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Evidence of Reversal Clearing Up Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Wondering if anyone who’s had pelvic floor dysfunction has seen improvement there after a reversal. I clearly have pelvic floor muscle issues and months of physical therapy have not helped.

I think it’s a great question. I haven’t had a reversal but I’ve spent years getting pelvic PT, including 6-8 months “internal work” twice a week.

I believe strongly that the pelvic pain is a result of muscle tension that’s likely triggered from being in pain and constantly guarding/tensing. Perhaps the vas has a more direct connection but for my brain that doesn’t make nearly as much sense.

Perhaps someone else has more insight.

Good luck

I continued to have pelvic floor issues even after reversal. However I am not pain free post reversal so still probably guarding reflex.

@vkarnod @GoingNuts @Choohooo can you describe please what you exactly mean by pelvic floor issues? What do you feel where exactly? How does it manifest itself?

In the most basic terms it’s the tightening of the muscles in the pelvic floor area. For me, I feel constant tension directly above and behind the scrotum, and on the right side which is the side I’ve had issues with since my vasectomy. My physical therapist has called out the problem muscles, but I don’t recall what all of them are. I do know that my bulbospongiosus muscle is very problematic. Goingnuts probably hit it on the head for me as a “guarding reflex”. Most of my issues were sexual in nature up until about a year and a half after the vasectomy. Pain didn’t really set in until then when I woke up one morning and thought, “Man, my taint hurts!” Aching pain and that overall feeling of tightness has been there since then… for about 3 years now.

Ok makes sense. I find it hard though to describe my location of pain. Everything seems overshadowed by the testicular pain and my back pain. I’m pretty sure I’m tight and I buy into the guarding concept, but I can’t pinpoint a specific location. Did you have a reversal and if so did it help with any of these issues? I have not had any sexual problems, it’s the pain that drives me nuts

I have not had a reversal. I have a nerve block and some vascular appointments lined up. I’m want to rule out a few things before going for the reversal.

I have been told that I have weak pelvic floor muscles that have a really hard time relaxing them out of spasm. The pelvic floor therapist and I feel that this is a result of the scrotal pain and not necessarily a cause of the scrotal pain.

It’s hard to tell what is the cause of what after having these issues for so long. It makes sense that something would break the cycle. My hope if nothing else worked and I went for reversal is that it would make my body happy enough that it’d stop clinching all the time and causing further distress. I don’t really perceive pain as my biggest issue, but maybe my body does.


For me it’s been inguinal pain, perineum pain, and periodic pudendal neuralgia. My pectineus is chronically tight as is my psoas and hip flexors. I’ve done internal pelvic PT (rectal) and nearly every muscle in there on my right side is painfully tight to touch. There’s almost no comparison left to right, I can feel her on the left but no sharp muscle pain.

Hope that helps.

Same here, inguinal and perineum pain along with the same muscle groups giving me issues. I’m constantly clenching and only stop when I happen to think about it and try to relax.

@Choohooo, do you have any issues with ejaculation volume? That started for me immediately after my vasectomy. Trying to figure out if that’s caused by nerve issues, some sort of pressure thing, pelvic floor issues, etc.

Maybe. But that’s the least of my troubles right now. Sometimes I feel like it’s less, sometimes it seems normal, sometimes it looks more yellow, other times it seems whiter than usual. Who knows. I never paid much attention pre vas so it’s hard for me to be overly critical.

Cum volume comes from two sources, the vas deferens and seminal vesicles. Occlude one of those two sources and I think it’s only natural to lose volume. Urology said it’s negligible in comparison to total volume. Perhaps it is. What does it really matter? I guess that’s for the individual to decide. It’s just not something I’ve been concerned about I guess. 90% of the time I don’t see it. My wife still complains about it running down here though so that’s good enough for me. You could always try supplements if you’re looking for a better load.

It could be a result of a diminished orgasm. Which….in my opinion, is more closely linked to mental state than most people realize. Just try to get your wife off when she’s pissed off. Orgasm and pleasure are very much a brain thing.

Haha, good point in the wife :joy:

My volume diminished to about a quarter of what it was pre vas and was noticeable from the first test fire a few weeks after the surgery. It’s been frustrating trying to tell this to doctors. I always get, “Well, volume reduces with age.” Cool, but I don’t think it’s supposed to go down 75% and feel like it’s stuck in there from one load to the very next after a “completely safe” surgery.

I agree 100%. We were all sold cars with a bunch of promises that turned out to be lies. It’s frustrating. But I think this is a bigger problem with how the world views vasectomy and how urology is in denial at how common PVPS is. The internet will change this. Men aren’t afraid to speak unfiltered on forums like this when it comes to their genitals.

Personally, I love my vasectomy. I really do. And that’s coming from a guy that just qualified for disability as a result of this garbage.

Hindsight, I would’ve never done it. But hindsight isn’t real life. I can’t go back so I focus on acceptance and positive thinking. Yes my load is likely smaller but even my biggest load don’t match that porn money shot. My O is less but so is my mental health. I’ve managed to make up both negatives with quantity and being more spontaneous without worrying about condoms or pregnancy. Despite my issues my sex like it’s vastly improved compared to what it was. That’s where I try to keep my thoughts. Perhaps I just married a saint, which could easily be the case. I’d get three vasectomies if my wife asked me to.