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Epididymitis or Congestive Pain


Good to see an update from you but too bad you’re still in this predicament. Such a difficult decision to make. I’m similar in that I had bad pain for a few months and then saw big improvements but not exactly where I want to be. I’m usually pretty good if I don’t move around a ton, don’t sit for too long or have sex. So I’m not near where I want to be but if I avoid triggers I can go pretty close to pain free. However, after reading some stories on this board from denervation to reversal, there is a real risk of making things worse. At this point I’m not willing to take that risk but I’ve also not had to deal with this shit as long either. For me I had vas last March but pain didn’t start until August. Such a difficult choice that every man has to make for themselves.

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“Still dealing with left leg issues, my Uro and doc don’t think it’s not vas or nerve related but am pretty adamant it is related.”

Hi, I feel issues down my left leg as well. Source of pain is my left epi, but nerves run through testes through lumbar and into leg. Tight jeans make it worse when they run against back of my left thigh.
Also, my gait was off from favoring left side due to pain. Chiropractic adjustment, massage, and heat pads has definitely helped me there.



Yup i hear you @worship01 am the same way. Appreciate the info going to look educate myself about gait. Left epi issue that radiates into the groin and i have tight adductors and hamstrings with weak glute and hip flexor… the sad part is my left upper body are worse than my left leg… seeing a doc next week who is a registerd chiro/osteo plus she is a level 3 nkt therapist. I hope she can figure out what is going on and help…



Another update, after consulting with my Uro I have decided to move forward with a bi-lateral reversal just on the left side. My Uro was still providing the option of open end conversion but didn’t want to do a full reversal as he doesn’t want to touch the right side. Here are the questions I asked regarding the different options,

Open ended Conversion

  1. If I do open ended vas will you have enough vas to do a reversal in the future
    A: Yes but more tricky as less vas will be available for Reversal since during Open End conversion starting from the vas site and going back on the vas until a clean spot it found they can cut up to 2-3 cm
  2. Can you explain to me how a open ended vas is performed. How much of the vas is cut
    A: The cut is done on a 45 degree angle on the testicle tubular side, the cut is done roughly 2-3cm back from the vas site.
  3. What is recovery time like would the healing and after care be the same as vas
    A: Similar to Vasectomy should be minimal down time the whole procedure is roughly 15 mins


  1. Can you explain the reversal procedure will this be a mini incision VR
    A: Didn’t ask this question will need to confirm
  2. Do you remove any scar tissue and granuloma do you perform a clean up on the testicle and upper end of vas
    A: Clean up is done on both ends and they go back further on vas to a clean site and re-attach both ends
  3. What if there is vas clips do you leave or remove and if you leave why?
    A: Removal of scarring, granuloma’s, and vas clips during VR
  4. Do you make clean cuts and then do a reattach
    A: Yes clean cuts they go back from the site of the vasectomy about 1-2cm per side do a clean cut and re-attach
  5. Is there a way to minimize scarring and what is the chances of the reversal sites scarring over
    A: didn’t ask this question directly, but he did mention that some patients that have come back after 3-4 yrs from reversal with pains but none were scarring related. But still a chance of scarring over
  6. To confirm I will be fertile again?
    A: Yes
  7. Has anyone who has gotten a reversal because of pain ended up worse?
    No, he mentioned that no one has gotten worse from reversal 75% rate of success for eliminating pain for congestive type pains with reversal. The key phrase here is congestive type pains…
  8. How long is the surgery if we do just one side vs both sides?
    A: Didn’t ask this question, but decided to do just the one side since i have never had issues on the right. He doesn’t want to touch anything on the right side since i never had issues and doesnt want to risk potential future issues on the right.
  9. If I do just the left side is there any long term risk of leaving right side, including my testicle?
    A: No
  10. How about in the future my right starts to hurt are we able to reverse that side as well and would it require separate approval
    A: Yes can do a reversal if needed, no sure if separate approval is required
  11. How long and likely will it take for approvals
    A: Approvals can take between 3-4 months
  12. How long is the approval good for does it expire?
    A: Ministry approvals don’t expire
  13. After approval how long does it take to schedule the surgery?
    A: He said it could take up to 6 months or longer between approval and reversal
  14. What is recovery time like what is the after care involve?
    A: Didn’t ask this question but he did mention that VR requires more down time and recovery than a open-ended vasectomy conversion. I will be making a follow up appt with him to ask further questions.
  15. Do you schedule sperm level tests after reversal and how often?
    A: Didn’t ask this question follow up questions to ask him.


Very good info, thanks for sharing. So looking at a few months for ohip to approve procedure and then six months to book procedure. Depending if you go ahead soon youre looking at sometime late 2019 for reversal i guess. Atleast this also gives you some more time to see if that helps with healing. Again, good info for those considering reversal with Dr. Jarvi. Thanks.



Hi @NC79, what’s the reasoning behind reversing just one side? Will you still have clips on your right side?



My uro was pretty adamant he didnt want to touch the right side as i have never had issues on the right and didnt want to risk it. I just wanted to make a decision so i can move forward. In the coming weeks or months i feel full reversal is a better option for me i will discuss with him. At this point i just want to fix what hurts



Hi @wonnut, did acupuncture help you at all?