deal with it”. What I did notice was that after sex the lumps seemed to go down a bit but sex didn’t happen often and lumps continued to grow, I struggle to masturbate and so only ejaculate from sex/oral etc… and overtime the sex happens less and less to
the point where I am now in constant pain.

I have stabbing, aching pain’s on both sides now that give me stomach aches and even stop me going to the toilet in any fashion. Lumps that don’t go down but just seem to grow, the occasional sex now is painful to ejaculate and therefore provides no relief. I am starting to also know that because the pain from ejaculation is coming that I don’t know if I want to. The pain of my testicles swelling and the lumps growing after ejaculation is always there so I keep thinking just don’t have sex at all.
So then we come to today, I am in constant pain, struggle to go to the toilet some days. the doctor refuses to refer me to a specialist as they don’t believe that PVP is a thing and the last comment i got was that if it was a thing then there is no treatment. I have a wife that doesn’t care that it hurts or that it has for over 10 years, so I am pretty lost as what to do.

I wake often from the pain along with other pains i have from a chronic back issue and knee issues after serving in the forces, jumping from planes etc… and many other things that don’t help such as PTSD, depression etc…

I feel like I am just sitting here whining to the point were I just don’t talk to a single person anymore unless I am spoken to but if honest at 41 I don’t want this to continue for the rest of my life. I could live for another 40 years in constant pain but feel more and more compelled into wanting to find a tall building, bottle of pills or oncoming traffic.

thanks for listening anyway, helps sometimes to rant even if it is just to an internet board


First sorry that you are here and that things haven’t worked out to how you would have been led to believe. I have struggled as you have and it sounds like you are brushed off like the rest of us have been. You need to find a dr that has a sympathetic ear and give you some options. My wife was as sympathetic as yours seems. I didn’t listen to mine at all after a few years and
went and started to do things on my own. Please do heaps of research before you do anything., and don’t have a epididymectomy as that doesn’t work and makes the pain worse as it did in my case. What country do yo live in? Find a decent doctor and go from there. Sometimes a reversal works but again that not everyone. Don’t do any surgery that doesn’t leave you the reversal option as a last resort. A reversal worked for me. I


Sorry to hear your story. I would just second what Francis said. Seek out a doctor that will take you seriously and do lots of research before any other procedures. Don’t give up!

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thanks for the reply, yeah the wife I think seems to enjoy me being in pain. Why else would you allow someone you are supposed to love be in such pain. I have always made sure she is in zero pain. I live in the UK, will see if I can find a new doctor but they are quite hard to find near me (or ones taking on new patients). Will let you all know how I get on

Thanks, yeah I will do as much research as I can. I have been reading the forum for a while so hopefully I will come across something somewhere that may help. I am having pains and symptoms of prostate issues also which I didn’t mention and sometimes don’t know if this is the vas or an actual prostate issue

Bloody sad mate. I am from New Zealand and it’s no different here. I am going back to the urologist in 2 weeks as they seem to think that I will loose my right testicle because of the shrinkage. I at least will know one way or the other. Bloody vasectomy changed my life mate and my attitude and my marriage , I have no feelings for her at all and am seriously looking at divorce. All this has gone on since 1992. I have had no sex life since then either. I was thirty when I got cut. Prostate okay can I say that I have 3 brothers and none have had a vasectomy my eldest is in his 70,s no prostate issues. Me cut and yes I do. Bloody unreal.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Pain, I believe, is something that can only be understood by the one who has it. My wife got fed up with my complaining after just a couple of months…

Someone mentioned reversal. Personally I’m sceptic if that can help after 12 years. My semi-educated opinion is that the point of reversal is to relieve pressure from the epididymus. As time passes, the sperm inside epididymus will become thick and viscous, possibly to the point that it can’t be drained any longer, like the epididymus is filled with glue or toothpaste. At that point I believe reversal is less likely to give pain relief, since the gunk inside can’t be drained properly.

yeah that’s how it feels, the lumps get quite large. nearly to the point where it feels like i have 3 or sometimes four testicles. My wife hasn’t cared about me in a long time, I was there to give her two children and after that she didn’t care. Just worked me life a pony to get them and then abandon me. Now my only purpose in life is to work to provide a house and stuff for her and the kids (nothing new I know for some)

