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Epididymitis or Congestive Pain


Same here I had one about a month ago and they told me the same as @Choohooo. They were able to confirm the nerves in the back were not causing the pain but also told me the same thing about GF and II. They can’t test those nerves with EMG.
Edit- I should also add when I had my EMG I had them do both sides to test my right (bad side) against my left and still showed normal on both sides. They did from ankle to upper abdomen both sides. Not a pleasant test. Again groin nerves are two small to test in this way. This is typically done with blocks but this can also be inconclusive. My blocks have been in inguinal area where II, IH, and GF run so could be either or all causing issues. It sucks medicine can’t diagnose are issues or specific nerves.



I’ve never had an EMG test done myself, but based on everything I’ve read over many years, from many people, I would give you the same answer as @Choohooo did.

I don’t think blocks are as cut and dry as some people think they are far as diagnostics go either. In other words, I don’t think they definitively give anyone an answer as to what the root of the problem is. More like, ok, we know what nerve branch/s is, or are being used as a pathway/s.

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No they can’t test II IH or genitofemoral to my knowledge. GF can be tested by rubbing inside of thigh and see if testicle rises. Mine didn’t after VAS. EMG usually test nerve roots they will do quads glut max and med adductors hamstring calves tibialis ant. They are just testing motor portion.



Thanks @Acschiro @ringostar @Choohooo @Ben @raising4girls for the responses I will go into the appointment with those expectations plus good point to test both good and bad leg. The sad part also have shoulder pain issue that am testing for so hopefully won’t be a complete waste.



My emg was normal like others said. But in Atlanta they did emg and then put leg in the fair. Position. Basically they test sciatic nerve get baseline then internally rotate hip. Mine was positive in both sides indicating piriformis or other external rotator when stretched was affecting the sciatic nerve emg changed by 2 standard deviations. Let me know the compensations I had made walking due to the testicular pain had caused hip problems resulting in compression of the sciatic nerve by muscles. Make sure to ask them to do this test if your getting any sciatic, pudendal or buttocks pain. A lot of the docs don’t even know to do this



Tell me more about your shoulder issue? Did it start since your vas problems?




I also have bad shoulder pain. In the beginning I was considering it might be due to an sperm anti-bodies.
But lying in bed so much without any physical exercise for 10 months is another, maybe more plausible explanation.
Also had numbness in my fingers. I was tested for nerve speed but the results were inconclusive.



I forgot to mention I had a nerve conduction study and EMG at the same time. Tested both sides and everything came back normal.



@Choohooo shoulder pain was there pre vas but has only gotten worse maybe because of my sense of awareness to pain. Pain is worse in the morning when waking up and get flare ups during the day. Pain is isolated in shoulder blade and left flank. Physio says I have a winged shoulder blade and could be suffering from long troactic nerve injury. Swimming makes it worse certain stretches or exercises aggravate it. Tried strengthening exercises for serratious anterior muscle and that made it worse…



@chronic_pain @NC79

Is your shoulder pain on the same side as your scrotal/testicular pain? Is it just one side or both? Any low back pain, jaw or neck pain?



My pain @Choohooo for shoulder blade is same side as scrotal leg pain all left. No low back pain some left neck pain and some tmj jaw pains but I had jaw issues even before vas as am teeth clencher.



It’s all related. Autoimmune diseases don’t pick sides. My pain is right cord, right knee, right hip, right flank, right PSI pain, right SIJ, right shoulder blade, right shoulder joint, right masseter, right temporalis, occipital headache right side, right middle ear hypofunction 27%, lack of acoustic reflex intracranially on right side, papilladema right optic nerve. Left side is a mild hip labrum tear and mild tremor in left hand.

You may have had a history of prior issues but your lack of hip and pelvic stability from the vas related nerve damage is what’s at the heart of your troubles. These types of one sided symptoms are chain reactions and in response to signals from your now dysfunctional pelvis. I would venture to say your back cracks and pops more than it used to and you feel arthritic even though your blood work is normal. IL/GF damage creates a postural nightmare. You may want to consider postural therapy like Egoscue or something similar. I’d also recommend an NTI or similar device for your jaw clenching before you damage the disc. Magnesium and long Espom salt soaks before bed would be beneficial as well.

Have you notice that your arms swing differently when you walk?



I think there’s definitely some truth in what your saying. It’s taken me years to understand, or gain some understanding far as nerve damage, pelvic floor dysfunction, nerve hypersensitivity, etc.

Bottom line, I had/have several pre-existing pain conditions pre vas (within my lower back and scrotom), and I do believe all the complications I experienced post vas exacerbated everything. Even things I experienced after I had corrective procedures exacerbated my problems. And like you @Choohooo, many didn’t believe me either.

Back then, and even though nearly a decade gone by, it was hard to piece everything together in a way that made sense. If it wasn’t some of the things respected people online were saying, it was highly respected pvps doc’s throwing me for a loop with their “out-there” ideologies to.

Hats off to you all, this is some tricky stuff to deal with, get any sort of concrete answers to, etc. It just sucks if your one of the guys that experiences this kind of stuff.

Thought I’d throw in a blurb regarding autoimmune issues, and how they can be one sided, exacerbated, etc. If a man is leaking sperm, blows out, etc on one side, and it leads to serious pain that many don’t experience, this could be an example of autoimmune, and one sided that could be affecting other things on that same side. I could give ither examples as well.

