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Gentle Yoga and MBSR Course


For those that have pains throughout the body and have a hard time exercising I recommend trying some gentle Yoga from time to time. A lot of the stretches are also stretches done for pelvic therapy. This helps relieve some of the muscle tightness and body pains I have. It also helps reduce stress. It hasn’t been a fix all for me but does help on the days I am able to do it. The links also provide a full free MBSR course if your are interested. I have not completed the full course but do some of meditation exercises and Yoga from time to time. Another user @Andy posted on how MBSR helped him with the full body pains and overcoming PvP so I thought I would share some of my findings with the group. Every little bit helps and hopefully this helps someone. 20 Min quick Yoga Full MBSR Course



Thanks for the suggestion and info! I’ve been doing pelvic floor therapy (self-guided for now, but seeing a therapist soon) and yoga seems like a more fluid and relaxing way to accomplish some of the motions.



I did the MBSR #1 routine 3 times now. It was moderately challenging, given my current level of flexibility, but I found it more stimulating than simply going through a progression of stretches from a textbook.

I have been checking out other yoga instructionals on YouTube, such as Yoga with Adriene. Pretty good stuff!



Good to hear I try to rotate them around depending on how much time I have