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Excercise with pvp pain

Hi All., I would like to start a thread to hear about how other guys have been coping with trying to exercise with pvp. I know many men here were extremely fit and active before vasectomy as I was. Since pvp, I have had a difficult time running. I enjoyed triathlon and p90x workouts prior to vasectomy. The V for me was almost 3 years ago(since then I had reversal and nuerolysis but still have constant pain, though it has been reduced) Today I still am able to lift weights and swim, but biking and running are painful. I went out for a 4 mile run the other day, by the end of it my entire groin and pelvis area was burning and painful. The worst was yet to come as I had a sharp increase in pain that evening. I am going to see a massage therapist tomorrow that specializes in the psoas muscle to see if they can address the tightness in surrounding muscles, hope this helps. I went swimming today and found that this is the least painful exercise I can do, in fact I feel barely any pvp pain while swimming! It looks like im going to be a full time swimmer now. Please share your experiences. I know Dr. Anthony is a triathlete and shared many ideas on the old forum, perhaps we can hear from some others who are her now.
Thanks and best wishes on everyones recovery.

Solomon, like you I was pretty active prior to the V. In fact, after 15 years working at the same position I managed to arrange a sabbatical whose whole focus was physical activity and especially karate. I sabotaged that by having the vasectomy. For a while exercise was totally out of the question. After some pelvic floor PT I was able to do various stretches and walking, which progressed to faster, uphill walking and weight lifting. I tried going back to karate on a couple of occasions and found that the training basically disabled me the next day. At this point I’m still just walking and weight lifting, and I do find that the exercise helps. I have a new doc whose field is Rehab Medicine (I think!) and his theory is that the exercise helps get oxygen flowing through areas that are experiencing nerve hypersensitivity. I’ll post more about my experience with this doc separately. FYI, I’ve had good luck with swimming. I think the weightlessness helps. Biking - not so much. The worst pain of my life happened after an afternoon of mtn biking.

Can you explain your pain a little more. The pain that I feel on my left side seems like my testicle pulls up a little bit and feels like a strain type feeling? I don’t run at all but I was on the bike with my son last week and felt this type of pain and it wasn’t any real type of physical exertion. I was just cruising with my one year old on the back for the first time. You say you had reversal and nuerolysis, who was this with. Dr. P spoke to me about this type of strain feeling and related it to nerve. So even though I am having reversal done I may need nuero later on. Hopefully not. Exercise has been non existent for me, and mind you I was in the same boat all though I was doing mini tri’s and bodybuilding, personal training with clients, Yoga too… Now nothing but playing with kids.

But I am getting lazier too so that does account for part of it.

Ill try to explain my pain in more detail. My pain is constant low level primarily on left side. it feels like an overall ache most of the time from below belly button to hips and groin. The left spermatic cord was operated on my Dr. Parekattil- nuerolysis. That’s still the worst spot. It gets aggravated when I exercise or sometimes after sex. when its at its worst-more of a throbbing/burning sensation than an ache. its always so hard to describe hope this help.

For me exercise is a mental release valve from all the pain. I will sometimes experience an increase in pain during activity and for a few hours following… I’ve found that immediate ice and stretching after activity helps. I too was an avid mountain biker prior to all this – but I don’t touch my bike now. Running is still a little tough but bearable. Swimming is great and I’ve been able to rock climb and ski without much pain increase… In general it seems like the more bounced around the boys get, the more the pain spikes. Sometimes I have to force myself to exercise (I often just feel lazy and have less energy then the old days), it helps my body fight all the other side affects from surgeries… High blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, nausea, etc…

Hey guys. My pelvic floor physical therapist told me she thought some running would be good. I was running 2 miles about 3-4 times a week before the V. Running right now isn’t too painful on the testicles. But on the last few runs, I’m starting to have a lot of cramping and even a burning feeling in my abdomen and upper pelvis - a little more on the left side. It’s kinda like the normal stitch in the side that you might get while running, but it’s throughout the abdomen… and it is painful with each step.

I’m also doing push-ups and bicep curls, without pain… but the running is hurting.

Any ideas of what I should think about this?

Kevin, I ran a marathon 1 year before vas. I haven’t been able to run long distances in the 3 years since. My pain while running is mostly in lower abdomen and hips. There are a few techniques that may help reduce the pain while running. I have been experimenting with “barefoot running” shoes called five fingers. They seem to reduce pain in the hips and groin because your legs absorb more of shock. I would recommend lots of stretching and/or yoga. Swimming has been my new go to exercise, basically pain free.

Thanks for sharing @solomon. Would you say your pain is localized? Or is it all over the place? Mine moves around, but running (or even sometimes) when breathing deeply, my abdomen gets crampy/throbby. Of course, it can sometimes localize down into the upper pelvis/inguinal areas on either side. It also seems worse after eating (like my abdomen is very full).

What do the docs attribute yours too? Auto-immune issues? Muscular issues? Nerve? Or just who knows?

Thanks for the input. This is definitely getting pretty frustrating.

I am not in quite the same situation as you guys, but for the remaining aches I do experience I wear a pair of “More Mile” Boxers for the extra support while running, which do seem to help somewhat due to the extra support.

@kevinb- I was reading your story and have the same issues in my abdomen currently. Can you share how you are today and what helped you if anything?