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Found this today Article to eliminate nerve pain naturally

Just thought there was some interesting information, especially regarding the supplements.
I reread through this today much more closely, a lot of info in here. No idea if any of this will work but damn well worth a try. He even said Benadryl helps with pain for some unknown reason for some patients ! Anyway a lot of rabbit holes to go investigate.

Good read, thanks for posting. Sometimes we are left to self diagnose and seek ways to treat ourselves, nice to see some info like this. I have always believed that the body is dynamic and capable of improving itself from anything if given the chance. Sadly most MDs can only offer drugs or surgery for most issues, anything else is beyond thier “expertise”.

So glad you posted that. I think my burning, stabbing and throbbing pain is now nerve pain vs congestion.
I have an MRI tomorrow… silly question…can an MRI detect nerve damage?
All of these stories just make me totally regret getting a vas …I’m only 24 :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for thanks :slight_smile:
I am back in the pvps battle myself right now and agree maybe with the meds and some natural health products we can improve even more. I like the list of meds in there as well as the natural remedies.

No. MRI’s cannot diagnose nerve damage. It is possible to detect nerve damage via nerve conduction studies or EMG, however, there are some serious drawbacks. One, the nerve has to be more than 35% damaged in order to get a reliable reading. Second, it’s nearly impossible to run the test on any of the nerves associated with your scrotum. I’ve been working with a neurologist to get this test done and they’ve only agreed to test my arms and right leg. They will not test my pelvis nor do they think it’s useful in this area. Hope this helps.

@Choohooo I am considering a nerve conduction study or EMG with Pain Management to see if they can determine anything wrong with my II or IH nerve before taking any next steps. My theory is my II was damaged outside the spermatic cord and was clamped with the spermatic cord when the urologists started to work on Vas. I felt the most pain at that time and the II runs next to the cord. It could also give me a baseline and I could test again in a few months to see if any changes and potential healing. I haven’t looked up the risks yet of the procedures

Nerve conduction studies don’t really work, especially with the IL and GF nerves. I had one at Mayo two years ago. They work well to confirm damage but aren’t sensitive enough to help with diagnosis. At least that is how it was explained to me. It works better on major motor nerves. I was also told you have to have over 50% damage in order for the study to work. We can feel pain with less than 5% damage. That’s why nerve blocks are more popular for diagnosis. I agree with your thinking on the cause of the pain. It sounds right but we’ll never know 100% what happened.

Thanks, on a side note the link provided by Don in the initial start of this string is a great read. I know I get some relief from alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins. I had to quit taking them while my stomach was on the mend but have started back up again. Has anyone tried the compound gel mentioned or similar? This may be good for the guys with stomach issues applied straight to the skin. A compounded gel containing (as one of many possible mixes) Ketamine 10%, Neurontin® 6%, clonidine 0.2%, and nifedipine should be added to painful areas (apply 1 g 3 times a day as needed).