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Erectile Dysfunction post V

It makes sense that things would go back to normal post reversal but I have never read a single research paper on post reversal recovery. Probably because the initial issues are still being denied by the medical community.

That’s a good question. I think the answer is “we don’t know”. There hasn’t been a lot of effort into looking into hormonal changes after vasectomy other than testosterone levels. Even then there isn’t much. What about all of the other stuff that is changed?

Just look at the immunological issues that no one seems to understand. It went from there are no issues with re-absorbing the sperm to well maybe there are these sperm antibodies. I don’t think there has been much research on the long term effects of those either.

Just look at some of the guys on here, myself included, that get some relief from allergy medicine. If re-absorbing the sperm doesn’t cause any problems why does something that calms down the bodies immune response help?

When I was able to get it up, I had a different sensation downstairs. It didn’t feel the same. I also went limp while performing. Now, I don’t have a ton of times to mention as the wife and I only got busy 6 times after my vas. But those 6 times, not good. Was nothing like before. Had difficulty performing, different feeling and of course pain in general. Afterwards I could be curled up for a couple hours in pain. Wasn’t good.

Now, I have not had an erection in 6 months. I joked with my wife happy anniversary. She thought I meant OUR anniversary and I told her what it really was. Her answer was have I tried porn???
Which yes, I have. And yes, I’ve been check T level wise. Everything is supposedly fine. But I have not gotten it up in 6 months. Something is seriously wrong! I tell everyone not to get a vasectomy. It has totally fucked up my life. I am at almost 3 years now.

Good luck hopefully you will get something corrected to make things better.

Well just wanted to thank everyone for their responses.

It’s nice knowing there’s a place to go to - for questions, stories and to have a sense of company.

My issues have stayed the same. Literally haven’t had a nocturnal erection in a week. This is wild for me. I’d probably have 2-3 a night that I knew of before. Lead me to go the bathroom, etc. can’t masturbate now either. I know for sure, I’m THINKING about things a lot. But geez…this has never been a problem for me in the past. And I mean NEVER.

My anxious mind can go crazy with this stuff. Drives me nuts that I didn’t research more beforehand. I research everything I do usually. Just went into the surgery hoping my balls didn’t swell up cause I tried to pick up my daughter too quickly after the surgery.

I wonder about reversal now. Or would that just open up a can of worms for other potential issues. I think about reversal because I don’t want to live my life like this- but also so I’m not worrying about other potential long term side effects - pain, immune response, cancer, dementia…whatever else has been linked, idk. LOL. Would a reversal even help??

I’ve always been a crazy healthy person. Eat mostly paleo diet. Work out 5-6 days a week. Played a sport in college and professionally overseas. I have always controlled my own health, and this worries the shit out of me. It’s out of my hands…

Thanks guys!! Stay well

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Way too many unknowns. What really frustrates is how many potential complications are floating around out there. Where do they come from? Did someone make them up? Everything you read about is something someone, somewhere has experienced. Unfortunately since it isn’t an easy answer and there’s no simple blood test to prove it, medicine writes it off as false. It’s scary how much we don’t know about the body and human health. You mentioned pick My up your daughter too soon. Can you tell me more about this? What happened? When? Where your pain is? Symptoms? Etc. I did the same thing with my daughter at 7 weeks old. 11 pound baby. @CMT44

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Hi cmt,

Mate i know exactly how your feeling right now. read my post from 2 years ago. It resembles your situation to a T!

Im now 32 yrs old, vas done in jan 2014. (was 29 at the time) My erectile dysfunction was terrible at its peak, however it did become somewhat more manageable, as in i could get the fucker up on occasions. But now i mainly only attain weaker, softer smaller girthed erections at best, prior to the vas. Sometimes (on rare occasions) i can have a firmer / better quality erections, which makes me feel like superman lol. But it soon subsides to being weak and limp on the next episode of intercourse.

Like you i train (weight bearing training / ice hockey), eat healthy food and do everything by the book.

I had my testosterone levels checked early on when the ed first came to light. All came back normal ranges.

I noticed the weak erections 3-4 months post vas (when doing the sperm test) i noticed i struggled to get it up to do the culture test)

10 months post vas ed became real bad.

