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Getting reversal on Monday

After just a little over a year of various discomfort post vasectomy ranging from swelling to severe testicular pain to burning pain/sensations and issues that seemed prostate related, epididymitis, discovery of varicosele and various crazy crap that I would have never imagined prior to vasectomy, I’m finally going to try and close this chapter and hopefully move on to some road to recovery via reversal. I’m seeing Dr. P and opted for the bio-wrap he is advocating.
Most of my serious issues started about 4-5 months out and truth be told, at this point I’m in no significant pain and fully functional, been skiing, playing with the kids and pretty much living normal, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about the mild discomfort and occasional twitch of pain up the cord and on the epi. There is that constant swelling that just seems will never go away. Not sure if that is just the congestion, but what else.
So, I truly hope I don’t end up worse than I’m now and feel a little nervous, but will never be able to go on knowing I have a chance to correct this nightmare and not take it.
Still can’t understand why most doc’s I’ve seen don’t want to admit the obvious cause and effect, very frustrating.
If anyone is interested I can post progress/experience/recovery report after the procedure. I just know that I really appreciated reading the stories when I was trying to cope with the more serious pain several months ago.

I’ve not posted here yet, so just wanted to say thanks for the new forum and all of you still being on here!


Ivo I would love to hear about your progress! I will keep you in my prayers for your surgery, you are in good hands!!!

I would like to hear your updates as well. Strictly follow doc’s orders especially in the early stages of recovery. Stay positive – pain could become a little worse from the surgery but will improve with time - some guys report pain relief the moment they wake up - but I wouldn’t count on that.

I faced the same mental battle… what if the surgery makes things worse? The chances of that happening are very very slim - especially with the care you’ll be under. I kept telling myself to think of the reversal as a “fix me and put me back together properly” surgery more then anything else. The night before the surgery was one of the worst night of my life… But I was overly worked up - the whole experience was no big deal – go into docs office – hang out with a great team – get put under and next thing you know its all done and you’re on the road to recovery - Dr. P and his team are some of the best in the world.

As I’m sure you know, chances are in your favor that (after the healing stage) you will be in a better place then you are now.

Are you doing better?

Yes, I have a brief summary under my profile and I have a very thurough summary I wrote at the 1-year mark that I could send you. The short version… I’m now 16 months post reversal and am about 75% recovered. Improvements leveled off around the 1-year mark, and my overall recovery was filled with many ups and downs. I do not regret the decision…

Our prayers are with you- please keep us updated as I am considering your same move and can pretty much do everything I ever did but have daily pain.

Please keep us updated as I’m scheduled for a reversal in just a few weeks time. Wishing you all the best for a quick and full recovery.

Best of care to you we all are pulling for your full recovery. I am interested in your post op too.
God Bless and we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers…

Ivo, I’m praying for your recovery. According to most of the posts I’ve read, it can take some time. So, be patient with yourself. Just like the rest of the group I’ll be interested in hearing about the progression of your recovery. You and I are kind of in the same boat. I’m fairly functional, but I get low grade pain of some sort every day and live with the constant fear of triggering more pain. You’ve made a hard decision, but good for you! Trust your own judgement and give yourself time to heal.