All this stuff about nerve damage on this site, the naysayers, etc, let’s not forget about nerve hypersensitivity, hypersensitive central nervous systems, which I truly believe some of us victims have. Some of us also likely have something different about our nervous system structure, AKA- CNS abnormalities.

If one studies how varicocele pain patients end up with pain, even though the vast majority of urologists say they are generally not painful, and do not understand what’s causing the pain, etc, what’s different about that man? And if a varicocele, a swollen/pressurized vein, can cause some men so many problems, so can other conditions that cause swelling via pressure within the scrotom.

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Thanks @Choohooo for the response. I had a pelvic exam and after internal exam PT said pelvic muscles are good. I will check out my left arm swing. I was actually thinking of scheduling an appt with NKT therapists to assess walk and posture as you alluded to. I agree I defaintly had underlying issues before vas and after vas and nerve issues just had exaborated other left side issues.
Also it’s funny you mentioning popping. If I extend and retract my left leg I feel a popping sensation and of course right side nothing. As for arthritic pain yes feel those as well. Week left leg especially going up stairs, tight adductor muscles and pain with prolonged standing and walking.



I have similiar pains as @Choohooo all on the right side. I am closing in on 6 months post VAS and while my pain is not terrible it’s life altering. I struggle to sit at a desk job 8 hrs and typically leave early and finish the last hour or two from home. The back and neck pain ramp up by the end of the day. Sitting around at home or in a way I can make myself comfortable I’m fine. Who knows how to fix this shit without making things worse but I’m open to suggestions? Based off others history this will just get worse with time. All nerve solutions are destroy the nerve to eliminate the pain but will that help with the muscle weakness and atrophy causing the other pains? Who knows, it’s all a chance. The only hope seems to try reversal and hope the nerves are put in a place they can heal in their natural state. I have minimal testicle pain and most days none. The other option is to leave it alone and hope time heals but that is also a gamble with pain centralization and nerve damage being permanent. What a situation to be in which everyone here can relate too.



I’m certainly not trying to hijack this thread, or take this conversion another direction, but what I said regarding varicocele’s, varicocele pain patients, etc in the quote above, it’s all true.

I’ve read about guys that experienced everything we are talking about in this thread that didn’t have a vasectomy, didn’t have any nerve damage, no laberal tears, etc, and experience the same pains, problems, etc we are talking about here.

I remember directing an old mentor of mine to a varicocele pain forum many years ago, and many of the guys in that forum were very messed up - sciatic, leg, hip, flank, buttox, back pain, all the same stuff. I’m talking about disabled men. My old mentor was like, OMG.

Many of the men I’m speaking about didn’t have the varicocele you could see from across the room either (a quote from a respected doc I worked with years ago). Many were like me, something small, something that doctors/uro’s just scratched their heads at, and had no real answer for.

I just want everyone to be careful far as what they assume. This is some really tricky stuff that baffles many, if not all of the best of the best out there.

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Thanks @RingoStar and everyone else who responded your input is always helpful and insightful. The autoimmune factor just adds to the overall complexity and challenges guys face on this site. Am like you @Ben do i go the reversal or give it time and hope to recover with no long term damages. Am convinced the issues post vas has exaborared underlying issues. My shoulder pain is more prominent now and consistent that it was pre vas adding your heightened awareness to pain and how your more in tune with your body adds to the affects. Right now my leg/groin and shoulder blade pain is worse than my scrotal pains which is so freaking fustrating… will see what uro has to say next week. Will enquire about nerve blocks and reversal. Reversal not until 1 yr though… am 7 months post vas now and 4 months leg/groin issues.



All of this is true. I do, however, struggle to think it’s autoimmune. That’s not to say it can’t happen. There was a time when I was 100% convinced I had an autoimmune problem. However, the more I’ve researched and the more I’ve spoken to people, the more I realize that my symptoms are no different than any other person struggling with a central senstization disorder. Whether its CRPS, MS, FM/CFS, or PTSD, all these things present similarly within the CNS. I’ve got so many patients, mostly females in their 50’s with fibro and I can relate to 90% of their problems. Headaches, muscles knots, IBS, brain fog. A myriad of symptoms all with one common trigger…chronic stress. Whether it’s an injury, deployment, loss of a loved, it doesn’t matter. I have a patient that developed fibro after breaking her toe while jogging. If that can trigger it, why not surgical nerve damage.

@NC79. It’s interesting you mention NKT. I actually flew out to San Francisco last year and met with David weinstock, the founder of NKT. Though he didn’t fix my problems, he did help me realize what the underlying problem is. If you follow him on IG you’ll find several posts relevant to your issues.



That @Choohooo i will ckeck that out. I plan to see a level III nkt therapist who specializes in nkt therapy and postural therapy will keep all posted. At this point if I can correct and fix at least one of my issues I can at least gain a mental win and keep moving forward. It’s amazing how so in tuned I am know with my body it’s a double edged sword…



NKT is interesting. It’s way ahead of its time but personally I found it more diagnostic than therapeutic. It did make me aware of how complex the nervous system is and how stupid doctors are trying to think they understand it.