Today started a little better actually being able to urinate this morning and not standing there for about 10 minutes praying something will come out but I am back to struggling to stand, walk etc…

This infuriates me. I think it’s like this all over the world.
There are treatments, but they are risky and might not work. I honestly believe a lot of us would be better off with orchiectomy instead of all the fiddly-diddly things they do, like vasovasostomy or denervation. The reason I believe that is because I do MRI of scrotums (that’s what I work with). MRI can show to a degree that ultrasound can’t, that the epididymus is essentially ruined some years after vasectomy. (this is my opinion, that I think few people share with me). When the epi is toast, reversal seems pointless. I don’t have faith in microsurgical denervation or epididymectomy. So, orchiectomy is the only surgical option left. But you’ll struggle to find a surgeon who’ll agree.

I think PVPS is a condition where you have to do all the research on your own, read tons, and eventually figure out what’s best for you and your specific symptoms. A doctor’s appointment is 15 mins, and there’s no way they can figure out the scope of our problems in that time period, especially since a urologist’s prime objective when they get a PVPS patient is to get the guy out of their office ASAP. So I believe you’ll need to know exactly what you want done before coming into that office.

Again, just my opinion, which is evolving over time.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story @chase2para.

I don’t have a lot to say here as I would just be repeating much of what I have said countless times to countless men on this site over the years gone by. There are a lot things a man can try and a lot of things have worked for countless men over time. Don’t get caught up in personal opinions that are not based on what is really going on in the world of VR for pain. There is way to much of that kind of stuff on this website as a whole.

I have posted about this topic countless times and I have even done huge write ups on this topic. Apparently all of those write ups didn’t enlighten some people at all. I keep hearing the same opinion based things over and over again.

I know of a couple highly experienced VR surgeons in the states that site a 90-95% success rate with reversal for pvps. I’m not thinking 90-95% means completely pain free - more like somewhere between much improved to pain free.

I have heard of VR surgeons that site a 50% success rate.

A lot of VR surgeons site a ~75-85% success rate.

What is going on here?

If you didn’t see this thread already @chase2para, might be worth a read. I plan to post a little something in that thread at some point today.

Here is a single story that completely contradicts some of the opinions previously stated. It is a single story. I feel confident saying there are countless similar stories to be heard, but few post anything about this pvps etc stuff online.


Sorry that you are here. But never feel you have to apologise for ‘ranting ‘ about this painful crap you and other guys here have to deal with - men should be allowed to vent too ! :+1:

Sounds like you are dealing with a worse version of what I had.

First - get your doc to give you Pregabalin or similar to ease the shooting pain.

Second. - keep hassling all the urologists in your country until you find one that takes you seriously.

Good luck amigo

Thanks Jools, I am coming off all tablets as it has started to feel like they don’t do anything anymore. Doctors never gave me anything for testicle pain as they class it as not a real issue.

Same I have requested to be sent to a urologist quite a few times now and still they do nothing, I asked for something for mental health and they didn’t do anything with that either. Even after trying suicide they haven’t given me anything so I know they are terrible doc’s but that is common in the UK from where I am from, the country isn’t the best at looking after veterans in any fashion

Yes, most meds do nothing for neuralgia type pain. Only LYRICA or anticonvulsant type drugs ease it.

Hang in there mate - and please ask around here, lots of UK based guys on this forum who might be able to point you in the right direction.
I see you are a red beret. Respect that.

I’m a British ex-pat myself, revolting how ‘our’ govt fails to look after it’s servicemen…

I am sorry you have dealt with this for as long as you have. I would encourage you to find a specialist and discuss with him your options. I know it has been a long time, but I have seen quite a few stories from guys who dealt with pain for a decade or more that got a reversal and it helped them.

If you are getting lumps (I am assuming sperm granulomas?) every so often, then something is moving for you.

Hang in there man, you have options, there is hope out there for you.

In the uk you want to go to a private clinic and see a urologist. After years of trying to get help on nhs and waiting on follow up appointments for months at a time I went and payed for private care and was a much better experience.

After the nhs removed my epididymis and left me in agony they refused to remove the testicle because it was to exteme, absolute joke. I told them I didnt want to live anymore and then just pushed me off to the pain clinic.

Went private and within 10 minutes of my first consultation my uro agreed to remove my testicle, I was so relieved to find a doctor who listened. Wish I went this route at the very start instead of 4 years of public health care waiting.