Hi guys,
Well 2nd day at home from Fl. Not sure how much to share before I bore you all, but here is a summary of my experience with the reversal procedure.
I felt a little weird as a “medical tourist” flying to Orlando, Fl and all, but those thoughts completely disappeared after meeting with Dr. P and his extremely friendly team. The hospital was small, but very nice. Dr. P as always took all the time to address all of my concerns and even though he is so far away, I feel he is more accessible than the local doc’s I’ve been seeing.
Reality hit me in pre-op prep, that this was going to be a serious situation, much different than the vas. Dr. P came in for a quick visit and that provided some reassuring confidence that I was in the right place.
The operating room was truly intimidating, with lot’s of equipment and the procedure robot was big , with lot’s of “arms”. The whole place was very busy, there were a few people running around getting prepped up and getting me strapped to the table, good thing they hit the gas and I don’t remember much past that point, I don’t know that you would want to go through this without the general anesthesia.
The procedure started around 1 pm and I was expecting to be out of it by about 4 pm. I was a little surprised that when I woke up it was about 5:30 pm, I guess the anesthesia worked well for me. I was told that the procedure itself lasted only about 2 ½ hrs and I had been just sleeping since then. With a little help from the staff & the nursing service the PUR clinic set me up with, I got picked up & taken back to the hotel, they went out and got me the prescriptions while I ordered dinner.
I gotta say I was extremely groggy, drowsy and out of it. I was a little dehydrated and drank a lot, finally around 7:30 felt OK enough to eat dinner. Dr. P called to check on me and that meant a lot. Finally was able to urinate and at that point examine the situation down there. Swollen, with some bruising starting to appear, but I was surprised that the incision was actually only a little bit bigger than with the vas. I was expecting a lot worse, so very pleasantly surprised and I feel it would be no big deal to see it heal in a few days. Throat a little sore from the breathing tube, but that should go away in a few days.
Iced and actually looked at this forum. Couldn’t sleep well, too much energy all of the sudden in the middle of the night. Meds really got me disoriented. By 6:30 I was out of bed, had a really good breakfast and drank a lot of fluids, truly hungry and I never eat breakfast. Felt good enough to actually go out to the local pharmacy and got some pads and band aids. Iced some more and watched a movie. Left the hotel to the airport around 11 am feeling sore, but not bad at all, took my time walking and navigating the stairs, but really no big deal.
Some 10 hrs later dealing with planes and airport crap finally made it home. There was pain down there and I’m not sure where it was coming from, not terrible like the most extreme I had in the past, it still seems to be associated with the surgery. One thing that was really freaky is I had sort of blown up, I was 10 lbs heavier than prior to surgery, really weird. I was still drinking fluids and still very hungry. I’m not a heavy guy, only about 177lbs before surgery and that evening I was almost 190 lbs.
Slept fine with ice packs and a pillow between my knees. The next day (yesterday) was really no fun the pain from the surgery was really coming on strong now. I also have some weird thing, a protrusion, or a hernia or something going on analy, only thing I can think of is that it’s from all the swelling, very odd and a bit painful. Really blue/purple all over down there including the penis, a little scary. Not extremely swollen, but pretty bad looking, much worse than with the vas. The pain may be just a little bit more than the vas, come to think of it. It took me about a week to recover from that, so given how much worse this looks, I suspect it may take a little bit longer.
One of the original issues I had developed post vas was a burning sensation after urinating. That was gone immediately after surgery, but it has re-surfaced today.
The general discomfort is annoying, but I was expecting it, so for now I’m just going to make the best of it and keep with meds and ice packs. What I’m noticing is that if I stay still I have almost no pain, but any movement and I know I got damage down there. Also feeling a little itchy, so hoping that’s a sign of healing. Have been showering with no issues and my weight is actually down about 5 lbs already.
Dr. P mentioned that I had quite a bit of fluid/sperm that had leaked out and that I had a lot of scarring. He seemed pleased with the procedure when we last talked that night. I’m going to keep the faith and try to stay extremely positive.
I’ve been actually may be over doing it a little, went to my little one’s school for a project observation, actually spend the whole day riding around with my wife running errands and shipping the kids around. Today was better than yesterday, but yesterday was a lot worse than the day before.
Time will tell. Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. I’m going to take a break for a few days and concentrate on healing and family. If any of you need any information as you are going through your own issues, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me. I can provide you with my cell phone if you’d like.


Thanks for the update Ivo. It sounds like it went as well as could be expected. Make sure you really do get lots of rest and try to stay off your feet as much as you can. If all goes as planned my reversal is a week and a half away so I’ll know exactly what you’re going through!

All the best on a quick and full recovery.

Thank you for the update. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and please do keep us posted in the next couple of weeks. Sounds like things went well.

Thanks for the details this is actually very informative and comforting. Really appreciate your candidness, Sounds like you are on your way.
Good luck really take it easy for yourself and your family’s benefit, and God bless.
Regards Joe

Good luck IVO.

I had a rough time after my reversal. With the vasectomy I was fine in a day or two. The reversal was much harder. A lot more swelling and pain.

I will give you some good advice. Follow the doctors orders to the letter of the law. If anyone tries to give you a hard time about taking it easy tell them to f*** off. You can give them my phone number.

Really take it easy. Don’t lift anything heavy or put anything in your lap an move slowly for at least two weeks. On day nine I bucked my hips up into a laptop tray and got a small but painful hematoma as a result. Total freak accident. I had been driving around shopping that day and felt fine and then did that. Big mistake.

You picked a good time to get your operation too. I got mine before Christmas which was a mistake because at Christmas there are lots of compulsory things you have to do like shop and visit and such. I wouldn’t want to do it in the Summer for that reason because you’re too active that time of year.

Good luck man.

Ivo. Its been about 2 weeks how are things going for you?

hey guys, I just wanted to mention I’m getting a reversal tomorrow, baring any unforeseen issues. My reasons are similar to Ivo above, it’s been over 9 months now and while I do have good days, they continue to be mixed with bad ones. I’m really hoping a reversal will help on a road to recovery.

I’ll try and post in the coming days how healing is going for other guys on here thinking of reversal. Here’s to hoping this works out.

Kja I wish you the best of luck and please keep us updated and do your best to take it easy the first week!

Good Luck kja keep us posted. wish you the best healthful recovery. Who are you having complete the surgery?

Hey guys, I thought that simply replying to the e-mail notices, my replies would actually post, but apparently not. At any rate, KJA best of luck for a successful procedure tomorrow, will keep you in my thoughts. The only advice I can give you from my limited experience is to be patient with recovery and take it easy. It’s tough sticking with the restrictions, especially with 3 little boys around the house.
I still have some pain that seems to be getting a little better almost every day. Have been back to work for a week now. Had a couple of setbacks and icing and some of the med’s helped. Started exercising the boys as per doc’s orders and now will have to stay at it every day for about 3 weeks and then the 1st test, I guess I’ll go through with the test even if I stop having any issues (being hopeful here), just out of curiosity. Just within the last day I’ve started experiencing the burning pain sensation I had pre-reversal, which was one of the issues that went into my consideration to get the reversal, may be associated with the activity and I was expecting a bumpy road. So, once again time will tell, trying to stay positive.


Good to hear!! Take notes of it all so you can keep track of your progress.