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Epididymitis or Congestive Pain

Hi all new to this forum and have been reading through many of the posts and i find alot of comfort knowing a forum like this is out there. Am hoping you guys can shed some wisdom on my situation. It’s been roughly 3 months since my vas and recovery went well. About roughly a month post vas i started to get a dull pain/ache on left testicle. It would come and go and some days were better that other also am not effected during sex or ejaculation actually seems a bit better for a couple hrs post sex. I did my 1st ultrasound around month and half after vas and it showed all clear, epididymal was good. Just recently i went to see urologist who did the procedure and after physical examine said i had a granuloma and take the wait and see approach and advil. I did a 2nd ultrasound roughly 3 months post vas through my family dr. and this time showed my left epididymal is enlarged. So am confused now is the pain related to the enlarged epidiymal or granuloma? plus wouldn’t the ultrasound pick up the granuloma if i indeed have one? Now the pain is everyday and a constant dull pain 2/3 of 10 all day. Course of Cipro didn’t work, advil’s/aleve provide some relief. Dr gave me a course of mobicox see if that will help. Am just lost on what this could be is it epididymitis? granuloma? or congestive? Also seeing it’s been roughly 2 months now of the same dull constant pain what is the likely hood it will go away? Should i give this more time like another 3 months before i start seeking 2nd opinions? I have read that it can take up to a yr for some guys to fully recover. Sorry for the rabbling it’s just that this has started to take a toll of my well being and it’s all i think about ALL DAY!! Am just wondering if am going down the road of a reversal here…


Hi, I been dealing with groin and testicle pain since 1996. I wish I had found these people back than. I am suggesting that you talk to these people who seem to be the only ones on the East coast trying to do something about this type of pain. I have seen them and came close to solving my pain issues along with acupuncture. Look up “The PUR Clinic”. They are in Florida (Dr. Parekattil & Dr. Brahmbhatt). Maybe they can help or offer better advise. The day I saw Dr. Parekattil (2010), he gave me 3 days of no pain before the planned surgery. He had about 3-5 other surgeries planned for that day. It didn’t completely work for me but it made me hopeful than. I had been seen by a total of 38 urologist since 1996 along with 3 surgeries. He seems to be the only one working on this problem. I still have pain and had to go on full disability because of it. No fun!!!
I hope this helps, Good Luck!!

thanks @wonnut for the info am actually based out of Canada, going to see about getting in touch with Dr. Jarvi or Dr. Lo Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre and praying that i won’t actually have to see them because my pain went away :slight_smile: here’s to wishful thinking and stressful waiting.

If I had to guess I would say you initially had no pain/better after ejaculation because you essentially for whatever reason blew out the vas closure (assuming you didn’t have an open ended vas). That would explain why you didn’t have any congestive issues initially much. But then you formed a granuloma and ended up closed up vas essentially allowing pressure to build back up in the epis.

Just a theory putting together what you shared.

Thanks @david for the insight appreciate your response and really respect the detail story of your pvps journey. I did have a traditional closed vas. Has anyone experienced a blowout and relate to what they felt when it happened. Just trying to pin point if i can recall that episode. Also my mind wasn’t thinking about that much when it first started happening as i chalked it up to my body is still healing and learning the new anatomy. The moment i saw the urologist and he told me “try not to think about it” and take advil as needed that is when my mind went into overload… and of course now its all i can think about which doesn’t help with pain. Now am a daily course of Mobicox, along with Tumerica and 1tsp of papaya seed powder. For me the most pain is in the morning and also noticed left testie sits higher and looks swollen. Not sure if this is due to inflammation or the congestion build up.

So went to my urologist today and told him of my symptoms how the constant dull pain in my left testicle has now moved to groin and left outer thigh that goes down the left leg into foot. He quickly diagnosed as sciatica problems and I should consult my family Dr. for physio treatment he states its neurogenic pain. He did a quick physical and said my epi was fine. Not sure of granuloma. So confused I think he doesn’t want to see me anymore since he thinks it’s not vasectomy related. On top of confused feel betrayed and abandoned. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms and told the same?

I would fire your urologist. I had a very similar experience as you regarding all the different types of pain, and the places your getting it at. I had the same stuff, left side as well.

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More like a quackoligist that “doesn’t seem to know” anything about pvp/s, or other painful yet common complications regarding vasectomy, yet he/she sells it to people for a living :confused:

Yah i think this is his way of saying to himself, i diagnosed the guy it’s not vasectomy related so it’s out of my hands now. When i asked him about the left testie being higher than the right post vas he shrugged it off said that’s not of a concern and also it’s not spermatic cord issues either… Hey @RingoStar what did you do to help identify and treat the groin leg pain issues? Oh yah when i asked him if am dealing with PVPS he gave a quick smile and shrugged it off. He was adamant it was neurogenic pain and go see my family dr. about physio treatment since he can’t help since its not vasectomy related…

The best answer I can give you is, I went out my way, and learned school of hard knocks. I’ve had some luck with vas to vas reversal/s (full clean up style), and some luck with time, meds, stretching at home, staying active, etc. I’d say trial and error, and time has taught me the most.

I’ve got a long story, thought I’d never make any progress at many points, and I’ve been through hell in the past. I had 3 corrective procedures with the first 2 years post vas.

I didn’t get into all the blocks, needles, all this stuff I see being done to many by Uro’s, and recommend by some here. I don’t strongly advocate for these things like many Uro’s, and some here either. It really depends on the situation.

Ultimately, you have to decide what’s the best course of action for you because you have to live with your own choices, and the outcome of them choices.