18-20 months post vas i started getting testicular discomfort

28-30 months post vas started getting pain, which has now manifested to more frequent and intense pain, even to touch my testicles can be very tender when i have a flare up.

i do have varicoceles both side of my testies, but i no longer belive it is related to my pain and weak boners (pardon the pun) my nhs urologist also belive that the varicoceles aren’t the reason for my issues. He said he is unsure if the issues stem from pvps and that the ed/ weak boners are highly unlikely to be related to the varicoceles and more likely be from “something else” the uro offered me immobilisation surgery (this friday coming in fact 16/09) but im going to call this week to cancel it, at least fro now. As im going for a reversal, im in talks with 3 recommended surgeons and deciding who i feel most suitable for the job. (they were recommended from a member on this forum)

looking back at when all the shit hit the fan, it stemmed from just after the vas operation ( just as in your case), as i said 3 -4 months post vas the ed became noticeable.

SO its been nearly 3 years since the vas, and since that god forsaken procedure that was also played to be a very safe procedure, my issues went from ed, to discomfort then to pain.

With this in mind and from my experience i’d say to consider the operation to reverse it. As i also believe as the guys stated above on this post, the pluming system and endocrine system / hormones that play a part in regulating normal functions of erections and good general health downstairs would inevitably be affected in some way. Some guys may not be so sensitive to the changes but other obviuosly are sensitive to them, as proven just from this fourum alone, let alone all the the guys out there in the shadows and from posts that are on the internet.

But beware on going for cheap uro’s go for recommended that have good track records. Dont do cheap but quality. Speak to other guys on here for recommended uro’s in your country. There are plenty of discutuons about who to go with and who to avoid.

I hoping that my reversal will get things back to how i was post vas, good erection, no pain or discomfort etc. I believe it is worth the risk as for me things are defiantly slowly but surely getting worse. This was the reason for not taking any initial action, as i wanted to see how things manifested first. And much to my horror things have got worse just as others experienced on this site.

I wish you all the best of luck in whatever direction you go and i hope your symptoms improve. As i too became depressed and anxious about this issue. let me know if you want to know anything else, ill try to answer any questions as best as i can.

take care


oh ps. ive spoke to the author of this post, mainman. He had a positive expirience from his reversal:

I signed up to respond to this thread.

I’m 2 months post vasectomy. I have no pain. I had slight pain for a few days post in my left testicle but it passed. I can wear loose clothing without discomfort.

I’m 40 have always had a high libido and my partner and I can have sex four times a day on occasion. I like a lot of sex. She does too.

I hit 20 ejaculations in three weeks got tested for count and was ok… all ok I thought and I felt fine.

This week my libido has slowly been reducing (yes in a week!). Prior to this week I noticed some difficulty with erection. This week its almost impossible.

This is real. This does happen. I’m another one.

Did anyone else experience this? Such a sudden and violent decline in sex drive and erection? I mean I still want sex but I don’t feel the drive behind me which I know is likely testosterone. I’ve gone for tests. No results in just yet.

syberk1d your message is sounding like me but you are further on. I agree, not everyone is the same and also some people have sex once a month and probably wouldn’t notice as much change. I believe frequent sex people see change faster.

Please please, head the warning. If you have a lot of sex think about what this might do to you!

This is my worst nightmare. I held off vas for worry of permanent complications. Sex is so so very important to me.

I’m hearing more and more good stories on reversal… Please if anyone else has stories out there, share them for knowledge. It helps in decision making. I need to do something. I’m going to go crazy… I’ve lost my life :frowning:

@Nylem this is happening with my husband as we speak. It’s devastating. I couldn’t keep up with him pre-vas and we had sex everyday. It’s been 7 months since his vas and he literally has zero sex drive, he says he is numb down there, and he’s depressed. He didn’t want to do the procedure at all and he did it because I wanted him to. I underestimated the impact that it would have on his health and emotional state.

I’ve asked him to go get blood work to see what his T levels are and then we’ll go from there. This has been the worst thing that could have ever happened in our relationship. Something that was supposed to make life easier has made it so difficult and depressing for both of us.

No pain? Consider yourself lucky!

If it’s that important for you get a prescription for cialis or viagra. Go to your GP. If your GP won’t give it to you Dr. P. at PUR clinic in Florida prescribes oxytocin/cialis for guys who struggle to get it up because they have so much pain. You can arrange a $200 initial consultation w/ Dr. P. and then pay something like $130 for a 30 day supply. Cialis w/o the oxytocin will be a little cheaper .

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@crotalus97 - I meant no offence to those suffering pain. I’m concerned though because if you read syberk1d’s reply he eventually developed pain. This forum is for those with pain so I do apologise.

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to have chronic pain. I had some fairly moderate to severe pain for a few days post op so I got a taste. Not nice.

