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Flicked in the nuts feeling during sex


Hi guys, I had a no scalpel vasectomy in mid November 2018. During the procedure, my right side was terrible when the Dr applied the clamp. He put a lot of freezing in and it was good. Other than that, it was pretty quick and uneventful on the left.

It took me a long time to heal up, bruising lasted two weeks, I only started walking somewhat normally two weeks ago.

I noticed that if my balls start moving around during sex, it feels like I was flicked in the balls. If my wife is on top, and I’m not doing much work, it seems fine. I also get this feeling if I walk a lot.

Nothing appears swollen or discolored.

What could be causing this issue? I have an appointment with the urologist who did the procedure on Jan 7th, what questions should I ask in your opinion?


You are a month and a half out so this may well eventually go away. I would suggest getting some compression briefs or something more snug to wear for a while to minimize your discomfort. Sorry you are here. We get a lot of guys in the first days, weeks, months after vasectomy that graduate and you likely will be too.


Thanks so much! It’s pretty annoying and my recovery has taken so long compared to what the doc said. I was relieved to find this forum.

Some of the guys here, wow, breaks my heart to hear their stories.


It is sad what has happened to a lot of the guys here.

They and you are doing every man a service simply by coming on here and telling your story.

Whether it’s a few weeks of discomfort or life altering crippling pain and loss of testicle/testicles. Men are not told about this possible outcome or it’s downplayed in a way that is inexcusable. There is no “greater good” that justifies the lack of candid information available to men making the choice to get surgically sterilized.

I am guessing and hoping you will be fine.

Thanks again for telling you story.