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General urological question

Hey PVP guys, since we’ve shared so much about our junk, I hope the mods don’t mind me asking this one since it’s not worth going out for a doctor visit.

My wife and I have both noticed a big increase in the amount of my pre-ejaculate fluid. She joked that I’m leaving a “wet spot” like when I was 20 (yeah, been together 35 years if you count dating and engagement). The only potential that I can think of is that I doubled my saw palmetto dosage a few months ago. I would’ve guessed a reduction as I got older.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi same here the previous cum flows. During the bad years I dried up in that area and k y was needed. Since reversal its almost like a free flow. And I am not complaining it’s a plus. I have not heard of anyone else though that is why I never said anything.

Was your reversal recent? I’m 14 years post-reversal. Definitely had an increase in ejaculate volume (back to normal) post reversal, but this is recent, so not due to reversal for me.

Reversal 18 months ago

Vasectomy years ago I had reversal sooner if I could have afforded it and if I had known it would do a return to normal.


I’m not sure anyone can prove the anatomy behind it. I would suspect the saw palmetto is helping your prostate in some way that is increasing your precum. It’s similar to how some guys get bigger loads taking L-arginine. The science is hazy but the experience for many is real. Personally, I have more pre ejac at 38 than I ever have. But…just like with women, some days are wetter than others. I’m sure libido, mental, hormones, all play a part. I know that’s certainly the case for my wife.

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My thoughts are similar to @Choohooo 's thoughts.

Your OP wasn’t specific @raising4girls, but can we assume that your OP was moreless about you regarding wetness? I know you mentioned the pre cum, but I still wondered if this might involve both you and your wife. IDK.

I wouldn’t say that I get all messy with pre cum regularly nowadays. It seems to vary depending on things. Things like, how horny I am. Am I in the mood. Have I been, or am I thinking about sex, etc. Sometimes no rhyme no reason.

Similar things can be said about my wife, and she’s basically post menopause. Sometimes it’s a desert. Sometimes not.

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I am no different pre versus post reversal when it comes to pre ejaculate fluid. In the past couple days like four weeks post reversal I see a little more of it. We’ll see how it evolves from there.

Best wishes with your recovery. It’s an up-and-down process.