@worriedwife1 - Thank you for communicating on this. I think the more noise made the better. On pain issues but also on libido/ED issues. I can’t explain how I feel. Like I’m not me. Don’t blame yourself. We all made our choices when we stood in front of the guy with the scalpel and said ok.

Definitely he needs to check his T levels. The feelings I am getting now are like all T suddenly disappeared from me. I’m also wondering if I’m getting breasts! My pecks seem surprisingly bigger for the little gym work I’ve been doing.

I’m not one to ever give up… on anything. I will find a way to solve this or die trying. Nobody is taking away one of the most important and special things in my life just like that. I’ll keep communicating until I find something that works.


Definitely get your T levels checked. I simply don’t believe urology when they say vasectomy doesn’t affect your hormones. There is plenty of research to back me in this as well. Everyone is different and everyone’s body is different. No, it’s not just in your head and no, it’s not just because you are getting older. There’s a significant change that takes place when you alter the function of the testicles and it will be years before anyone admits it.

I am sorry for your loss.

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@Nylem This forum is for any man experiencing post vasectomy complications irregardless of pain. We even have a small few that never had a vasectomy but have similar issues. All relevant experiences are welcome.

My wife and I would agree 100% with this statement. That being said, although I’m still in pain, I do feel like I’m slowly returning to my previous self.

There is a lot of good advice from men experiencing similar things as you throughout the formula. Hopefully they’ll help you find some answers. Good luck.

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No need to apologize at all. While virtually all of the members her have suffered or are suffering pain from vasectomy, many have also had other problems. A few will tell you their other, non-pain (speculated to be central nervous, hormonal, or autoimmune-related) are worse.

I never had T-levels checked pre-vas (at 40, who does that?), but post-vas when I was having ED, lethargy, pain, etc., my T-level registered 285 and 325. Way low.

I’m now 13 years post-vas and nearly 12 years post-reversal. Last year, my T was 656. Last week, now age 53, my T hit 764. I’m not juicing or taking any special supplements. My GP is astonished, but he has the data right in front of him on the Cleveland Clinic’s electronic record system and has begun warning his other patients of the dangers of vasectomy using my case as an example. That’s one small win for us.

Glad you brought your non-pain issue here. Pain is the most pervasive problem this group faces, hence the forum name. Helps with SEO. But, perhaps we should shift to Post-Vasectomy Dangers or Post-Vasectomy Complications. ED, Low-T, and other hormonal changes without pain are very real risks.


I’ve been studying the hell out of this lately. Though I do have some post vas pain, it’s not severe enough to warrant unpredictable surgery in hopes of relief. I am the weird autoimmune case post vas. What I find extremely ironic is all of my current diagnoses (fibro, chronic fatigue, and pseudotumor cerebri) are all disorders that predominantly affect women (10:1, 10:1, 100,000:1 respectively). Just this week I found an article showing that men with low testosterone are 1000x more likely to develop pseudotumor cerebri than men with normal testosterone. My intracranial pressure issues started 5 days after my vasectomy.

Most research that shows negative affects of vasectomy are usually done on animals. However, when the study is performed on humans they conclude there is “no change.” I think this might be the first time in the history of the world where changes are seen unanimously across the animal kingdom but not in the human race. Such a discrepancy is hard to believe and even stir up questions of conspiracy by the urology community.

I believe strongly that the difference lies in the way human testing is performed. Take the arteriosclerosis/vasectomy connection for instance. The research was clear that vasectomy caused irreversible vascular damage in monkeys. Slide after slide of dissected arteries showed the damage. The follow up article on humans used ultrasound to look at arteries instead of dissection because dissection would require euthanization. Any fool that’s seen an ultrasound of their unborn child knows enough to realize a microscope is a little different and exponentially more detailed than an ultrasound.

The article below was performed on rats…

“Serum testosterone was decreased in vasectomized rats (1.96 +/- 0.11 ng/ml) compared with control animals…Vasectomy also resulted in an increase in serum luteinizing hormone…Also serum follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) was increased following vasectomy…”

Clear hormonal changes. Period. Keep reading.

