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The PVPS FAQ You Wish You Weren’t Reading

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Q: I had a vasectomy less than 5 months ago, and I’m in pain - should I consult someone?

A: Recovery from a vasectomy may take up to 5 months, it’s not the common case, but it’s far from unusual. You should probably try a conservative non-invasive treatment if pain is a problem. Over the counter anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen may help. Talk with your GP and urologist. If they have never heard of PVPS, you should consider finding a urologist who has expertise in the field.

Q: Is there a list of specialists?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I get insurance to help?

TODO: add list of people with experience obtaining insurance coverage

Q: I have questions about specific drugs


Q: I have questions about medical marijuana


Q: I’d like to read about experiences with neurolysis

We need to curate some of the better articles here, but this is a start.

Q: I’d like to read about experiences with reversal

Q: I’d like to read about experiences with botox


Q: I have trouble sitting in cars after my vasectomy - what can I do about it?

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Hiya I’ve suffered for two years now Reyes lots of stuff been told ocoloptamy will not work so may go for nerve devregation if accupunter tens and infusion of landocane don’t work and ideas also I post on Twitter ,Xbox , Microsoft, Reddit and here so more then happy to help if u need it I’m a Xbox ambassador.