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Erection issues 7 months post vasectomy with possible testicular atrophy / shrinkage

Hey guys, im unsure if i should be posting my questions on here as im aware this forum is for pvps, Im not in pain but i do have a very very minor discomfort when sitting in certain ways or wearing certain cloths. I dont remember having this discomfort prior to the operation.

I’m a 30 year old male that had a vasectomy in january 2014 (10 months ago)I’ve been having ED (erectile dysfunction) for the last 2 months. I was fine up until the 7 month mark.
I have noticeable issues with mainly gaining weak / soft erections, Whereby gaining strong erections are difficult, Maintaining one can be even harder. At times i cannot get one at all.

Excuse the pun, I find i need to be overwhelmingly stimulated visually and physically to gain an erection that is capable to engage in sex. I have no libido issues as i still very much desire intercourse, just have erection issues. I Love my wife dearly and im super attracted to her looks, as shes very beautiful. I had no issues prior to the 7 month mark or prior the vasectomy. physiologically things feel different in terms of sensitivity and girth etc.

I question whether i have developed scar tissue or sustained some sort of trauma during surgery that has took up to 7 months to come to light?

Could a reversal be a possible option to alleviate such symptoms? or could surgery for removal of scar tissue etc (if that is the cause) be a possibility to fix such issues?

Furthermore my wife pointed out to me several months back that my testicles seemed to have shrunk (atrophied) I feel i can concur with her after recently examining my testicles closely, due to the recent erection issues.
if the issue is related to blood flow issues etc, which may have have caused the testicles to atrophy / shrink? could a reversal help or would i potentially need varicocele type surgery?
The internal parts of my scrotum seems as if it appears physically different to what it did before the vasectomy, almost as if theres jelly which takes up some of the room in my scrotum.
I have a scan booked to hopefully identify such issues.
Furthermore if it is identified as testicular atrophy as the issue what other surgery options are available other than a reversal?

I have had post vasectomy blood tests which confirmed all tests were normal including a testosterone level score of “27” out of “28” (although i don’t know what my testosterone levels were before the vasectomy) Been given the all clear to being generally fit and healthy.

Would love to here from those that had issues in this area and managed to get it fixed!!
Thanks in advance, Liam x

Ps my heart goes out to all you guys that are in pain, its bad enough having ED issues let alone pain on top of it. I truly hope you all find a cure to relieve your symptoms.

27 our of 28?

I have never heard of T level test scores like that. I though for someone your age the levels were measured more by numbers like 600-900 ng/dl.

I’ve heard a couple of guys say their balls got smaller and harder after vasectomy.

I don’t know what my levels were like before vasectomy but they were only around 465 or so the last time I checked. They were lower than by about 100 in my first test.

I think you need to get a full work up to see what’s going on. I know a lot of things can affect erectile function. It could be some other health issue you don’t know about that could be easily treated.

Keep us posted.

My sex life/relationship with my wife, whom I love/loved dearly is in the crapper due to the vasectomy. The pain causes me a lot of resentment and the fact it has lingered so long as worn us both down a lot. I’m hoping for a turn around here soon.

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Hi mike,

A big thanks for your imput. In regards to the T-levels, im also confused what is meant by “27 out of 28” I’ve requested medical records, including my blood tests results for detailed clarification on my T-levels, I hope it will state the measurements in ng/dl. If not i will contact my doctor to elaborate what the 27 / 28 means in ng/dl. All the doctor said was i was within the higher regions of normal "t-level ranges.

My scan is due soon, I will be asking many questions throughout the procedure, I suspect some sort of blood flow issue, as im sure my doc mentioned i had a variocecle that was identified through a scan i had on my scrotum a few years ago. I think the vasectomy may have made things worse, that is if my suspicions are correct.

I can relate to how you feel mike, its a complete bastard that your attempts to improve your sex life with your wife has made things worse. I feel as if im beginning to not want to have intercourse with my wife, as it always seems to end up disappointing. If only “all of the side effects” were highlighted prior to the operation i doubt so many men would be queuing up to have it done, i certainly wish i could reverse time to not have it done! I mean if impotence was mentioned as a possible side effect, coupled with pain, surely that defeats the object of having the snip!, Im angry towards the medical establishments for being so ignorant and so up they’re own arse for being so dismissive to the real dangers of this horrible procedure.

Have you attempted to seek help from a urologist for your issues? Have you any measures put in place to fix your issue?
Did your pain and symptoms start immediately post surgery or for some time after the operation? I really hope you find a solution to this mess, so you and your wife can live how you once did.

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Liam, try Cialis or Viagra.

Thanks for your willingness to come forward with your sex issues. I am the author of this post and had my vasectomy 11 months ago now. I won’t rehash my story in this reply, but one of my issues post-vasectomy has been reduced sensation in my penis… which eventually led to some erection problems. Maintaining an erection - as you mentioned - was particularly difficult. It was suggested to me to try an ED medication to get my confidence back and that’s exactly what happened. Cialis definitely worked, and helped me to feel better about myself. I only take the pills occasionally before having sex now; I don’t need them every time… which is great, because they’re expensive.