“Morphometric analysis of Leydig cells showed hypertrophy with a 19% increase of total cell area…On the ultrastructural level, leydig cells demonstrated massively dilated smooth endoplasmic reticulum characteristic for stimulated cells. There was also a significant hypertrophy of the Leydig cell-associated macrophages. The macrophage cell area was enlarged by 22%…Vasectomy also led to REMARKABLE ultrastructural changes of macrophages with a marked dilated and extended rough endoplasmic reticulum. Macrophages were found in apposition to Leydig cells with close cellular contact zones, and they frequently formed cell extensions on Leydig cells. Our data obtained following vasectomy indicate that, by their close contacts to Leydig cells, as well as the known influence on Leydig-cell steroidogenesis, macrophages may form the basis of a local immunoendocrine regulation of the pituitary-gonadal axis.” (1991)

Admittedly, there’s a lot of jargon there that is above my head. However, you can’t see macrophages and Leydig cells without a microscope and you can’t get your testicles on a slide without first removing them.

Ask yourself this…how many human vasectomy studies ended with orchiectomy and microscopic study before concluding that vasectomy was a safe procedure? It has NEVER happened. However, read the biopsy reports of men on this site who have had their testicles removed. Words like “necrosis” and “atrophy” start to appear as pathologists analyze the removed testicles in their labs.

This procedure destroys yours testicles, plain and simple. It may take years before the damage begins to appear in your blood work but it still happens. By the time you’re in your 60’s and 70’s, does anyone care that your testosterone is 25% less? Medicine will assume you are just old before they’ll call you hypogonadal. I guarantee you you’ll feel older than you are. I know I do.

40 years ago they started noticing the negative affects of vasectomy on hormones yet they continue to deny a correlation.

“Vasectomy appeared to be associated with a significant decrease in the plasma levels of pregnenolone, DHEA and androstenedione and a significant increase in the levels of dihydrotestosterone and oestrone (estrogen) [in twenty Mexican men]” (1976)

Increased estrogen!!!

The list of health problems associated with low testosterone is very lengthy. You owe it to yourself to get tested.


“Yes, getting a vasectomy can reduce your testosterone levels. Your doctor may deny it, and claim there’s no logical mechanism behind it. The unfortunate truth is, getting your tubes tied may effect your testes and testosterone production.”


What does my husband ask for when he gets his T checked? Should he get estrogen checked too? We’re both in the dark about this stuff

@Nylem it’s fine that you’re posting here and pain isn’t your issue. Actually I think having other side effects listed here is more beneficial to readers because chronic pain is still listed as a side effect when signing the waiver (albeit the percentage is way under quoted) but there is nothing about the possibility of low libido, ED, depression and other non-pain issues listed as complications/side effects. It’s not just pain that is the issue of vasectomies.

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@worriedwife1 his GP should flag all of the items to test. They should test testosterone and
Dihydrotestosterone at the very least. My GP is testing a whole list of things.

It’s 3am here… I’m not doing very well emotionally :frowning: having little breakdowns and becoming more frequent.

I’ve been thinking over and over and over and over. Testosterone loss, when it happens, takes sudden change, not slow change. My change was slight at first then rapid. I thought about timing. The rapid change happened on a Monday and on the Saturday and Sunday I went bicycling most of the day. First time since the operation. That’s giving me a possible theory.

The type of operation I had cuts the vas deferens, they tie off the prostate end and then put a small metal ‘clip’ as a barrier to stop the two parts connecting.

That’s foriegn objects in a very delicate region namely metal and the tied vas could be a plastic cord of some type? Either way my theory is that these objects might have damaged other vital parts such as the spermatic cord which contains critical blood vessels and nerves. Since my change went rapidly after the bicycling I came up with the possible idea that that pressure down there from biking caused these parts to damage other things.

So my question to everyone… what sort of vasectomy did you have? Do you know exactly what they did to you?

@syberk1d what sort of vasectomy did you have? Did you notice at any point of your changes that you did something physical immediately prior that might have caused some sort of damage? You said you had varicoceles… perhaps if you had a type of vasectomy that put foreign objects in there, this could have caused it?
Also want to know if your reversal had similar positive results as mainman

@mainman What sort of vasectomy did you have? Are you still as positive after the reversal?

@raising4girls what sort of vasectomy did you have? thank you also for the story on the GP. I’ll share this story with my GP.

In some respects I hope my T levels are low. It provides some explanation and provides a path to compensate for it for now until I find another solution (which is looking more like reversal). I don’t feel a lack of concentration levels but I do have slightly less energy. My girlfriend visited on the weekend and I felt my libido and vigor step up quite a few notches. I always do when she is around :slight_smile: I actually was feeling fairly normal over the weekend but my erections are soft, difficult to maintain and take a mass of effort. My penis stays relatively tiny (shrunk up) most of the time which is a gentle reminder to me that everything is not right. It’s like someone switched the off switch.

