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Gabapentin in the news

Thought this was interesting. Sad that those of us with real chronic pain are going to find it tougher and tougher to obtain medications because of abuses by others.

I saw this! I told my wife and she didn’t care. I told her i am not on it anymore so it doesn’t matter. but i know some people who were on it and had massive side effects and had to stop it after like 2 days.

Ridiculous. Gabapentin is garbage.

Has never helped me. Is that what you meant by “garbage?”

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I think this may be fake news. The articles are appearing in all these wierd sites I’ve never heard of with no comments sections. Very suspicious.

Gabapentin is ineffective and benign. There has never been a fatality due to overdose. Why is someone trying to create a scare over these drugs?

I will take it out of desperation from time to time. If you use it infrequently it works best. It’s main side effect is an unpleasant stupidity.

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Google pregablin and there is a really funny news story about a guy that said Pregablin/Lyrica made him gay.

It’s amazing to see all these people jumping on the gabapentin hate now. I am not a huge fan of it and take it sparingly. I will.go a week without taking it then.maybe take one a night on the weekends to help me sleep.

I was prescribed it for true nerve type pain, not muscle and joint pain. Seeing people start classifying users of this crap as junkies and weak pisses I just saw some comments in only one of.the articles suggesting that.

Talk about a kick when your down, getting surgically wounded in the genitals, finding almost no one can help you fix it, then being called a junkie for taking a drug that is only partially effective and with a side effect.of mental dullness and poor word recall.

Fuck all these public health bandwagon idiots trying to make a name for.themselves.

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I saw the guy who claimed it made him gay. That was funny. Especially when his dad came out and said he’d always been like that.

I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s out there. But buddy of mine uses it and it works well for him for his back issues. he tried lyrica and it didn’t work. I tried both cause the pain management guy put me on them. different times of course but neither worked for me. someone i know who tweeked his neck was on it for 2 days. he was freaking out due to his it made him feel.

Yeah the guys dad outed him in another article! Too funny. Probably got a call from Pfizer or whoever makes the stuff, “We’ll give you 10K if you go on record with any information about your son being gay prior to taking Lyrica…”, Lol.

I swear though, even if it was true and it “made you gay”, If the stuff got rid of my pain I’d probably take it religiously and move to Key West or something. No offense to any gay folks on this board but that’s how bad PVPS is.

What would you do for a Klondike bar PVPS edition.

I swear though the many articles look like a fake news campaign. I would guess this is a marketing type fake news campaign by someone selling ad space. Some of the articles are just click bait crap that are not real.

One of them is titled - “Huge painkiller discovery stuns authorities”. What a BS clickbait name. There is a glaring typo in the article too. See below.

This is spam news. I’m guessing these are marketing sites that are pumping out garbage clickbait articles based on trending topics. Gabapentin is a trending topic.

They are trying to get clicks to get paid. This is an attempt to ride a trending topic to get traffic. I hate the internet sometimes.