It’s crazy that you mention girth. I never measured the girth of my penis prior to vasectomy, but I am absolutely convinced that it is slightly thinner now. My penis is the same length as it always was when erect, but when flaccid… I just feel smaller now.

Regarding my testicles, they seem to be all over the place in terms of size. Sometimes they feel large and hard, sometimes they’re small. I can’t make sense of it. At times I can feel that my epididymis (I think) is swollen and hard at the bottom and slightly towards the back of my testicles.

I have a grade 3 varicocele on my left side, which I elected not to have surgically repaired. It is very prominent but doesn’t really bother me at all. I have no idea if or how it plays into my problems.

I thought about a reversal but have so far decided not to do it because my sex life and mental health are now drastically better than they were. I suffered terribly from depression for months afterwards and I have a grip on that now. I also have gone through a lot of major life changes (read: divorce). A large part of me would like to put my body back as close to the way it used to be prior to vasectomy as possible, but I am very hesitant and nervous about having another surgery. If I was in pain like so many others here it would be different.

Thanks again for speaking up. I hope to update my main post soon. If you have more questions please let me know. I feel like I owe it to anyone with similar issues to speak about my problems and offer advice if I can.

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Hi tlbtb

You must read this web page, and if possible the article that the web page gained its data from: (WEB PAGE) (FULL ARTICLE)

A big thanks for your detailed description of your issues. I have attempted to view your post, but cannot access it as it may be set to private (according to the forums message when i tried to view it). Its terrible that theres somebody else having very similar issues as me.

I have used one box of 4 pills of sildenafil 50mg up until now. The first time i took a pill (50mg) it didnt make a whole big difference, perhaps because i was slightly drunk at the time. I took note from this and took 2 pills (2 pills on the same night 100mg spread out over a few hours) this week end gone as had a Halloween party, whereby i had quite a few vodka’s. Again it didn’t make a huge difference during intercourse. However once i woke in the morning i had intercourse with my wife, my penis became erect without hardly any physical stimulation, this has not happened to me for some time, but my erection still was not as strong as it used to be naturally prior to all my symptoms.
It guts me that ive had to resort to these measures, as im only 30 years old, i eat healthy, workout most days and only drink alcohol occasionally and i don’t smoke.

Ive concluded that my varicocele has without a doubt been made worse by having the vasectomy, its ironic that ive only just by chance found out i had a varicocele that was identified by a scan over 2 years ago, to which i was unaware i even had one. A recent doc appointment confirmed that i had varicocele’s years ago, the stupid fools didn’t think to inform me that they stumbled across them, the scan was for a lump / cyst i found, all the doc said was i was fine and all was ok, and did not mention the variococele back then. So i took thier word for it. If i had of knew i had a varicocele before the vasectomy i would of been hesitant to have had my bits messed with. I may even seek legal advice with this matter. A few months after the vasectomy i noticed that i had lumps over mainly the left side of my scrotum but some on the right to, i assumed this was normal due to the vasectomy. Over time right up until now the lumps became bigger, then bam!, all of a sudden i began having ED! coupled with minor discomfort on occasions when i touch my testicles, sit down in a certain way or wear certain cloths. If im very active throughout the day my variococeles swells more which gives me more discomfort when i touch my scrotum . I seriously have weighed up all of my issues and strongly believe my varicocele has contributed to my ED, even though most doc’s do not believe this to be the case, including my own doctor! According to the web page above and the authors that conducted the study thier data suggests that varicoceles had a direct influence on thier subjects in terms of them having ED, this new data speaks volumes in my humble opinion! I will be taking a copy of this article to my doctors once i have my new scan so i can be referred to a urologist. I suspect my doc doesn’t feel i need to be referred to a urologists as he indirectly said that ED generally stems from a psychological issues! (how dare he!) Well i will go back with my medical FACTS at hand to argue my point, so im in a good place to make DEMANDS for referrals etc.

Like you Ive been up and down with feeling depressed, es specially when the symptoms first started occurring. I am in a better psychological mind set now though. Ive been taking nitric oxide supplements, garlic supplements and b6 + b12 vitamins. I noticed a very small positive change compared to say 2 months ago, nothing too significant though. Some days my erections are fuller and stronger than others, on the flip side other days it can be back to square one whereby getting it up to is difficult to penetrate. Basically my penis only partially works when it bluddy wants to!, even on good days its still no where near as hard or achieves the girth it used to prior all of ED issues. And i certainly dont focus on the issue and im very comfortable with my wife during the heat of the moment even given my ED issues, thats how i know its not psychological.

Like you some days sensitivity in my penis is greatly reduced which makes erections hard to gain and maintain, no matter how much stimulation is given or applied.

