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Epididymitis or Congestive Pain


Sounds like a good starting point. Seems that “itis” implies inflammation and that your epis are dealing with that. My educated guess is that some of us have epididymitis due to congestion and others due to injury (I suspect bicycling could’ve potentially caused mine). Hard to tell, and I think the docs prefer to tread lightly in hopes of the pains going away.

I think your doc is very good especially in identifying the abductor issues due to guarding and tension.

Keep us posted.



Will due @raising4girls he mentioned things like tightness and physio even before i told him i was already doing some physio for those same symptoms. I believe my epiddymitis was purely congested related, because i went from a constant dull pain all day to intermittent pain. I also think taking papaya seed powder for about a month also helped. I have been off papaya seed for roughly a week now to see how my epi reacts. I was also 2 week course of mobicox and a 1 month course of Naproxen (Vimovo) which i believe helped minimize my epi issues but knock on wood hopefully this 1 month course of nortiptyline gets rid of it entirely… along with doing my stretches and physio.



@Acschiro who removed your GF nerve on right and did it help? Do you have any issues from the removal?



Does anyone have suggestions for treating epididymitis naturally that doesn’t include papaya seed powder (i.e. certain supplement or herbal tonic). The reason why i don’t want to use papaya seed powder as i want to see if my body can absorb and treat my epi without manipulating my sperm production. I did a month course of papaya seed powder before and seemed to minimize my issues but again want to try without papaya.

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Good question. I’m stuck as to whether I have neuropathic or epididymal pain. Could be both, I know. But, I’m resistant to shutting down sperm production with papaya seed powder because of the risk it could cause my good/right side to close up without a flow of sperm (I’m 12 years post-reversal).

Would love to try something as a test to see if my pain on the left side is due to congestion in the epi (and/or scarring over of my reversal and congestive). I tend to doubt congestion because I don’t have that “blue balls” feeling so many describe, but one never knows. Just want to exhaust every angle before succumbing to surgery.

Good questions.



Based on the what PVPS specialist told me anytime where dealing with pain in that area were dealing with some kind of neuropathic pain, in your case and my as well mostly like the nerve pain is a result of the epididymitis or scarred tissue. In the case that it’s scar tissue what would be the surigical option here? Would they go in and just remove any scar tissue clean up style?



I don’t think any surgeons favor operating to remove scar tissue since surgery itself creates more. I think that’s part of the benefit of steroid injections as steroids can break up scar tissue.

After that, removing the nerves seems to be favored over excising scar tissue for the same reason.



I’d definitely try antibiotics just to be 100% sure it’s not infection. I had a very good results with combination of antibiotics, turmeric, oregano oil and serrapatese



Yeah, I’ve thought about that, but am doubtful. Try several rounds of Cipro and Levaquin back during my first bout 2005-06 to no avail. In the past 2 years, I’ve been on other antibiotics for other reasons (tooth infection, sinus infections, etc.) and no help even while on them.

Given the risk of Cipro and Levaquin, I’m against them period. Might try doxycycline but don’t have a lot of hope.



That’s a shame. As a last try, maybe give serrapatese a go? There’s a lot of research about it helping with inflammation and neuropathic pain. I take fairly high doses and can say it has a very positive effect.



Just an update and for my own log, today marks officially 6 months since my Vas surgery… and because am posting here tells you am still dealing mentally and physically with PVPS.

Am i better than i was when i first starting getting the constant pain? Yes & No.
Yes i don’t get the deep constant EPI pain i was getting early on when this all started and No because now i deal with inconsistent EPI and Leg pain (all left).
Is PVPS the 1st thing i think about when i wake up in the morning and pretty much all day? Yes
Do i regret having the VAS? Yes because am in pain Would i have regretted the VAS if never had issues Nope!!
Do i think about getting a reversal? Randomly but not until my 1yr post VAS
Do i want to get a reversal? Yes/No
Yes because i have faith that it will put me back the way am supposed to be.
No because am scared am going to get even more messed up (ending up with both left and right pain instead of just left)
Do i think am going to get better and just close this chapter and move on? I pray and hope
Do i think i plateaued in my recovery and this is my new normal? Only time will tell
Can i live with this being my new normal for the rest of my life? No because i don’t think i will ever mentally accept the decision i made if am constantly reminded of it because of the pain

Next steps:
For the next month stop taking meds and papaya seed powder,
continue with my supplements, (Daily Vitamin, Omega Fish Oil, Tumeric)
cut back on my daily leg stretches and strengthening
follow up with my pelvic therapist and follow her plan (had my assessment and no internal issues with pelvis and hips) all external tissue and muscles.
As much as possible try to get back to my lifestyle and mental state pre VAS, and see if my body can continue to heal naturally.
I feel the more modalities and treatments i try the more it’s just a constant reminder of what am dealing with. So going to try the reverse which is minimize all treatments and try to be as routine as possible and maybe just maybe my mind will also heal…
Sorry for the rant just thought by now i would of graduated from the site :slight_smile:



Throwing this question out there looking for some thoughts/advice or experience around guys you have tried intermittent fasting and if this has helped with pain and the healing process. Am thinking of starting the 16/8 fasting routine. Only eating between 12-8 as i read and heard that intermittent fasting can promote healing and reduce inflammation. Love to hear thoughts and comments from others and their experience on this.



Hi never heard of this programme, I don’t need it now but I would be interested to know something about it.



I fasted for a week a few months back. Don’t think it helped or hurt really. And it wasn’t a total fast… I did one vegetable juice, one bone broth and one protein powder shake a day. so kind of a liquid fast.

I know some people swear by it though. And there’s a book out there about a guy who cured himself of some serious crap with like a 40 day fast.

So give it a shot… BUT DO NOT expect to be cured at the end, imo.



thanks @jerbear am just looking at ways to give my immune system a boost or kick start to help promote healing. My thought process is if i can get my inflammation down, it might relieve my epi pains which in turn might ease up my groin/leg pains and i can start a move progressive and consistent healing phase then this up and down rollercoaster am on.



I did try intermitting fasting and it didnt help…i used to do it before my pain aswell for fast loss when I used to be able to train. Its def worth a try it might improve things for some people. I just find it difficult to do at the moment because any medications without food make me feel like crap.



thanks @1986raz, actually decided to not do the fasting now because am the same taking supplements on an empty stomach doesn’t do well plus i started up on papaya again and i can only take that stuff with either a glass of milk or a smoothie…



Going for an EMG tomorrow anything specific i should ask the EMG Doc or have him test? Will they be able to test the genitofermoal, II and IH nerves? Throwing this out to the forum anyone who has had EMG tests done… @Acschiro @Choohooo @RingoStar @MikeO @raising4girls @SomeGreyBIoke @Ben @Kyvas



Never had one. Keep us posted.



Don’t want to throw cold water on this but… EMG’s are useless in this area. They can’t test the GF or the IL due to size and location. Further, EMG’s aren’t sensitive enough. Not even close. My neurologist told me that it’s more accurate to do strength testing to determine nerve damage than it is to find damage via EMG and they are typically reserved for confirmation of diagnosis instead of diagnostic. I had an EMG on my right leg at Mayo and it didn’t show signs of any damage. I asked for the GF and IL and they confirmed they can’t test these nerves.

Good luck. Hopefully you have better luck than I’ve had. One of my main complaints is right leg weakness and atrophy. When Mayo’s EMG was negative they automatically questioned my story and began to doubt a lot of my symptoms.

Just because an EMG is inconclusive doesn’t mean you DONT have a problem.