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Experience with NSAIDs

Just curious what experience you guys have with taking short acting NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.). I know people with arthritis probably take them often and for long periods of time. I know there are side effects, but it’s hard to find much information on how many mg/day is generally safe. Anyone have any experience.

When I was taking 2600mg/day of aspirin, I was bleeding a lot (especially from the hemorrhoids). I’d been taking that dose for about 2 weeks. The doctor didn’t explicitly say I should stop, but strongly suggested I taper off it ASAP, or I’d be at the gastroenterologist with an ulcer. Not looking to complicate things, I cut back to 650mg/day immediately. For me, I get twice the relief or more from one 325mg aspirin as I do a 200mg ibuprofen.

What doses do you guys take and how long have you been taking that dose? Any complications?

I’ve been taking naproxen with gastro resistant pills for the past 15 months and have no issues. I take it after lunch with plenty of water. I have noticed a drop in semen numbers under microscope when I discontinued it for a while, but numbers recovered quickly after restarting again

I took 800mg every 6 hours when my pain was at its worst, starting a couple weeks after the vasectomy. After doing that for two weeks, the pain was less, but I ended up in the hospital for extreme dizziness. Who knows for sure if the ibuprofen was the cause or not, but that’s my best guess.

200 mg celebrex works best for me. In my case, it works way better than meloxicam.