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From Vasectomy to Vasectomy Reversal - My Journey, part 1

Hello all. I want to make a detail account of what I went through to get to this point in my life so that anyone who has a similar history can be assured of what the next step should be. My ex wife and I were very good at making babies. In March of 2007 I came home from work and she came down the stairs with the look on her face that I’d seen 4 times prior. I said “no fucking way”, she showed me the pregnancy test. All I could think about was that I couldn’t retire till I was 75 (in retrospect would have been better than where a decision from that point has led me). We discussed numerous options to prevent a sixth child. We had been married for 9 years at that point so condoms were ruled out. I tried to talk her into getting her tubes tied, she said no… Too many complications. Then I started asking around about the Vasectomy procedure. Everyone I spoke with, doctors, coworkers who had it done, information I looked up, all assured me it was a good option. Our fifth child was born October of that year. I looked at her and was like, I’m good. No more. So January of 08 I had the vas done. I was nervous, the doctor who did it laughed and tried to ease my fear and said all I would feel was two rubber band pops and it would be fine. Even though my soul was protesting, I did it anyway. It went well, everything was fine. No swelling, bags of peas for four days, then back to work… Fast forward to April 2014. My “wife” said she didn’t love me anymore and walked out on me and our five children. Thats when the problems started from the Vasectomy. At the time, I had no idea what was what was happening to me because it started out so slowly.