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Glad I didn’t rush into anything

After the first 4, 5, 6 times I had pain and swelling in the epi, I was adamant I had to do something to rid myself of this pain. It hurt every time I sat down, went to the toilet. Using urinals was awkward with a very delicate squeeze and shake at the end! Some odd looks saw me retreating to the stalls to wee going forwards.
This on and off pain and swelling in the epi and testes themselves has been going on for 5 years now. I’m 6 and a half years post vas. I note down every instance and note which side, pain level, where in the epi the swelling is etc. etc.
My last 2 occurrences have been very different indeed. Swelling yes; a little pain, kind of but nothing like what I have experienced in the past. It hasn’t really stopped me from doing anything.
Meds wise, I was prescribed Pregabolin last April which I have used only when I get symptoms. This I take together with Naproxen and it seems to have worked wonders.

Or, all I needed was time. Time for my body to adapt to being in a vasectomised state. 6 and half years does seem excessive to ‘recover’ but when I add up the occurrences I have had, it’s 17 over the last 5 years. That’s a lot of pain to be in!!

I was offered a reversal, which would have been done privately at no cost to myself as it was affecting my quality of life. Good deal I thought! But I was reluctant to have any further surgery, thinking it would just make things worse or not have the desired effect I was hoping for. Being vas’d is great for my sex life. No consideration required for contraception and I’m married so no multiple partners to have to worry about STI’s. Sometimes I do think the pain of having more children would have been less than what I’ve gone through but no I ‘appear’ to be coming out the other side, I don’t really feel that way.

This post is just to say that ‘maybe’ hanging in there could work for some and that further surgery should only be considered in worse cases than mine.

I could also be jumping the gun here and the next occurrence I get could be just like it used to be. Hope not but this is where I am today.

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Glad to hear you are making progress.

You said you had 17 instances over the last 5 years, how long would these episodes last? Can you describe what the pain/symptoms felt like during the episodes (ex: ache, burn, tingle, location etc)? When the episodes were not occurring, did you feel “normal” down there?


The episodes varied in time but never lasted longer than a week. The pain itself only really resides in the epididymis, a little in the testicles themselves but mostly in the epi. The only way I can describe the pain is bruised but badly bruised. Every knock and bump is felt and due to it being that part of your body, that pain just radiates all over the groin and lower abdomen/back. Kind of makes you feel sick like you’ve been kicked in the balls a few times!!
In between the episodes generally I felt fine but I guarantee you I check my balls at the very least once every day thinking it’s on its way back. I must know every single square mm of my ball sack I spend so much time feeling them and not in a good way!
One thing I do believe is that this is definitely caused and is a result of the vasectomy. Having your tubes shut off creates a dead end for your sperm so it builds up and is ‘meant’ to be absorbed by the body. I think some men clearly produce more sperm than others and the build up outweighs the absorption so you’re left with excess constantly building up until your epididymis can’t handle it and swells up thinking it’s a virus or something.
Maybe your body will get better at absorbing the sperm, maybe it won’t. After all our body it’s we’re not designed to have to absorb ALL of the sperm being produced, just anything not expelled from the body during ‘normal’ life.

I didn’t have and don’t have any pain between episodes. I just always know things are working like they should be done there. It’s like my body is confused with itself and can’t cope.

I do manage to cycle quite a lot now. I didn’t at first but any pain I do feel or have felt in the last 6 months is a lot more manageable.

hey @badger12 thanks for your story this sounds exactly like me but am 2 yrs post vas. Thats my biggest contemplation time vs reversal… We all know there is no timeline with pvps and everyone is on there own journey to find relief and improve their quality of life. Glad to hear that time is what is helping.

Glad to hear you are trending up. I agree surgery should always be a last resort. It’s not a one size fits all decision though and that’s what makes it so tough. You lost 6 1/2 years of your life to pain and documented it and that will help other guys make more informed decisions about vasectomy and how to deal with PVPS. Thanks for doing that.