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Finally able to live a normal life again


Hey everyone- I just wanted to let you know how things worked out for me because I’ve been reading this page for a year or so. I had a vasectomy a year and a half ago and it was a terrible mistake. The right side was completely fine but the left side was horrifically painful. It was very painful having the procedure done on that side and continued to get worse and worse for a year. Very debilitating and made my life miserable. Nothing helped, my urologist said “I’m not saying you’re crazy, I’m just saying this is all in your mind”.

Anyway, I eventually switched urologists and had surgery on January 17th with Dr. Joanne Dale in Nashville, TN who I highly recommend. She removed the granuloma that had formed and removed the clips from the left side and sewed the testicle in place. It was very unpleasant afterwards and I was worried I had made a mistake after surgery because there was a ton of swelling and bruising but now two months later I am in MUCH better shape.

After the original vasectomy I felt like my testicle was is a vice and going to explode 24/7, this was made much worse by doing any physical activity or lifting. Now I’m able to live a normal life again. It will never really be 100% fixed, but it is 80% better than it was and I hope it continues to improve as time goes on. I can live with some discomfort from time to time, but I couldn’t live with the way it was before this corrective surgery.

Anyway, if any of you are in the Tennessee area definitely try to see if Dr. Dale can help you and I wish all of you the best in trying to find some relief from this terrible post vasectomy pain.


Hey Nashville615-

Your post truly made my day cause I’m in a similar situation as you, but haven’t felt the relief (so glad you are!!) you are yet.

EVERYTHING about your experience so far matches up. I’m just behind (or ahead depending on how you look at it) you cause my original vas was in Jan '18. I had my granuloma removed on Jan 17th as well and my uro said he recauterized the vas on the left as well.

Needless to say I’m in not the greatest shape at the moment.

Been just about two months since the procedure and I’ve been having pretty bad (pain at 5-6) discomfort followed by some better (pain at 3-4) days. Essentially I’m being told that time is my best friend. Was given a quick and heavy course of steroids that I finished almost three weeks ago. They helped temporarily, but I’m in pretty constant discomfort now. Been wearing a jock strap all day everyday for weeks now and I go back to doc next Friday for I guess the next step, which he mentioned could be pain management (drugs…)

I’m keying in on your “Now I’m able to live a normal life again” What occurred so fast that you are now able to say that??? Did you just wake up one day and you were at 80%? Like you said, I as well can certainly live with some discomfort from time to time, but something has to give. Someone else on this forum said it was two years post granuloma removal till they were at 90-95%… not sure I can wait that long…

Looking forward to your response or for anyone else who has or is experiencing this.



Thanks for the post @Nashville615.

When it comes to surgical options we don’t disqus “clean up” surgeries here much so this is good information. In select cases time will not fix the issue and you have to act. I wish there were more people that specialized in cleanup surgeries for pain so guys had more available options. I think cleanup surgeries are probably less invasive and disruptive to healthy tissue than reversals where providers have to resect and reconnect 4 ends of viable vas and make them meet in the spermatic cord. I It would seem logical that a lot more digging to free up the vas is involved to get to viable tissue and to make it meet for a reversal. I wish a clean up had been offered to me but no one I met with discussed it as an option.

We’ll Joanne to our list of people to recommend to folks in your neck of the woods that considering a surgical option.


Once all the bruising and swelling went down from the surgery I finally had relief after a year of chronic pain. Just a quick heads up beware of “pain clinics”. I tried all that and basically they will have you high out of your mind without doing anything to address the underlying issue. I was on so much gabapentin I couldn’t tie my shoes but what I really needed was a surgery to fix the underlying problem.


Thanks for the quick response and for the warning about ‘pain clinics’.

My issue (I think) is not that I’m brushing or swelling still, (maybe a little) but it’s that the disturbed nerves (essentially had a vas done twice and he really had to dig to get the granuloma out!) are causing inflammation. That’s the trickiest part. The question is when the nerves will calm down??? Now been about 2 months, but I think I have a long road ahead of me.


Hey @Jdubb64321 I can’t say I have nearly the same as you (no granuloma) but I had a ton of inflammation which drove my nerves and pain crazy. I took a ton of natural anti-inflamatories and after about 5 months things have calmed down to around 90 percent or so. Still have some worse days than others, especially if I’m too active, but much better. At one point I didn’t know if it would ever settle. Just want to give you a positive story that it can take a long time but eventually the inflammation will hopefully go down and things will settle a bit. So much easier said than done while going through it but have some patience.


Hey Help-

Thank you so much for chiming in with your experience and perspective

Nothing really more to say on this I suppose. Really just hope that time will be my best friend here.
I will keep you guys posted on what the doc say after I go next Friday.

As always, I welcome any and all other perspectives.