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Genito Femoral Nerve block for abdominal pain

For those of you who don’t know i have had abdominal pain/discomfort for the last 3 years ever since my vasectomy, have had multiple treatments including a redo under GA with little joy. Only treatment that helped me was Pelvic physio and Lyrica.

Had my GF nerve block carried out yesterday 2 jabs in the scrotum and one each side in abdomen. Went fine very little drama. Pain in abdomen has increased a little but i am told that is normal for a short period of time. Lets see what happens over the coming days and weeks!


I had a nerve block of the cord ( single sided needles in the scrotum) relief was only temporary… where is your abdominal pain? I have mild pain the abdomen, pain is mostly centralized in the left side of my scrotum.

Hi @Caperdave my pain/discomfort is around my navel. Had the nerve block last wednesday… still feel more pain/tenderness than prior to the nerve block which is a bit disconcerting. thought it might get worse for a day or 2 but 5 days is unexpected and worried because it does not seem to be improving oh well try and give it more time.

I had a block, but it was localized in the testicle. I think it was to numb the nerves along the spermatic cord… I had almost instant relief… like the freezing when getting a filling, that type of sensation! It only lasted a little under 24 hours. The Dr. Hoped this was long enough to break the cycle of pain. Unfortunately, it was not!
My pain is not from a Vasectomy! It’s idopathic testicular pain -cause unknown. The only relief I get, is when I am sitting a bath of hot water, or if it is hot out, and everything hangs lower and away from my body.
I have read about research that was done involving Botox, not in the nerve, but in the scrotum muscles. Seeing as the pain subsides dramatically when my scrotum hangs lower and away from my body, this seems like it may work… however, no one does it in my area.
Dr.Jarvi did the study, and I have been waiting for an out of province referral to him since February.
I guess that speaks volumes for the amount of pain. I am willing to pay out of pocket to travel 2000 kilometres plus expenses to see him in hopes… just the hope, he can help

Sorry to hear that but i guess you have a good idea about the cause which is at least something… yes we will do anything to cure these issues! Hope you get your appointment soon

Hi All saw my pain specialist last week as it had been 5 weeks since my GF nerve block in 4 places…we agreed the nerve block had not done the trick… as it numbed the right area we knew more but for some reason had not worked. Booked in for Lidocaine infusion on the 15th November, lets see if that knocks out the pain.

By infusion, do you mean of the entire spermatic cord?

hi @raising4girls… whole body. So i am told they put a drip in my arm and pump me full of lidocaine for an hour. I am told it then crosses systemic/cellular boundaries reducing or eliminating pain. It is apparently 50/50 if it will alleviate my pain. If it does eliminate it apparently it is then a matter of how long it lasts, could be a week, a month a year or complete resolution. My question was surely this would eliminate any pain i may feel or feel in the future but his answer was that they don’t know how it works but only seems to resolve certain types of nerve pain and my good reaction to Lyrica is encouraging as they are both neuro modulators only one removes calcium the other removes sodium.

Wow! Haven’t heard of that approach. Sounds interesting. Please keep us posted on this.

Hi All, had the lidocaine infusion as day procedure, was perfectly fine no problems. But the big question is did it work… answer is unfortunately no… as i sit here a week later i can confirm zero change. I was told to expect to know instantly if it has worked so i think it is now safe to say it has not. I have a check up with specialist on 12th December so will find out next steps but not sure if there are any tbh. Could be doing the one thing that worked… go back on Lyrica.