You can choose to do your own homework, or you can let others do it for you such as a pvps doc/s. I don’t advocate you let anyone do all your homework for you. I do recommend doing your own homework before you make any choices that involve a knife. I do recommend consulting with several pvps docs. Reason is, you will definitely hear different opinions, treatment options, etc.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone do things the way I did them even though I’ve seen countless guys do the same and get positive results. I didn’t land in a place that I’m totally unsatisfied with either. Everyone’s goals are different. I had more problems than just pain from the get go.

Thanks for the input @RingoStar. For now am going to continue down the road with my current treatement of mobicox, support underwear, tumeric, papaya seed powder tsp a day, and an aleve at night. Going to get a referral for Dr Jarvi and see what i can do to minimize this left leg/groin pain issue. I imagine it will be some time before i get into see Dr. Jarvi am hoping by the time i do get to see him all this pain has gone… Here’s to hopeful thinking and some good ole prayer :slight_smile:

@NC79 FYI, Mobicox and Aleve are both NSAIDS. It’s usually not recommended to take 2 NSAIDS concurrently. You should talk to your doctor for clarification about the 2.

Thanks @Kyvas will be seeing Dr. on Friday and will clarify with him.

Hi @NC79 I have pains in my testicle and also in inguinal canal as well as leg. I sometimes get tingling feeling down my leg all the way to my foot. Have been told its sports hernia, but now doubting it.

Thanks @SomeGreyBIoke that’s exactly what am having as well on left side. Have made progress as and have had a better week and half. No longer that constant dull heavy pain of the epi. Now it’s more inguinal region groin and tigh leg region. I do still get the testicle pain but again it’s not all day. Now the question is it because of the mobicox or the papaya seed powder. I started both 2 weeks ago. Not sure how long I should take the mobicox for any suggestions from forum? Thinking am going to stop papaya seed powder and see how things go this way can rule out inflammation or congestion.

hey guys as most of us am trying to self diagnose myself since Uro washed his hands with me. Got a refferal to see Dr. Jarvi but who knows when that will be.

  1. On self examination how do you know if your epi is enlarged or inflamed
  2. On self examination how do you know if you have a granuloma or not
  3. Typically what would cause inflammation my started 1 month post VAS enlarged epi or granuloma or both?
  4. If enlarged epi is it because of congestion or the granuloma?
  5. If epi is normal is inflammation due to granuloma

Sorry for all the questions just trying process of elimination

I experience similar radiated pain as you both. I’ll spare you all the details around all urologist, GP, etc. visits - but none of them were helpful. I thought I must have some sort of structural issue - nerve damage or epididymitis. I tried many things from conservative (papaya seed powder, L-carnatine) with no real impact.

I went to a Pelvic Pain Therapist - which for me resolved all my pain after 3 months.

My pain was testicular, but also seemed to “move around” during the day. Sometimes I would have a burning sensation in my inner thigh, pointed pain in my testicle(s), and sometimes pain in my abdomen and inguinal canal.

Long story short, either due to pain after vasectomy or pre-loaded tension, my muscles in my pelvic area were impacting the nerves…referring pain to multiple locations in my pelvic and abdominal area.

My Pelvic PT had me do stretches and muscle massaging that, in first 3 weeks, had me feeling a reduction of pain. 3 months later (and for the 4 months since), I’ve been PAIN FREE!

After 2 years straight of pain, from a procedure I was falsely led to believe was risk-free - I wanted to share my experience with everyone here - as I know the trapped feeling of constant pain in the relative prime of life.

Here’s a link below to another person who’s had same experience.

This may not be solution to your issue, but worth looking into, as it’s a conservative treatment that you can tell within a few weeks if it’s going to help you…

Stay positive, as there’s a lot of us that have made a full recovery, and best of luck…

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Thanks @PVPSux for the vote of encouragement and advice. I actually considered pelvic therapy which am going to look into for sure. Doing acupuncture right now but for my back soon will start front and groin area. It seems the vas and the associated chronic pain has brought to life underlying issue that weren’t noticeable until now. Itso true when people say vas triggers underlying autoimmune issues. But thank you for sharing your success story gives me hope for sure.

For what it’s worth, acupuncture helped me a LOT. I started there, after 6 months of not being able to find any MD’s / surgeons that seemed to know what steps to take other than nerve drugs (gabapentin, lyrica) - which though they worked, have some pretty serious side effects / long term impacts.

My acupuncturist focused a lot on my abs and back (I also have fought my back for some time…). I think the major cause of both my back and inguinal pains have been due to the muscles in my hips and pelvic area being out of whack.

Acupuncture seemed to “tone it down,” and for me Physical Therapy (vigilant relaxation, light stretching, manual hip and “undercarriage” muscle massage) and dry-needling of those angry muscles was a combination that helped me…incrementally over a 4-month period.

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That’s really good to hear. I think there are a lot of non-MD tools and techniques, including acupuncture, that can help alleviate many of the pains we deal with outside the scrotum. I’ve had really good luck lately getting all the regional pains under control, but it took 20 months this bout. I think the stress of dealing with chronic scrotal pain CAN cause tension and tightness in the inguinal canals, pelvic floor, hips, lower back, thighs, you name it. I think every guy on here has some pains outside the scrotum due to referred pain or, in fewer cases, damage in one area causing systemic realignment and more damage. @Acschiro has enlightened many of us,sadly through his case, about how damage to the II and GF can cause hip and back problems. I still wonder if my degeneration at and subsequent fusion of L5/S1 was due to core strength loss from a damage II or GF nerve. Who knows?

You’re the first I’ve read who’s reporting good response to acupuncture. Great to hear.