I did a nocturnal erection test. Did it in a way that would wake me up. I got two on Friday night. That’s low and I’m sure I normally have many more. I usually wake up with one and I’ve not done that for a week.

Will continue to communicate on here. I hope others do too. Still looking for answers.


I’ll do my best to answer your question. Hormone therapy is VERY controversial. Why? I’m not sure. There’s a bunch of dudes using it like they would steroids - horny, happy, healthy, big muscles. With testosterone testing, you’ve got to start somewhere. Anywhere really, the details aren’t terribly important at first. Then prepare for backlash. Early on, I got grief just asking for the blood test for testosterone. No joke. Doc told me I was too young for hormonal issues so he refused to order it. The typical “vas can’t cause that” line.

I’ve had three or four hormone panels since and I was low on every single one. Depending on who orders the test and what their background is like in hormones, they’ll give you very different answers. If you go to a true “medical” doctor, chances are he’ll report back that you don’t have low testosterone. The normal range for testosterone is 200-1100. That means if he’s a 200 he’s “normal” or if he’s a 1000 he’s “normal.” A FIVEFOLD difference and both are considered normal. It’s really really stupid.

My first test was around 280, second was around 350, my last one was 450. To illustrate the idiocracy, the doc that found 280 called me normal, and the last doc that found 450 said I was too low for my age and ordered a supplement. It’s really really stupid. They protect testosterone like a secret family recipe and I’m not sure why. You can get Percocet easier than testosterone.

Now, if you show up to a “men’s health” facility, I guarantee he’ll be diagnosed low T. These guys want to give T to everyone with a pulse. The caveat is quarterly blood work and a bill. It’s the other end of the extreme and these clinics are often run like a sales business.

The most important thing to consider with testosterone is age and health of the patient. Due the large range, age consideration is imperative. Unfortunately, most docs don’t take this into consideration. Case in point, my first test of 280 was considered normal because it fell within the 200-1100 range. However, a closer look at the range when compared to age and you’ll realize that for my age I should be in the 800’s and someone with a score of 280 is most likely in their 90’s. It’s important to find someone who is interested in getting your testosterone in the “optimal” range instead of just normal. If low T is associated with depression and anxiety, why would someone want to settle for feeling like crap at 280 when they could feel better at 850?

Hope that makes sense. I would be more surprised if your husband was NOT suffering from low T. It’s incredbily common on this site. I’ll go out on a limb and say most of us have suffered a decrease in testosterone since the procedure. It does so much more for the body than libido and has published research backing it’s usage in pvps.

Good luck.

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[quote=“Nylem, post:25, topic:933”]
@raising4girls what sort of vasectomy did you have? thank you also for the story on the GP. I’ll share this story with my GP.
[/quote] I had a closed-end, no-clip vasectomy bilateral incisions.

I’m moving very fast through research material, what people are saying, medical papers…

I think I’m coming to the conclusion… @Choohooo I believe you have known it for a while. The cause of ED, lost libido, now getting tired, waking up at 3am… is due to the autoimmune reaction that we have all experienced from the mass of sperm that are pushed into the body everyday. I’m assuming that in most cases the autoimmune reaction is mild or it doesn’t attack the testes an ultimately damage leydig cells. Those of us that have suddenly lost everything the autoimmune reaction was massive and attacked and damaged leydig cells within the testes. Our testosterone production is lowered.

Appears two options (well three) - testosterone replacement therapy, vas reversal, (or remain a eunuch for life)

Testosterone replacement therapy - I see it has it’s merits but there are side effects not to mention the unknown ones. Also it is costly and it is for life. ie you would need to continue taking it for life. Fine for me now but when I’m older and possibly watching my pennies… not such a good idea. However you can make sure your levels are always ok which is in some way a benefit to quality of life.

vas reversal - absolutely no proof it will correct the problem. In theory it shouldn’t… but there are soooo many stories that it has! It would seem in those people that the testes repair after the reaction leaves, or there is something else at play here.

remain a eunuch - … F THAT!!! :frowning:

For me reversal is looking like it is worth the risks. I did this because my partner no longer wishes to take the pill. I believe the pill is as barbaric as vasectomy. Robbing women of a quality of life. I wanted to do my part for a while. Little did I realise how bad this would get.

Reversal is getting the body back to it’s natural state. Well as close to it. There are no forms of contraception that work well for us :frowning: We will just have to work it out.