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Failed PVPS lawsuit in Canada. Poor Guy

I came across this one today. He sounds like so many of us here, numerous surgeries and no results.

So messed up that he’s crippled now and doesn’t get a dime - OH YEAH and he has to PAY the uro’s legal fees!

I’m really disappointed to see Dr. Gordon testifying for the defense actually.

IMO the lawyers for this guy F’d up bad - Nowhere do I see any mention from the AUA or CUA on their figures, not to mention, Welsh Campbell Urology changed their textbooks years ago to 10% chronic pain.

We should crowdfund this guy’s appeal. FFS. :rage:

Post-ejaculation pain is congestion and leg pain is nerve pain. This guy had double troubles like me. I get the possible inciting physical behavior, but did Dr. McDonald warn of long term PVPS?

I’ve reached the conclusion that some men are predisposed to PVPS. Their immune system will never adapt and/or they just end up with nerve pain that eventually shows itself (sooner with an inciting event or later through natural causes). This gentleman was just predisposed to join our club.

I’m not a lawyer so this took a long time to read, but I’m glad you posted it as it was interesting. It does seem like his lawyers did a poor job. It also seemed that the judge put a higher value on the vas doctors testimony than on the patients testimony, even though the defendants offered no support or witness testimony that the doctor does follow a standard routine on all of his patients and that he does document negative findings appropriately. The judge took the vas docs word for it. Also, an EMR is great but often doesn’t tell you everything. I would guarantee you that a lot of healthcare professionals don’t document negative reactions every time in a record whether that be intentional or unintentional. Oftentimes there is a standard narrative that they used that is just placed in the record and no other notations are made. That being said I think he lost the case because there were multiple physicians who told him not to proceed with further surgery and many that offered more conservative treatments that he seemed to refuse. He obviously was living his life, although in pain, but the further surgeries are what exacerbated his symptoms and forced him into disability. I don’t like the outcome of the case, especially since there was no proof that he was told about the potential for chronic pain; but his lawyers did a poor job and it is extremely difficult to prove negligence which they did not do.

One other take away from this for me personally is that I’m definitely going to give my body more time to heal before I proceed with any surgical intervention. I can life my life currently, and don’t want to end up in worse shape like him. I feel for him and his family. It is sad to read stuff like this but I’m glad you posted it.

I’ll tell you right now, when something goes wrong in surgery, the treatment notes go into defense mode. No one will ever admit fault in treatment notes. The more difficult the case, the more “C.Y.A.” the notes become. If there’s follow up with a negative reaction, the notes become even more detailed. This isnt just urology. This is healthcare. I see it all day.

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Absolutely. What doc in their right mind is going to write in the surgical notes:

“bovie pen slipped and II/GF nerve fibers were damaged by cautery pen - advised patient of this outcome.”

No way. No doc is going to say I fucked up and hit a nerve and now your life will probably never be the same.

Come to think of it, when I was done getting my vas, I walked out of there and saw Dr Weiss typing on his computer immediately afterwards, and there was a full waiting room. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe he never saw what nerves he hit, but maybe he did and thought ‘whoops, this guy’s fucked, better get my notes in order.’

At the end of the day, I’ll never know, because patients are just another number to docs and I very much doubt any vasectomist would remember any of their patients.