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Fungal cause of pain?


Hey guys,

I stumbled upon this [] paper. In the past I suffered from skin leasion probably from candida species. Always in the winter. And coincidence or not, since christmas I suffer from more scrotal pain and I have those skin leasions again. A former employee of mine who also suffered from the same fungal skin leasions (always in the winter). Had have abdominal surgery performed 3 years ago. Since then she has never worked again, she is in constant pain, cannot sit straight up, walk more then 10 minutes etc, etc, we all know the feeling except she is a she. Could there be a connection to some fungal species causing pain in post op chronic pain? I do have episodes of vesiculitis and well there is no explanation what causes this pain. Any thoughts?

Greetz from Holland



My symptoms seem to range from neuropathic, to inflammation, to congestion. They don’t fit clearly into any one typical category. Not much has helped. I’ve got pain all around my hips and lower abdomen.

This got my interest because I got a mild rash appear in the crease between my leg and body and it extends down to where my scrotum starts. It appeared shortly after the vasectomy and hasn’t gone away. Urologist thinks nothing of it of course.

So did you have a vasectomy and you think your issues are possibly related to a fungal infection or candida? Did you get any treatment for that specifically and did it help?

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I also get that rash. Went to my PCP to have a look at the vasectomy because the rash had made its way to my scrotum and up my penis and when it was on my penile glands that were the last straw. I believe the ice packs would perspire making my underwear wet, then me sleeping in wet underwear giving the fungus a place to live. I would get that checked out. Not sure if its pain related but probably best to rule it out. And my uro thought nothing of it also.



So did they give you any treatment for that rash? Did they determine if it was candida or something else?



It was candida and they gave me a ointment to put on twice a day after showers.



Thanks I’m gonna see my GP about this and try some over the counter remedies for candida in the mean time. Will report back in a few weeks. I’m not really holding out much hope but I’m at the point of trying anything short of surgery.