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Going for reversal

Hi all,
I finally took courage and on Wednesday July 22 I am going for reversal here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to the pandemic, it is not the best time to do it, but the truth is that I cannot, and do not want to, wait any longer.

For those who have not read my story here is a short summary:
I am 47 years old, married, two children, and, until this, 100% healthy. On May 9, 2019 I had the vasectomy. A week later I started with groin discomfort and then strong discomfort in the right testicle. I never had pain when ejaculating but I have had all the unimaginable aches and pains: discomfort of all kinds in the groin, testicle, lower back, crotch, perineum, sacrum, post-void drip, etc. At this moment I am with dysfunction of the pelvic floor which is very exhausting.

I took dozens of remedies and supplements, tried many therapies, prayed, cried…

Nothing works continuously.

Lack of control over symptoms is devastating.

As I was saying, on Wednesday July 22 two excellent doctors are going to perform the surgery in one of the best hospitals in the country. I am afraid but also hope. I have read many posts here on the forum and I know that a long recovery can be expected.

I need to be well, to be able to reconnect with my children, with my wife, with the good things in life.

I will keep you updated.
Thanks for being on the other side of the screens,


Seems you have made an informed decision.

Good luck @Arynoso


Thank you @RingoStar!

Good luck @Arynoso! As @RingoStar has pointed out before, only you as the individual can make the decision that you see as best for you. I made the same one (reversal) and am happy with the decision.

Do you live in Buenos Aires (or nearby) already? International travel restrictions are really tough right now.

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Thanks @BallsBuster!!! I hope that I could start to heal after the reversal.

Yes, I live in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.

Best regards,

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Best of luck. The reversal worked for me back in late February. I am pain free. I hope it works for you, too.


Thank you, @Chuvak!!!

Best of luck Ary! love and prayers coming your way!

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Gracias, gracias, gracias!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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(English is not my main language so forgive the mistakes. I will try to do the best possible between my knowledge and the google translator. After the English text I will put the text in Spanish in case someone wants to practice their Spanish with me. I will be delighted .)

Hi all,

It’s been 16 days since the reversal (bilateral) was performed and I would like to tell you the news.

According to my doctor, the operation went smoothly. There were small granulomas at the ends of the vas, but very small. He did not see large scars. He did not see the right epididymis (my painful side) particularly enlarged.

During the operation the doctor injected me with corticosteroids in the vas deferens. I am going to translate literally since I do not know the exact term in English: this is called “deposit” corticosteroids, which last for about 30 days in the area and prevent inflammation and excessive scarring.

Well, the first 3 days I spent putting ice on (30 minutes on ice, 10 minutes without ice).
The first thing I noticed was a great discomfort in the area of ​​the right pelvic tubercle (as when I had my vasectomy in May 2019, this area was the first that bothered me).
A few days later I started with anti-inflammatories and supplements of all kinds.
A few days ago I also started taking Xanax to help me with anxiety because I was entering a spiral of fear and depression that, obviously, were not helping me to face a recovery that can take months.
The discomfort in the right testicle is slowly beginning to reappear. I again have discomfort in the lower part of the torso on the right side, upper part of the right leg, right crotch.

Part of me expected a miraculous recovery, although I am clear that the experience of many here is that they have only just begun to notice improvements after some (and sometimes many) months.

I look forward to your words of encouragement.
Thanks for reading me!

En español:

Hola a todos,

Hace ya 16 días que me realizaron la reversión (bilateral) y quisiera contarles las novedades.
Según mi médico la operación transcurrió sin problemas. Había unos pequeños granulomas en los extremos del deferente pero muy pequeños. No vio grandes cicatrices. No vio el epidídimo derecho (mi lado doloroso) particularmente agrandado.
Durante la operación el doctor me inyecto corticoides en el conducto deferente. Voy a traducir literalmente ya que no conozco el termino exacto en ingles: a esto se le dice corticoides de “deposito”, que duran unos 30 días en la zona y evitan la inflamación y cicatrización excesiva.
Pues bien, los primeros 3 días los pasé poniéndome hielo (30 minutos de hielo, 10 minutos sin hielo).
Lo primero que note fue una gran molestia en la zona del tubérculo pélvico derecho (al igual que cuando me hice la vasectomía en mayo de 2019 esta zona fue la primera que me molestó).
A los días comencé con antiinflamatorios y suplementos de todo tipo.
Hace unos días comencé a tomar también Xanax para ayudarme con la ansiedad porque estaba entrando en una espiral de miedo y depresión que, obviamente, no me estaban ayudando a encarar una recuperación que puede llevar meses.
La molestia en el testículo derecho está comenzando lentamente a reaparecer. Vuelvo a tener molestias en la parte inferior del torso del lado derecho, parte superior de la pierna derecha, entrepierna derecha.

Una parte mía esperaba una recuperación milagrosa aunque tengo en claro que la experiencia de muchos de acá es que recién comienzan a notar mejorías a los varios (y a veces muchísimos) meses.

Espero ansioso por sus palabras de aliento.
Gracias por leerme!


Recovery from reversal is a marathon not a sprint. I had my reversal in mid June 2006 and was still in a lot of discomfort during my 3-month check-up in September 2006. I started feeling a lot better by November and December and achieved about 10 years pain-free until a big setback in 2016. Take your time, every day your body will heal a bit more.


Thank you @raising4girls! Yes, I do repeat this to may self all the time…


I’m struggling with this decision and will pray that your recovery brings you some of the relief you hoped for.

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Hope you feel better

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Thanks @CRC and @Zghoul_Khalid!!!

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Any one know any good Dr reversal in Canada ???

From what I read Dr Jarvi is one of the best and works in Toronto

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Thank you for the information but How about Eating Gilbert he is in Tronto did you hear about him ?

No, sorry, but I´m from Argentina, the other side of the continent…

Sorry my friend I thought you from USA