Im also hesitant to go back under the knife, especially for a reversal. However given that i strongly believe the varicocele has contributed to my ED my gut feeling is telling me to opt for variococele surgery. Especially that that is medical evidence and anecdotal evidence on the web, where some guys have posted that there varicoceles have made them have ED.

I would recommend that you try the supplements to see if they help you, before making any surgery decisions, as they all aid with vasodilation of the arteries, venuoles and capillaries, which in laymens terms means better blood flow. Although im not sure if it helps much on paper with variococeles, It has not made a huge difference with me thus far, been using them for abot 3-4 weeks now.

Im sorry for the long write up, but i hope that my experience can help you and others out there. I will keep you informed with my progress with the doc’s and possible trips to the urologists and maybe even surgery to fix the variococele. Would be great to read your posts you mentioned too, due to not being able to access them. And be great to hear of any progress you may make, or what you decide to do.

Take care for now mate


Hi again tlbtb,

Again thanks for your responce and for providing the link to your post. It’s so interesting that we have and are experiencing such simular issues. I beg the question to assume that our erectile issues seems to stem from the varicocele’s. I believe this as we both have had a gradual onset of erection / sensitivity probs post vasectomy. As I mentioned my variococele became worse and more physically / visually noticeable after a slow period of time post vasectomy. Again testicular atrophy (shrinkage) followed Post vas too, and its caused my left testicle to really have shrunk to a noticeable size now. I am going to ask to have surgery to fix my variococele. You say you are divorced, I think your a brave guy leaving your wife concidering your erection issues. Im scared to think if my wife left, not only due to loving her but also the fact that I may not be able to have quality sex with a new partner due to my erection dysfunction. I will be sure to update my post and keep you in light after my scan and if I see a urologist for surgery for the variococele.

In terms of a reversal, that’s on the back burner at the moment due to fear of messing myself up more. I’m terrified of developing issues later on in life, and worry that I only have a short window of opportunity to try and get back to my natural self to post vasectomy through a reversal. However I’m just too worried to mess with a reversal currently in fear of making a bad situation worse. Hence I’ll get my variococele fixed first, then see where it takes me.

Even though I’m able to have good days with sex, I still need to work so dam hard to stay hard by being very stimulated physically and visually, although some days I can be stimulated in all forms my erections are only half the girth and quality to what I used to have. I’m bloody gutted due to this fact as I’ve always had a good quality erection that never failed myself or failed to please my wife, or for that matter any of my previous partners.

Hey guys just a quick update, had the scores back for my testosterone levels. Came back at 27 nmol/l, which equates to roughly 778.098 ng/dL. I’m aware that this score is relatively high, however I’m still exhibiting weak erections. I wonder if my testosterone levels used to he through the roof prior to my vasectomy and before my variococele became worse.

Will find out what’s going on inside on 21st November as have the ultrasound scan. Really hope the doc will come up with a diagnosis. Will keep you guys posted.


Hi, Liam. Have any update on your situation?

Any update on your condition, Liam?


Firstly I’d like to apologize for the time it’s took me to respond.

Hope your doing well. How are you getting on now?

In response to your last message. I’m doing no “OK”, I suppose. To be honest my symptoms did somewhat become more manageable. In terms of gaining an erection. However, my erections are still not to what they were pre vasectomy.I’ve somewhat learned to live with it.

Strangely though,on some occasions I can gain a decent erection. I noticed I could get strong ones whilst I was away on holiday. I presume this was due to the hot temperature? Or perhaps the change in the types of food I consumed? Just a wild assumption. I’m not sure why for certain, just a noticeable difference that myself and the wife noted whilst we were on holiday.

I still have not took the plunge for surgery yet as I wasn’t sure which direction to go. I’ve been under a urologist, which cut a long story short, the doc has offered me variococele emobilisation to correct the bi lateral variococeles I have. The doc stated he was unsure if the variococele are the culprit for the mild pain I expirence in my testicles or caused by the vasectomy.
He did state he believes the variococeles are not the reason for my erection issues. And to be honest I concur with him as after thinking back to my when all the issues first became apparent my erection issues cropped up not too long after the vasectomy.

I’ve been talking to my wife about having a reversal for some time now. She mentioned to me a work colleague she worked with had very very similar issue to me. In that he had variococeles and a vasectomy done. He also had mild pain and e.d. He elected for a reversal, not for pain or weak erections, but for the sole purpose of getting his wife pregnant again. Ironically he told my wife that the reversal sorted his erection disorder and mild pain. He no longer has any issues.

Bearing his story in mind it has gave me the courage to elect for a reversal over the next coming months. I’m going to save the pennies and potentially have it done by one of the recommended surgeons from this forum, that’s based in the UK.

Hi @syberk1d and @tlbtb, I’m having a lot of the same issues and just posted about it.

@syberk1d did you do the reversal yet?

Can you give us an update to getting reversal and symptoms? Many us are looking at this post for confirmation.